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  1. You look terrific and that little boy in your arms is handsome too, especially with that detroit tigers hat. lol. Keep up the good work!!
  2. Thanks alison, we were in the Smoky mtns,National forest in E. Tennesee The falls behind me are Laurel falls.
  3. Bottom pic is before, I am on the left with the longer blonde hair. Finally got the nerve to post some before and after, couldn't find a good before but I think you can tell the difference. The before is not my highest weight but it was where I started this time.
  4. I made this tonight. Used Whole Wheat pasta added chicken breast and frozen peas. DH and DS#2 loved it!!! This is a keeper. Thank you
  5. Barrie, I am so glad I came across this. I became a dental hygienist in 1994 and have worked clinically every since. I have just recently started back at school. My ultimate goal is to work with obese children. It frustrates me when I see what the schools serve for hot lunch and the small amount of activity devoted to each day. I was an obese child, have spent many years as an obese adult, but I am working on becoming healthy. I will check into the team for kids and see what I can do. Financially not able to support anything right now but maybe I can find something else to do. Wendy
  6. I should probably know this since I have rejoined WW so many times; but how do I calculate my AP? Today I did 50 min at the gym, I would say at high intensity. I figured it was probably 2 ap but not sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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