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  1. Question for you guys: Can I do two Firm cardio workouts back to back? I did the Ultimate Calorie Blaster yesterday, and would like to do it again today. I really want to practice it some more. Do you think that would be alright?
  2. I count whatever I eat for the day before I go to bed. So if I stay up until 3 am and eat something right before I go to bed, I count it for that previous day, not the day it really is. I start counting at breakfast.
  3. Mmmmmm, Kelly, I LOVE Slimfast products!! Great idea...I will have to try this.
  4. I am originally from Wisconsin myself, but live in beautiful Florida now Welcome to BCB!!!!
  5. bbnono66

    Help!!!! PLZ

    I know that pilates helps some people with back problems. You might want to talk to your doctor, too, and see what he or she suggests.
  6. I went ahead and ordered all three of them, but I don't think I will do them all in one workout yet, Nancy! I am really becoming a Firm addict....
  7. I agree with Jessee. You should never go below 20 points a day, and should rarely go below your target points. It is okay to exercise today and if you don't want to, you don't have to eat the APs, but you should still eat at least 20 points.
  8. I am really glad I found this too, since I am a newbie, I now realize what I can realistically expect from the Firm, and when.
  9. This is from the FAQ part of The Firm Beliver's Club: "When will I see changes?" From 1-8 weeks: Look to feel better and have more energy. From 2-6 months: Lose size and inches while becoming leaner. Clothes begin to fit more loosely. You are gaining muscle and losing fat. From 6+ months: Start losing weight quite rapidly. Well I can tell you once I hit that 6 month mark, or just shortly after it was very true, everything really started to fall into place. So for all you newbies this is a good guideline, not exact for everyone but a good one and be patient, you are on your way!
  10. That's wonderful!!! That is what I want to do...just change shape really. I want to look good in a bathing suit for once in my life!!! I think the Firm can get me in shape by the summer, or at least I hope
  11. Thanks for replying, buddies I just wanted to know what I should expect from these workouts. My main objective at this point isn't necessarily to lose weight, but to tone my muscles and to lose my belly fat! I already hit lifetime, although I would like to lose another 10 pounds, but the scale doesn't want to move. I think I am just going to accept the fact that my body doesn't want to lose any more weight, and firm up instead! I'm in no real big hurry, just want to get a nice looking body by Summertime!
  12. I joined the little club for 30 free days on the Firm website, and I was looking at the FAQ. Apparently, it is quite common for people to gain at first, but you should expect a loss if you keep it up. I think it said you should start to see losses after a few weeks, longer for some body types.
  13. I just finished the Ultimate Calorie Blaster and it was tough! I just couldn't keep up with the moves. This one might take me a little longer to get the hang of, but I think I can manage it
  14. Does anyone have the jiggle free videos? I was thinking about buying all three of them, but wanted some input first to see if they are worth it for a beginner, should I wait, or not even bother at all?
  15. Thanks for the reply, Nancy. But I know there are more of you out there. Come on! Spill it! I wanna know those results! I am looking for a little inspiration
  16. Nikki, great. I have to do this one tonight for the first time (we are, after all, on the same schedule since we started at the same time!) I am a little nervous now. But I will do it and see how it goes. I am very uncoordinated, so much so that the last one I did I was having difficulty with, but I am getting better. At least it is a great workout!
  17. I agree with the others. I just started last week, and I am having trouble learning some of the steps, but I am getting them down now. I don't use the arms yet, because I am trying to concentrate on my feet. I know that soon enough I will know the steps and will have no problems, but it takes practice.
  18. I was just curious, how long have you been Firming for, and how many inches/pounds have you lost? What dress size were you, what size are you now?
  19. Sometimes it is hard to get back into a routine after a short break. But the best advice I can think of is just do it! Don't think about it. I think I read that in the last WW magazine. People that just do exercise, and don't think about it, are more successful in the long run with their exercise program.
  20. Okay, it's my second week with the Firm. If you dont' mind, I would like to join you Sunday: 35 min walk/run Monday: The Firm: Aerobic Body Shaping and Curves Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: The Firm: Ultimate Calorie Blaster Thursday: Friday: Saturday:
  21. bbnono66

    Just 1 Day

    I agree with Joanne. There is really no reason to deliberately go off plan, since there are flex points that you can plan to use if you want to splurge. I think that if I planned to go off plan, that it would be very difficult to jump back on board. Remember, this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. If you are going "off" the plan, if feels more like a diet than a change for life.
  22. Well, it depends on your intensity level and your weight. I weight 154, and I count it as moderate activity, so it equals out to about 1.5 APs for me. But you might count it as heavy or even light, so it depends.
  23. Yes. I have found from doing the Couch to 5K program, that when I don't keep up with it a couple of times a week, that after a month of non-running, my ability to run lowers dramatically. It probably depends on the person though.
  24. If it is pepperoni, extra cheese, and a good size, I would say it is more than 9 points per slice. I wouldn't know how much unless I saw it, but maybe you could help us, how many inches is the pizza, and how many slices is the pizza cut into? Remember, extra cheese adds lots of points. You might want to get pepperoni and light cheese pizza.
  25. I know you are probably looking for something in a can, but I really like Panera Bread's ckn noodle soup for 2 pts, or Chick-fil-A's for 3 pts.
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