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  1. Welcome! It helps to remember that every pound gone gets you to goal instead of looking at the big picture. Progress, not perfection!
  2. We have a cauliflower as big as a hubcap. I can't wait to try this tonight!
  3. Welcome to both of you. I'm starting back on WW after keeping off my weight for over 15 years and eventually even working for WW. I had a lot of things go on after a cross-country move and a thyroid issue crop up, and all my weight came back. I hardly recognize myself. I'm also 5'4" and now hover around 160. My WW goal weight was 133 but I'd be happy to be back to 140 at this point. I've been working full-time for the last two years and it always seems harder to exercise with that kind of schedule. My Dh and I joined a gym we like (I actually belong to two - shameful) and we'll just have to go in the evenings. Gotta make it work for you! Good luck with all your endeavors and keep on keeping on. It works!
  4. You may also want to watch The Biggest Loser since I think Julie on there has PCOS and she's been losing weight! I think she's a great example that it can be done! (I have it too and a thyroid disorder so I'm trying to figure out how to make WW work for me THIS time). Good luck and good planning!
  5. Sounds super yummy! Just wanted to mention for those who are sensitive (like me) that the dressing mixes usually have MSG in them.
  6. Yeah - 6 sounded pretty low. I've learned to eat half a burger and it usually counts around 6 -8 for half depending on the size.
  7. I also suggest The Beck Diet Solution. Believe me, you're not alone. WW wouldn't even get 3/4 of their business if there weren't people like you and me who can't seem to stay at goal. But, that said, it is a great program that can help you if you let it. You can have what you really want if you just keep taking the steps to get there.
  8. Regardless of size and taste - don't you just love the little phhht sound when you bite into the cupcake? It's so cute!
  9. I didn't mind Enviga but I really liked the FRS. We had it in our house in cans and concentrates for a while, but now I've kinda forgotten about ordering it. I was happy b/c my husband drank it every day.
  10. I love them all, but bulking them up with more/different veggies is a great idea!
  11. I've found them in Seattle at the QFC. Wasn't sure exactly where you were asking about.
  12. I've been eating them every day. It still makes me mad that they're advertised as zero points. I can't imagine eating just half the can, but maybe if I wanted a light snack before going out. We all know anything with pasta or rice is never zero points!
  13. I was a receptionist at goal and had no problem (my problem came later), but if you have time you might want to go to your own meeting. I was always too busy to get anything from the meetings that I worked.
  14. FitTiff


    Here's some alcohol info: http://www.recipecircus.com/recipes/awsum34/TIDBITS---You-Need-To-Know/Beer.html
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