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  1. Oh, that's cool. It's right in Clearwater, just a 20 minute drive from me! I just might do this. I have to see, because I haven't been running in quite a while, although I want to get back into it. Maybe once my schooling slows down I will start training. When is the deadline to sign up?
  2. Wow, what a difference! You are looking great! Keep up the great work!
  3. I went to my grocery store again, looked everywhere and couldn't find them. I found a manager and he directed me to some pre-peeled edamame in the fresh produce section, by the organic stuff. I bought it and am so happy that I know where to find it now! I have been going to Japanese restaurants just to get my fix
  4. Bumping because I am going to make this for the first time tonight.
  5. I love Edamame but cannot find it anywhere in my area??? Any ideas of where I could find it??
  6. name: Brooke, 24 yrs old where: Florida married: no, I have a long term bf that I live with kids: No, not yet occupation: legal assistant and student sports: tennis whenever I can find a partner, running hobbies: watching 24 and Lost, reading fun stuff when I get the chance, traveling, internet WW history: I officially joined WW in July, 2005. I became lifetime in November, 2005, and I switched to Core on March, 2006. So far I love it!
  7. I know this might be wrong or unethical, but maybe you want to tell them that you lost your other one?? I don't see why they won't give you an extra one. If we ask for them at our meetings they are more than happy to provide them. Some people like to keep one at home, one at work, etc.
  8. First of all, CONGRATS on such a great weight loss so far!!!!! You have come such a long way and should be proud. The last 10 pounds can be horrible....trust me, I know, I am trying to lose them too. I found Core to be a huge help. If you don't want to switch eating plans, are you eating your APs? Your flex points? I sounds like you are just eating your 20 pt target, and that may not be enough for you.
  9. This sounds very yummy. I will try it this weekend.
  10. In my opinion, you should start weight training if you feel ready to. I would definately talk to the personal trainers and get a plan worked out for you.
  11. This link goes to where I need to post
  12. bbnono66

    Cola chicken

    This is Core, right?
  13. I am so glad I decided to start Core! This is delicious!!! Yum, yum!
  14. I have been on WW for almost a year now, and I have always incorporated treats into my program. I like to choose low-point treats that satisfy my cravings, but still allow me to eat healthy for the rest of the day. I do have the occassional 10 point treat, but I always plan for it.
  15. It was the holding 2 weights together over my head. I guess since I was supposed to do 2 10 pounders together, I should get a 20 pounder?
  16. I mean it is awkward. I can imagine it gets more awkward the larger the weights, and I'll break my head open or something!
  17. It's been a while since I last checked in, but I have been keeping up and doing my Firm workouts. I actually just bought some 10 pound weights today, and boy, did I feel it in today's workout! I did Aerobic Body Shaping today. I have a question though, with those moves where you are sitting on the incline with the weights over your head, at 10 pounds, I almost can't hold onto the weights. For you Firmies that use much heavier weights, does it get easier to hold those weights over your head like that? I am afraid they are going to slip and crack me good on the head!
  18. My WW goal is 155, but my personal goal is 145. There is nothing wrong with choosing your goal weight from the top of the range.
  19. Well, I don't know how well the tapes are going for me. When I first started them, I noticed right away that I had no desire for fried food anymore, one of my triggers. But honestly, I really haven't noticed any differences since. Some stuff was happening in my life recently, so I haven't been listening to them for the past week, so I am going to start up again, and hopefully if I give it more time it will work for me. Maybe it is just more difficult for me to "go under."
  20. Cruises are definately very difficult. I went on one in October, and gained about 11 pounds!!! Thankfully, I lost 6 pounds right away, but had to work on those last 5 pounds. Everyone has great suggestions. If I could go back and do it again, I would do the following: -Activity. I did a lot already. I did the classes and had a lot of fun. I did excursions that required lots of physical activity. - Eating. I would eat what I wanted, but not so much. I guess since I was so good on WW up until that point, I felt that since I was on vacation, that I could take a WW break. There is no such thing. I would eat the same stuff I did, but really watch my portions. I ate WAY too much pizza while on board. Have lots of fun. Don't worry too much about the food part, because that is only part of the fun. Just focus on having a great time and relaxing, and I am sure you will do fine
  21. This was on a different thread, just thought I would repost it here. Very good recipe. 4 cups fresh strawberries 1 small package Sugar Free-Fat Free COOK & Serve Vanilla Pudding 1 small package Sugarfree Strawberry jello 2 cups water Start by using spray pam (or other brands) and lightly spray ( I used a glass kesh (spelling?) pan. Cut up strawberries, and place in pie pan. Put 2 cups of WATER in a sauce pan, and wisk in the Sugar free-fat free vanilla pudding. Cook, until rolling boiling (make sure you stir at all time, so it doesn't burn) (can also be cooked in micro-wave) Cool for 4-5 minutes, then stir in sugar free jello, alittle at a time so it doesn't get lumpy. Then pour over strawberries, and put in refrigerator until set(about 3-4 hours) Cut into four servings. one serving equals 1 pt.
  22. I couldn't find the cook and serve pudding, so I got the instant stuff. And instead of using water, I used FF milk. This is delicious!!!! Very, very yummy and definately a keeper.
  23. Make sure you start back slowly, and make sure you are back to 100% before starting back up. I have been sick since last Saturday, and thought I was well enough yesterday to start back up. Well, I was wrong. I almost passed out while doing the Firm, and I only have a cold, although it is a pretty bad one. But definately take it easy when you do decide that you feel well enough to resume your workout.
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