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  1. I could have written your post, with some minor changes. Want to be accountability partners? We can do this.
  2. Today: bfast: veggie soup lunch: polenta chips with ff refried beans, garlic, zucchini, green peppers, and salsa dinner: tilapia, broc, bulghur, green beans, wine, bite of chocolate. exercise: hour of belly dancing
  3. Today: bfast: oats with berries, lattes snack: popcorn lunch: polenta chips with ff refried beans, garlic, zucchini, green peppers, and salsa dinner: tilapia, broc, bulghur, green beans, wine, bite of chocolate. exercise: hour of belly dancing I'll do it too, because I am all caught up on grading!)
  4. Today: bfast: veggie soup, lattes snack: popcorn lunch: tuna fish salad with veggies, polenta chips dinner: roast, potatoes, carrots, bulghur exercise: belly dancing...the best hour of the day.
  5. what I didn't eat in green, what I added in red Tomorrow: bfast: oats, berries, lattes snack: banana, popcorn, apple lunch: soup dinner: chicken, asparagus, baked potato, bite dark chocolate.
  6. but, yes, Lynn, a fused spine would make almost all of the moves quite impossible!
  7. Belly dancing is the most fabulous work out, isolating all of the muscles, using muscles you didn't even know you had, and giving a solid aerobic work out at the same time. Plus, it SO MUCH FUN that I will happily do it for an hour without looking at the clock once! The best part for me, though, is how it makes me look at my body in the mirror while I am taking what I have right now, where I am at, and enjoying it, being, as the French say, "Bien dans sa peau"...happy in my skin. I thought my self loathing would kick in with this activity, but actually the opposite is happening. Even though I am saying bye to the fat I've allowed to go onto my frame, I also am not hating it away...I am loving it away...Plus it is SO FEMININE and I absolutely LOVE anything to do with femininity.
  8. Tomorrow: bfast: oats, berries, and cottage cheese snack: popcorn, banana, apple lunch: ww pasta, bite of chocolate, asparagus dinner: polenta and ff beans, corn, broccoli. Exercise: belly dancing
  9. Tomorrow's food bfast: cream of wheat pudding with berries snack: apple, banana lunch: pulled pork on eng. muffin, asparagus dinner: hors d'oeuvres at wedding reception...one taste of each thing except veggies...lots of those, and TWO bites of wedding cake. Exercise: power doggie walk and belly dancing.
  10. Back to accountability... Tomorrow's menu (as per Beck): bfast: leftover rice, broc, and turkey casserole, one cup snack: apple, banana lunch: Pulled pork on 1 pt engl muffin, asparagus, bowl of berries mixed with ginger and leftover pumpkin pie dinner: bulghur stir fry, wine, cabbage, 1 piece Belgium chocolate Exercise: walk and belly dancing.
  11. Mile power walk with dog. About to do forty-five minutes of belly dancing.
  12. Bumping up because I just found and read the Beck book (bought for 25 cents at a thrift store sale), and feel it is just what I need right now to get me back on track, OP, and happy. Spent the day making my Advantage cards, and lots of other response cards as well. Now I am about to plan for tomorrow's meals. I can do this!
  13. I'm back! Ready for a brand new day one... I feel GREAT after my cleanse, and ready to be smart about eating. Today I will go for my power doggy walk, be mindful of portions (very easy to do at this point), stay OP, and savor each bite of food. Breakfast: soy milk latte with a banana. Lunch: garden greens and leftover shishkabobs. Dinner: chilled pasta salad with veggies and PB sauce (AP/WPA points). Snacks: fruit. I love summertime eating, don't you?
  14. Soda...Getting-back-to-goal buddy, Sounds like it was great. May you have Many Happy Returns of the Day!
  15. Yes, balance. Can y'all tell from my new threads that I am hanging out on another weight-loss, healthy-living forum, and some of the stuff there is so good, I just HAVE to share it with my bootcamp buddies. Easing off of my cleanse, and looking forward to a lifetime of healthy, SFing eating. Taking my kids and my dog on a hike now, so :wave:bye bye for now!
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