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  1. Cheri, I have found that it is harder to plan for just 2 people as most of the recipes are larger. When you find something that you like, you can always freeze 1/2 so that you have a meal for 2 weeks later. I know that most of my dinners are from 8 - 10 points in value. I list out 28 days worth of meals so that I can pick what things that I want for that week. This makes it easier for if you have an evening that you know you have to do a crockpot meal or an easy meal due to busy schedules. You can alway figure out the lunch points if you have the dinner and breakfast already set. I hope that this is of some help or if you would like a copy of my monthly list, just let me know. I gave a nutrition class this year and have decided that if I keep them from month to month, then I can rotate them throughout the year. I am more than happy to share if you want.
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