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  1. Peggy 7 miles??? I am really impressed! I finally got in about half a mile at the mall yesterday. Thought I would pass out, but have to do what I can, so really happy about starting over. Starting over on my tracking today too.
  2. Baby steps. Still getting over that flu. I just keep reminding myself that even if it is just 5 steps, that is a bit more energy I am creating for later. My knees are 12 years old now. Long time in therapy, but best thing I have ever done for myself.
  3. Did my wii today. First time in a long time. Felt good!
  4. Peggy, think running from the earthquake counts a lot! Heart rate going high! fighting off another cold - or whatever - here, so not walk.
  5. Peggy, you are doing so good with your activity! Glad food went well. Skipped again yesterday, after church was just too lazy. Did my walk this morning, so that is done, less I do a bit more later.
  6. Awesome Peggy! Have on my pedometer today, but never rely on it since ever little jiggle shows as a step - lol! did my walk this morning. Skipped yesterday.
  7. Deb, I don't limit it on my si/fi days. And, that might be a reason I gained a pound this week! Gonna have to change that.
  8. Peggy, hope you had a good report at wi. You move enough, it should have been good. One of the ww friends gives platelets for the preemies. She has to spend a long time there to do that. Admire her. Have my walk done this morning. 30 minutes.
  9. Peggy, you do so good, walking with that bum knee! I have been there and I could not do it then. Nancy, the scale surprises us sometimes. Good for the lose!!!! I have missed almost a month, being sick and the bad weather so the meetings were cancelled a couple of times. Did not get much exercise yesterday, but will get on it today. Been busy this morning, but will do my walk before lunch!
  10. Walk is done for today. Struggled, but kept on trucking up and down the hall!
  11. Annie, good questions for me to ponder. My scale is stuck and I need to do something different. Less carbs today and more protein and more water. I am feeling lots better today. Think that might have been a touch of the flu I had. I don't normally get sick like that. But today, I am doing some much needed housework rather than a walk, and that is good for my mental health, so it is a positive, even if it isn't formal exercise.
  12. I worked on my water today. And stuck to si/fi, using no points. Yea for me. Peggy, today is the first day I am feeling somewhat better. Sorry you are not well now.
  13. Peggy, what a great thought. Will keep that in my mind. Annie, you are so right, quality of life, rather than length. I opt for that also!
  14. Peggy, I have the same thoughts. Is the pain of walking worth while in the long run. I keep reminding myself the bone density test are so much better each year after I have been faithful with my walks. The pt person should be able to help you a lot with what not to do and what will help. Feel for you! Head and chest are much more congested today, but no fever. I am so ready to be over this!
  15. Annie, I buy the ww journal and keep it on my table at all times. Could do a yearly one, might consider that for next year, don't want to start a yearly after January - just me - lol. Peggy, with your bone on bone knee, don't see how you use it at all! I had both mine done, two months apart, and they were bone on bone and I was in so very much pain could hardly walk. I am somewhat better today, but still coughing a lot. Won't start back to my walking yet.
  16. You both are so encouraging. I have the "flu like symptoms" so no walk, and not much but soup yesterday. I am a boring eater. I like the same things, but do weigh and measure everything - at home1 We eat our at least a couple times a week, and I think I probably get in trouble there. Right now, just going back to bed.
  17. Annie, I have heard that "shake it up" too. Peggy, you can't give up! Know you didn't really mean it, but you are such an encouragement to me, to keep moving. I need that, or might just try to control the weight with diet, and that is not good. I know I don't walk at an intensity level to benefit the heart, but any walking does benefit the bone density, so I keep going. did my mall walk this morning. didn't make the last little loop, just hurt, but I did what I could. I am pleased.
  18. Peggy, glad you are keeping up with the exercise! I have just been doing what I can,nothing to write home about though. Was huddled up against the cold while we were without power for a couple days and that just knocked me totally off balance. Working hard to regain my ground.
  19. Did you talk with your doctor. I was at the same point for five years, and then went to my doctor. He was very firm with me, don't lose more weight. Lots of health issues, and even though he did not say, I suspect some of the meds are the culprit for that.
  20. Peggy, you do so much exercise! I am impressed! Did my walk this morning. Nothing yesterday, just moping around because our ww meeting had to be cancelled again, due to the icy weather. We are not used to that.
  21. Skipped the last couple of days. Walk in for today, but will be doing housework and such, so will be moving rather than being still.
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