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  1. Jason, appreciate all you do to keep us up and posting.
  2. Took yesterday off the wii. But did focus on the water. I fail at that, a lot! But am working on it again today. Will get on the wii this afternoon, after the nurse comes and then goes. Weekly blood draw from hubby. At least they come here, so we don't have to go wait in a lab somewhere.
  3. We have both had spinal surgeries, and doing the bowling sets us up for the pain again. I did love it when we could play with that. My nsv yesterday is that I did my 30 minutes without stopping. Have not been able to do that for a long time. My eating was very good, but still up another 1/2 pound. That makes a gain of 4 pounds this week, for no reason. I have Lasix, but the doctor told me not to take them unless I had a 5 pound gain overnight. but I did one this morning. I have not had eating splurges to cause that, so I don't know. I WILL not get discouraged.
  4. Annie, I have the charge, but the box does not say hr. I will have to explore the site when I have time. Have not even gotten half thru with the taxes. That month in Houston while hubby was in the hospital really thru me off my routine. Will get it done thou. No loss on my scales, but I still got on the wii today. Tried to do some balance. What a comical sight. Used to be so very good on the balance board but could not ever get even 2 balls in the pocket. But I still did the run a couple of times, even after being gone most of the day to the doctors. I will get this done!!!
  5. Annie, wow! that is wonderful. And that is a great way, just saying no to those bad cravings. I have not gotten back to that point yet. Hubby has been bad for two years and every time he ends up in hospital, I eat, and eat and eat! Better now, and we are both watching what we eat. Hurts that he lost about 50 pounds during this time and I still struggle. But I will get back on track. Then I will go back to ww. Just can't deal with it yet. Karen, good luck with that wi. I weigh every day and write it down, so I can keep track of my ups and downs. It really helps too. Did my wii again yesterday. did the run first, then later did the bike. I like that, but it doesn't count on my fitbit! And see those steps add up keep me motivated, so I guess I won't do the bike too much.
  6. Yea for you! I have started doing my wii fit again. Some days just 5 minutes, but most days 30. Big step for me. Haven't been able to make myself get started since my last back surgery 2 1/2 years ago. No excuse after the first year, just didn't. But am determined to get this done.
  7. The smart points just did not work for me. Probably because there was so much stress in my life with my husbands health issues. Things have kind of turned a corner and I have been considering on-line. Sigh! I don't know. Would have to do smart points there, but just on my own at home, can do my points plus. Not near ready to go back to the meeting. Would not want to leave him alone for that long, just yet.
  8. Glad to be a help to keep our threads from being abused. Rarely see anything in the group I am in.
  9. Peg, I know you come here, so did a copy-paste of a post from Christian thread from a few weeks ago. Bonnie's Tom has been writing to Rick and I, sharing some pretty neat things.. he's spending Thanksgiving with Rachael.. was at Linda's.. think I got that in the right order, if not, I'll be back to change it. He misses Bonnie horribly, still needs prayer.. he's keeping the house, but it's big and empty.. but, upkeep keeps him busy. He has memories as he mows the lawn, which is always on my mind when I think of him. He finally figured out to go up and down rather than cross way's so a lot safer, a little longer to do [going one way], but, it's safer.. yes, I'm always worried about that! Remember, Bonnie was too? He's reading the Puritans.. I'm reading the works of John Owen.
  10. I post In the buddy system. Today makes twice that someone edited a post over a year old, to bring that thread to the top . Kind of embarrassed by the little phrase that was put in today, but I am old fashioned.
  11. Jason, it sounds like it will be amazing! Might even inspire me to try smart points rather than chugging along best I trying to keep doing points plus. Just can't get my head wrapped around the smart points. Maybe when my hubby is not so ill, I can really apply myself to something new.
  12. I have friends that drive almost an hour to attend our meeting. Leaders are difficult to find. Our leader often reminds at goal members of the opportunities available to be come a leader.
  13. I like this thread! My wi day is Tuesdays - only day our area has a meeting. I haven't been in over two months. I had surgery and when I could walk again - with a cane - my hubby got sick with "junk" and then I got it. I am determined to go next Tuesday, just to see the damage I have done. Hubby cooking, or more often, bringing in fast food when I was not on my feet. But can't really blame him for all of my gain, just didn't make the best choices when I could. Peggy I will be back to your "what have I done for myself" thread when I can walk again, but still have to have a repair done on the other knee replacement next spring. Its just discouraging when your new knees (14 years ago) go bad!
  14. Welcome to all. Lots of help on the different threads, so as soon as you can, find one and start posting. I couldn't do this weight loss journey without the encouragement I receive from here. I post on the "buddy system" and also on the "Christian' thread. Pop on and say hi to us!
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