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  1. Your little sauce there sounds great! I'll have to try it!
  2. After coming across this post so many times, I finally went to TJ's after work and tried this stuff out. I served it with brown rice and baked cream cheese won tons. I loved it. DB loved it. He was in disbelief and how much "better" it was than our favorite local chinese take out place. I loved it prepared just the way the package says (in the oven!) However, next time I think I might give it a kick by adding some crushed red pepper to the sauce! Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! (Here I sit, at work, knowing my left overs are in the fridge.. my mouth is drooling for this stuff again!)
  3. Has anyone tried these? I just had the Santa Fe Style one for lunch and it was wonderful. Although, I must say, I add lettuce to it and fat free sour cream to make the "dressing" (salsa) go further. Without my alterations the meal is 5 points. I have the other one at home, I'll be happy to report on it after I indulge.
  4. I love Oberweis and I'm going to have to try one of these!
  5. Bumping up.. for such a delicious find!
  6. MizFish1


    When I first did WW in '05 I was in the same exact stage as you. In college, living off-campus for once.. etc. I ended up losing 42 pounds. WW works. Stick with it. I'm just now starting over again and I wished I hadn't fallen off of the wagon after a 4 week trip to Europe a year and a half ago. Good luck on your adventure... let us/me know if you need anything.
  7. MedB, Your ideas for motivation are great. I'm starting WW tomorrow (I've been Off Plan for 1.5 years now.) Another thing I'm going to do for myself is buy a pack of colored paper clips. For every pound I lose I will give myself a new paper clip from the pack and will be a "necklace/rope" out of them so that I have another visual to show myself my progress.
  8. This list is unbelievable. Thank you so much.
  9. Thanks for posting! I've always been curious about them.
  10. I've purchased this as well and I really enjoy it. It's great in the morning on my one point toast.
  11. maybe i'm crazy but i'm pretty sure that totals to only 1 pt per bag!?
  12. the turkey meatballs are wonderful! also, their filet of tukey wrapped in bacon are enjoyable and healthy too!
  13. drinking two buck chuck sauv blanc while watching the oscars!!
  14. i love two buck chuck! (poor college kid)
  15. MizFish1

    White Lie??

    We used to serve this wine at a country club I interned at. I know here in Illinois you can find it in the Osco Drug store liquor department.
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