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  1. The easiest way to determine APs is to use a heart rate monitor. I love cycling too and when I take longer rides (over 3 hours) I divide my calories burned (based on the monitor) by 80 for APs instead of the normal 100. For shorter rides under 40 miles, I usually average about 1 AP point for every 3 miles. I like the suggestion of having 24 hours to use up the APs because some days after a long ride I'm just tired, not too hungry, but the next morning I'm starving.
  2. I usually set up menus for a week at a time, but then freely interchange those choices on a day to day basis. If the meal is OP then it doesn't matter whether I have that particular meal on Wednesday or Friday, but it sure saves time from having to run to the grocery store when it's time to start dinner. If boredom eating is a problem for you, may I suggest that you draw up a list of alternate activities.
  3. I think there are two types of people in the world. Those that look at problems and use them as excuses and those that see problems as challenges that demand solutions. Sounds like you fall into the second catagory and are ready to start kicking some BCB butt.
  4. Wednesday we had an orange sesame chicken stir fry with brown rice. Yesterday was veggie burgers and sweet potato french fries. Tonight we are having potato soup with whole wheat sour dough bread. Tomorrow is curry and then Sunday it will be home made spinach pizza.
  5. My family's favorite type of brown rice is sweet brown rice. We purchase it at a local oriental grocery store in 10 pound bags. It is short grain (sticky...great for chop sticks) and we make it with just water in a rice steamer.
  6. Mine was my mother being diagnosed with diabetes. I'd rather get a handle on my eating and exercising habits now rather than wait to see if I'll end up with diabetes too.
  7. Remember too that as soon as you hit your "official" WW goal and then stay below that number for six weeks, then you won't have to pay each week. If you select a lower number than you'll have to keep paying until you get there.
  8. Jenny-I think you will find that this forum is 100% dedicated to health. If your doctor has recommended that you NOT be on a weight loss diet due to specific health issues (such as cancer treatments, etc.) then I would think you should rely on his/her expertise and follow the recommendation and NOT lose weight, whether officially or unofficially on WW. You could do what some of the pregnant members on this list do and use this time to learn about healthy eating so that later when you are given the green light to resume weight loss, you will be well on your way to making some permanent changes in eating healthy foods. I urge you to speak with your doctor again and perhaps also seek the counseling of a nutritionist.
  9. The 4 AP limit is a rumor, just like Heidi says. WW's position is to recommend you consult a trainer/nutritionist if you are routinely earning more than 4 APs per day to ensure that you are eating enough. WW is also trying to discourage excess exercise for weight loss purposes only (a form of obsessive compulsive disorder that's a variation of anorexia). I agree with your friend. Just hang in there and keep doing what you're doing. I usually earn about 7-8 APs per day (I love long bike rides) and I usually eat them all (and most of my WPAs per week too). When I first seriously bumped up my workouts the scale slowed to a crawl. I just stuck with the workouts and eating the APs (as recommended by most BCB posters) and then the following month it was as though my body flipped a switch and since then I've been losing both pounds and inches at a good clip. Have faith!
  10. When I first seriously bumped up my work outs I lost slowly for about a month (3 pounds), even with eating my WPAs and my APs. I used the advice I learned here at BCB and stuck with it, just focused on staying OP, and now it's like I flipped a switch and both the pounds and inches are finally melting away (7 pounds and one clothing size in less than a month, and 7 pounds is amazingly fast for middle aged me). Curiously though I have better WIs when the day before is a day of rest rather than a high AP day, probably water weight. But I don't run my exercise schedule around WIs since I know I'll see the results eventually. I believe there is a big difference between home made "fast food" and actual fast food. When I make things like pizza and burritos I have 100% control over the individual ingredients and can easily turn them into healthy choices. For instance I made pepperoni pizza the other day and used about 1/3 whole wheat in the crust, went easy on the cheese and only topped the pizza with about a dozen pepperonis total. Compare that to Donatos which advertizes 100 pepperonis per pizza. My home made version comes in at less than half the points and a fraction of the saturated fat.
  11. I found the trick for getting back on track for me was to just focus on staying OP (on program) day by day, week by week, and let the scale take care of itself. Try focusing on one change at a time, such as drinking more water or eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and before you know it you'll be leading a healthier lifestyle and be closer to your WW goal.
  12. Try googling "heat exhaustion" and see if the symptoms match.
  13. Vaylene, In your post you said that you don't consider yourself overweight. Have you spoken with your doctor to determine what is considered a healthy weight for your height and age? If you are already at a healthy weight, then perhaps you need a personal trainer, not WW. I would also recommend a physical if you haven't had one lately. Some medical problems, such as fibroid tumors, may cause a pregnant looking stomach. Just some thoughts.
  14. WW really is a learning process. Whenever I run into trouble I try to figure out what went wrong, what I can do to prevent that from happening again, and how can I salvage the rest of the week. So, why did you eat so much pizza? Is pizza a trigger food and perhaps you could avoid it for a couple of months or order/make less so there aren't a bunch of leftovers? We're you under stress and upset about something? If so, what are some alternative ways of coping that don't involve food? Or after your two pound loss did you feel as though you could be less vigilant and indulge? You are the only person that's in the position to figure out WHY you sabotaged yourself. Once you get a handle on that, then it's much easier to come up with a game plan for next time. Another tip: I'm assuming you knew about the birthday party in advance. I like to look at the coming week and identify any events that I need to save some WPAs for. For instance, next Sunday I'm going to a father's day BBQ, and I want to conserve about half my WPAs for that event, so the days leading up to it I'll have to be extra careful. As for the remainder of this week for you, I would try to stick to my daily target points and make sure I earn some APs to give me some wiggle room. This might be a great opportunity for you to experiment with some new to you veggies. Even if you're doing flex, check out the core recipes since they tend to be filling and low in points. Another idea, if you like to indulge on the weekends you could shift the start of your points week to Monday or Tuesday and then you'll know how many WPAs you have left to splurge with on the weekends (I much prefer to save mine up rather than splurge and be careful later). Your WI day and your points week starting day do NOT have to be the same day. Most of all, don't give up. Aim for progress, not perfection.
  15. I believe this recipe is even less points because most veggies are 0 points, even when stir fried. I would only count 1 point (or half) for the oil. If you are only having 1/5 of a cup of cooked rice I would only count 1 point. So I would count this recipe as stated at only 4 points total. Actually I would up the size of rice per serving to 1 cup each and count the meal at 7 points. At only 1/5 of a cup of rice per person I know my kids would be back in the kitchen grazing within 20 minutes of leaving the dinner table. Also, have you tried adding some seasoning such as soy sauce and ginger?
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