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  1. Grancy, hope you are feeling better. Exercise is really hard when you don't feel the best. I don't usually walk on Sundays, but might do just a bit later on. By the time I get back from church, then do lunch, just want to do my nap! Be back on track tomorrow.
  2. Peggy, know you had a good evening with your daughter. Did my 30 minute walk this morning. Tracking good.
  3. Exercise yesterday was just the couple hours in the commissary and then carrying groceries in. but I still say it was worth at least two ap's! Exercise today. Turned on my timer and put the groceries away! Made it into a stretching and deep squats. didn't take quite 30 minutes so walked for just a bit. I will be sore tomorrow. Hubby usually puts everything away. Have to rotate all the stuff. I will be back and forth a lot today, so think I am safe for counting 30 minutes.
  4. ​I am so happy to see this here. Very helpful.
  5. keep up the good choices. The weight comes off a bit at a time.
  6. Yes, I was very glad to see this thread a sticky! Peggy, you will get the eating under control. We had the intro to the new simple start today, are you doing that? I haven't tried to focus on the simply filling foods since core. That was not successful for me. Never could find my "satisfied" point. But think I will try this one this week, just to see how I handle it. Went to town early enough to do the mall walk. Took 33 minutes to do that one mile! How sad, but I was pretty much just shuffling when I got back to the entrance I went in. Main thing is, I did it!!!!
  7. mseeebee


    Alissa, would love for you to join us on the "what one thing have I done for myself today". That is where I started posting my walks and such. It is under general discussion catagory.
  8. Good luck at the pool Peggy! That is what I need, but just can't make that drive to town often enough to justify the membership. Used to, before gas got so stinking hight! Did my 30 minutes this morning, and will do my wii later if my knees don't start yelling. Journal and eating been right on target.
  9. Did 15 minutes today. Have a lot to do today, so will get lots of movement in. Will do my journal here for the day soon, and stick with what I write down.
  10. Doing good, both of you! I chose not to walk today, knees giving me fits, so decided not to stress them today. Meals planned, and will stay on track, with it all in my journal.
  11. Did my walk this morning. Going to town with hubby for his cataract followup, then a couple of errands. Changed our plans on where to have lunch after reading your post! We are going to McDonalds and I will have the ranch bacon salad, and take my l/f dressing with me. Hubby will have a salad also. Our plans are firm, today is a new day. I have my entire day in my head, now will go get it into my journal and not eat one bite that is not already written down.
  12. Peggy, I think I will write that down and keep it in front of me for every occasion when I would plan to not eat healthy. Today is shot. Should have came on early and read what you said. "How hard would it be to eat healthy?" Did my walk this morning, and that is the only healthy thing I have done all day! New day tomorrow.
  13. Good for you Peggy, for getting that walk in. I also want to wish a happy season to all that observe Christmas.
  14. Chose not to walk this morning. Just had to get some ironing done, and that would not happen if I did a walk. Hubby is trying to push me to go to town this afternoon, so he can wrap presents with me being home. If I give in and go, will do a mall walk. Could just as easy hide here in the computer room while he does this! Yes Peggy, we are all doing good. Yea!
  15. Not much sleep last night, but made myself do that 30 minutes. Journal filled out day by day all week. Can't go to wi tomorrow, but I know i did what I could to be healthy.
  16. Cheryl, I did not research the bikes, but when I was in therapy after the knee replacements, they had me on the recumbent bike and my hips and back did not get sore. Of course, the time allotted for me to be on the bike was not long, so who knows.
  17. Peggy, Concord part of the time, Hayward after a divorce. Love love Ca! My sweet hubby is a country boy all the way, so here we are, in the middle of the woods in the South! lol And I love him enough to be happy here. I see you do the fast walking???? Takes me about 22 to 23 minutes to do the one mile of our little mall. sure need to learn to speed up, but endurance will come as i keep it up. Just did my 30 minute walk. Really need to get back on the wii, also. Maybe tomorrow will do both.
  18. Cactus, I grew up in Texas, spent most of my adult life in California, til I remarried 20 years ago in my early 50's. He is from Louisiana, so this is where I have spent the happiest years of my life. Wonderful man. Sorry you have so much to deal with. You have done a great thing, getting back to ww, to take care of yourself.
  19. 30 minutes today. Storm is on the way, hope that severe weather does not happen.
  20. Peggy, that sounds like a lot more than 4 ap's to me! I did my 30 minute laps this morning soon as I woke up. Will do more later, if I get all that laundry complete.
  21. mseeebee


    So much admire you for walking in the cold! I don't even stick my nose out the door if it gets down past 40. Of course I am in the deep south, so that doesn't often hang out there all day.
  22. I did do a bit of walking yesterday, but not enough to count. Did journal and did good on my eating though, so I felt good about that. Did a 15 minute walk today, need to ramp it up. Tomorrow plan on doing that first thing!
  23. Long day in the car yesterday, but surgeon released me from that spinal surgery a year ago. Said I could exercise now, but be sure never over do. So only walking was the long corridors at the hospital. Today, doctor appointment here, then the mall for a bit of shopping. Got half a walk in and got so exhausted I just had to quit. But better than nothing, right? Eating good today! Won't use any weekly pp's, and that is a goal for me this week. Another long day at the surgery center tomorrow, while hubby is having cataract surgery. Will try to get my walk in before we go.
  24. Did a cruise and then another week in Florida. Broke every single promise I had made to myself! Now to start all over again.
  25. Peggy, hope that root canal is all healed up. Nasty procedure! Got home last evening, and partly unpacked. But have done my 30 min run on the wii fit plus this morning. So exhausted, but I did it. See the neuro surgeon Monday, and have high hopes of being given a "all healthy" report, so can do the wii without feeling guilty. Plan on doing a 30 minute mall walk later today also. Have got to get back to where I was before the surgery a year ago. Did my 30 minutes of laps, so yea for me!
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