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  1. Good morning everyone.  Started week one on blue at home.  Happy to report I'm down six pounds!! Goals for the week journal everything.  If I want something account it in my points without guilt. I am doing 10% mini goals.  6 down 18 more pounds to go.

  2. im glad i found this again. its my favorite recipe for meatloaf. now to figure out the points plus for this
  3. im so glad to hear this. my dd and i signed up for a class starting this april. i am glad you ladies enjoy it. i now have something to look forward to.
  4. i am eating this now as i am typing. i made this using fat free chicken broth intead of water and add mushrooms along with the broccoli. it came out delicious. the only problem was that after baking it for 65 min. (used brown rice), the rice was still hard. i took it out of the casserole dish and simmered it in a pan with extra water until the rice cooked. next time i make this i plan on pre cooking the brown rice before i add everything to this casserole. i plan on making this regularly. thank you for the great recipie
  5. i put this through the recipie builder. it is 9 points plus a serving. i have everything but the pierogies. bumping up. i will be making htis for dinner next week.
  6. thank you for this. i put it through the recipe builder. its only 8 points plus. we are having this tonight! i calculated this using a pound of chicken. it would be a point less a serving if using 12 oz as directed above.
  7. i made this tonight. i put in the the recipie builder on e-tools. it is 6 points plus a serving and delicious! thanks for sharing this. im think this would make great low point meatballs!
  8. this looks really good. i think ill give it a try. my daughter hates chicken pot pie but loves cheese. maybe this is something both of us can eat.
  9. this is defenetely a regular on our menu. it is so easy and tastes wonderful. great idea to add mushrooms and zuccini. i think i will try it.
  10. bumping up..going to make this this week..
  11. unable to edit my post to report my weight for some reason. sorry about the repost.
  12. GO BLUE TEAM!!!!!! The Blue Team SW = 362.4 GW = Weigh in day = wednesday night Week 1 (10/12 - 10/18):358.6 -3.8 Week 2 (10/19 - 10/25): Week 3 (10/26 - 11/01): Week 4 (11/02 - 11-08): Week 5 (11/09 - 11/15): Week 6 (11/16 - 11/22): Week 7 (11/23 - 11/29): Week 8 (11/30 - 12/06): Week 9 (12/07 - 12/13): Week 10 (12/14 - 12/20):
  13. my starting weight is 362.4. wednesday weigh ins
  14. please sign me up. i am committing to sticking with this for 10 weeks. i weigh in wed nights. who would i give my starting weight info to?
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