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  1. Joanne....if u r just using garam masala it may not taste so good and also there wont be enough gravy....so in addition to garam masala (1/2 tsp ...i'm sure u cant handle the spice if u add more), i would suggest using a tablespoon of coriander powder....and u r all set ! cheers....vinni
  2. Just in case all the spices seems to much for you to always have on hand, u can buy the Chickpea Curry paste or spice powder (also called masala) at an Indian grocery store....that way all u need to do is saute onion and tomato and add in the masala and chickpeas....and its easy easy as 1 2 3 !! You can substitute any type of legumes - lima beans or black beans...u name it...it works and tastes **** good with either rice or in wraps like a burrito or whole wheat pita, chapati or naan too !
  3. Initially when i started weight watchers...i thought it would be tough trying to stick to my usual Indian cooking....but surprisingly...a lot of Indian food is low points ! Here are some of my favourites ! Lentil Stew (Dal) 1/3 cup letils (green,red or any lentils) 2 Cups water 1 tomato (or / and 1/4 cup spinach) 1 jalapeno or less according to yr spice preference Add all the above ingreditents to sauce pan and add about 2 cups water and let it cook until the lentils are all mushy and reduce heat and mash with a big spoon, add salt according to taste (maybe 2 tsp), u can add cumin powder about a tsp or curry powder (1 tsp) to add flavor, cook for another 5 minutes and yr dal is ready. 1 pt for whole recipe, but u can eat it atleast for 2-3 times...so effectively less than a point and high in protein ! Can be eaten with a whole wheat pita (2 pts) or a cup of rice or simply eaten as a soup ! Hope u like it.....if interested i can post more !
  4. Hi All....i happened to stumble upon this great website....it list all foods and their nutritional values ! Its a big help for me.....and the only help i need trying to figure out points !!! hope this helps u too ! http://www.nutritiondata.com/ Cheers !! 1 WEEK ON WW - STILL HAVENT LOST A GRAM !!!
  5. butalli

    cabbage soup

    INterestingly i made this soup when i was on a souper soup diet, i believe it has no points b-coz all veggie ingredients count as "zero" points", v8 juice being vegetable juice is zero points. if u have heardabout negative calories, almost all ingredients need more calories to be digested than the calories they contain...but this is according to the negative calorie concept. so enjoy yr soup !
  6. butalli


    TVP is available at almost all organic food stores, i get mine at TALLYS ! The best part of TVP is that it takes on the flavor of whatever u put it into ! I love it ! its about $ 2 per pound :crazy: !!!
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