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  1. bump it up to the top, can't lose this one.
  2. I am going to my grandaughters birthday party and am flustered as to what to have for dinner. Any suggestions.
  3. Just came upon this thread and think it's great. Thanks to all.
  4. Sounds good and easy. Thank you.
  5. Great meatloaf. Just bumping this up.
  6. After trying the Almond Joy, I know this one will also be a keeper. Thanks!
  7. Christine this is delicious. I made it just the way you said. I find that the longer you leave it in the fridge the better it is. The oatmeal gets the texture of coconut. Thanks for a wonderful recipe.
  8. Bumping for Core buddies who haven't seen this.
  9. Leluhna

    WW Pie

    Yes they were in the frozen foods. Hope you find them.
  10. Leluhna

    WW Pie

    I found the Key Lime pie in Florida a year and half ago. Have been looking in Jersey and have not found it yet. It is delicious.
  11. I eat the laughing cow with water crackers. You get 5 round crackers for 1pt. Love, love, love!
  12. Just read all the rave reviews. When I saw them on sale, I thought can't be good, but now I'm sorry I didn't give it a try. Will have to pick some up. Thanks BCB!
  13. Sounds great! Especially when you're traveling.
  14. You're absolutely right. It's also good to put in cocoa.
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