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  1. Welcome!!! To answer your first question, I find that if I count the points for alcohol, it really has no impact. Feel free to use a couple points a day for wine if that is what you are used to. Your second question, you should RARELY go under your target. Try to reach the 20 points (I am assuming this is your target?) every day. If you go over, you can always use your 35 weekly points for that. I have no idea what bonking is. I hope this helps!
  2. Oooo, we just bought a ton of strawberries, this sounds delicious! I will try this soon!
  3. Yay!!!!! Congrats! You will love it! I would only suggest that you follow the schedule they give you for the first month. Also, don't get discouraged. Some of the steps and moves are difficult to get at first, but keep trying and you will get it in no time. Have fun!
  4. Just so you know, I got an answer on the Firm Believer's Club website. Some people said that usually Saturday mornings on Lifetime are the best time to catch it, just in case any of you were interested in seeing it
  5. Question for you Firmies: Do any of you know when and where I could catch an informercial for the Transfirmer?? I have it, but have never seen the actual infomercial, and was curious to watch it. I am an infomercial addict
  6. I think that any amount of activity is great! Just gradually build up the amount of time you do. Maybe next week you can do 12 minutes and the next week 15, etc. Keep an exercise log, so that in a few months you can look back and see how far you have come!
  7. I personally would exercise then eat. If you are hungry, eat a small piece of fruit or cheese before you go walking. And congrats for starting a walking program!
  8. The Cheesecake Factory is one of the worst places to eat, WW-wise. The portions are huge and the items are full of calories. I don't know where you can find nutrition info for them, I honestly haven't found a place that has it. But I do have some suggestions: -Drink plenty of water -Avoid the bread -Whatever you decide to get, get a to-go box right away, and put over half of it in the box. -Do your best to estimate the points. Good luck!!!
  9. bbnono66


    My nose gets runny too. Also, you should be doing that firm workout every other day anyways, since it includes weight training. You have to give your muscles at least 48 hours to repair themselves. Do cardio on alternating days.
  10. Try the couch to 5K program: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=116045I had a friend who was 90 lbs overweight and she started running at that weight, I think she wore like E cup bras or something like that. She has now lost the 90 lbs and still runs, and is down to DD cups. Anyways, I know she had problems with the large breast size, but she wore 3 sports bras at once to help with that problem.
  11. Oh, I'm here, mostly lurking. I've been doing my Firm workouts also. Did the Complete Aerobics and Weight Training I got from Heidi yesterday. Great workout, but I don't have a stick, guess I really don't need it. I also got my jiggle free DVDs in the mail. Did Abs and Arms. The arms just about killed me! I can't wait to try Buns.
  12. Okay, I will try to help. I have never done WATP, but I am a member of Curves and a current Firm user. Curves was great when I was wanting to get into shape. Once I got into shape, however, it started to not be so effective for me anymore. I am thinking about canceling my Curves membership because I use the Firm so much now and it is giving me such great results! You may want to start out with WATP, or even Curves. Even though I think I outgrew Curves, I still owe it to them for getting me started. I did lose many inches working out there and would recommend it to any beginning exerciser.
  13. Yes, men can do the Firm. Here is a success story from their website: http://firmdirect.com/GT/index.jsp;jsessionid=0000y6yh-XN2TIdee-VHN0OwSVf:109ci360p?pgId=1800003&staticId=600012&prdId=prod70001
  14. I used to put like 3 of those half and half things in my coffees, with loads of sugar, pre-WW. I now use 1 half and half and 2 packets of splenda for a half a point. I usually have about 2 cups so I count it as 1 point. In my opinion, it is a point well spent!
  15. If you feel good doing the exercise, keep it up!!! It is great to incorporate exercise into your routine. You say you do 30-35 minutes of cardio. That is good. I would suggest interval training. Doing high intensity for a couple of minutes, then low, then moderate, then high again. It is supposed to burn more calories. Like, if you are on the treadmill, I would do 3 minutes at like 5.5 speed, then 90 seconds at 3.5, then 2 minutes at 4.5 and then 4 minutes at 5, something like that. Of course make sure you get a good warm-up and cool-down period in there.
  16. If your best days to exercise are on consecutive days, I would do cardio each day and then do weight training on Tuesday and Thursday. Or, you could alternate which muscle groups you work. Remember, you want to give your muscles at least 48 hours of rest to repair themselves after a workout. Also, if "flab" is your issue, I would do more cardio to get rid of that.
  17. First off, I agree with everything Nancy said. That being said, I am 5'9" also and am currently at 155. Yes, I could probably stand to lose about 10 more pounds, but I can't really imagine losing too much more. I have friends who are also 5'9" and 135 and they look pretty darn skinny, sickly in fact. You are probably at your perfect weight, especially since the doctor told you what she did. But, it is up to you whether you want to lose those last 10 pounds WW allows. Just remember, you want to still be healthy.
  18. Yes, I did. I just started a month ago, and it took me quite a few times to get Ultimate Calorie Blaster and Aerobic Body Shaping down. But I get it now! Just don't end the tape halfway through, march around if you have to and just watch what they do. Then practice the steps. If you don't get it right away, keep trying. You will get it eventually.
  19. I think it depends on how you personally feel the intensity is. When I do pilates, I count it as moderate or light activity.
  20. Trust me, it gets easier. I just tried it for the first time a few weeks ago, and I never thought I would learn the moves! I know them all know, and I am very uncoordinated, so you have that on me! In two weeks or less, you will come back here and tell us how you are so proud that you did the whole tape without complications!
  21. I am not large chested, I am actually very flat chested, but I have a friend who is extremly large chested. She runs, but she wears 3 sports bras at once! She said that is the only thing that has worked for her. Just thought I would pass along the info
  22. There are a lot of days where I dont' want to exercise. But I try not to think about it, and just do it.
  23. Yes, you can WI at any WW center.
  24. Well, take it from someone who is VERY uncoordinated, I just got the transfirmer a month ago, and I got the steps down finally. It took me a few tries, but I got it. I have never tried BBS2, though, so maybe someone here can tell you what the like better.
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