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  1. I love the idea. Forum activity has often suffered from myopic focus over the years. I can't tell you how many great buddies we've lost because they no longer felt welcome posting here if they switched to another program. I, myself, was asked to leave a group here when I "outed" myself as following a different WOE, even though I was losing weight that way & struggling so much with WW. Lately, I just adopt a "don't ask, don't tell" approach. I'm not counting points but I am committed to healthy eating & establishing a good exercise rhythm to support that. If the goal here is to do what it takes to make weight loss a reality, then we need to either be supportive of everyone who comes here with that goal or we continue to dwindle in numbers to the point where only the most entrenched threads survive. Many of which only survive because the people in each group have made a connection that transcends (and in some cases doesn't even include a main focus on) weight loss. If we want the activity & membership here to increase, we have to be more inclusive. There is more than one way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I would love to see more BCBers return so they can share their successes and struggles with whatever program they are currently following.
  2. Annie- I went back into the moderator site again and updated your rank but there wasn't a save option so it won't stick! I can view your profile and see that it hasn't updated your status but my clearance isn't high enough to fix this! Hopefully Jace will check in soon and help you out!
  3. I'll contact Jason. He's been visiting family out of state for the holidays & was delayed in returning.
  4. Cheryl- Thanks buddy!! Super- Glad you're okay and back on the grid!
  5. Hey SB! Things are well here on the weight loss front. I'd gone into a bit of a tailspin for a couple of years eating my way through some personal issues (like that's ever productive). I decided almost 6 months ago that instead of putting all this pressure on myself to be POP, I would tackle my major issues one by one. The most important one was giving up gluten and continuing to stay MSG-free. Along the way, I've tackled other issues-- corn, yeast, fresh dairy (excluding cheese), etc. I'm watching my food quantity even though I'm not counting points or journaling. I'm approaching my 6mth "health-iversary" and I'm on track to hit 30lbs down. That's comparable results to what I would have achieved had I put myself in a pressure-filled fish bowl to stay POP and exercise pretty much every day. I feel like I'm proving a point to myself that I *can* lose weight without counting calories, without chronic high intensity exercise, and just following my body. When I started out, I didn't know if I was lying to myself or in denial. Some people here at BCB weren't supportive at all so I haven't been posting much out of respect for the WW purists. However, I always felt that there had to be a way to lose weight and maintain the loss without having to put everything I ate under a microscope (and/or scale). I'm not back to goal weight yet and I haven't tested the maintenance waters but the initial findings are very promising. I have not starved myself. I haven't worried about my food choices. I haven't binged in 6mths. I haven't blamed myself when I've had those days that contained very little nutrition (into everyone's life a day of ice cream must fall! LOL). This has been the "easiest" weight loss I've ever had and I hesitate to talk about it too much because I don't want to jinx things!!! Like Luanne, we're in the middle of getting our house ready to sell. Renovations are such a PITA. We probably had no other choice than to do these things and hopefully it will show in the purchase price of the house. Prepping 3 children for a mid-school year move has a lot of issues as well. Add in that my husband is currently working two jobs as he transitions from one company to the other, it means that while the extra money is nice (paying for all the renovations!! LOL), we don't see much of him. That's leaving me to essentially be a single parent *and* get this house and all of its contents ready. How are you??!!
  6. The links in the forum manager for moderators haven't been updated since some of the past changes. I can't edit/modify the title of the group. Jason is the only one who can handle things at this point. You can always send him a PM so he's sure to see the request.
  7. MM-Welcome! We may be moving to Minnetonka in the upcoming months. I researched all the school districts in the area and the Middle/High School in Minnetonka ranked at the top of the state.
  8. Allie, welcome! I edited your post to remove the link to your blog as we don't allow spam on the site. I know your blog isn't spam per se but we have to set guidelines. Please feel free to jump in and participate in our communities!
  9. I've seen them at Costco here in Canada. Not all the time though.
  10. Watch your blood sugar. Eating wheat is cut ally higher on the glycemic index than plain sugar. If you're spiking your blood sugar levels, it's going to result in unnecessary hunger cues. Aso, chemicals in your food can trigger binges too. Anything you haven't cooked yourself will be loaded with binge-inducing chemicals. I find it's best to just not go there at night. I eat all my food from 9-5 (generally) and only eat veggies at night, unless I'm truly ravenous. If so, I eat protein at night-- nothing to spike my blood sugar.
  11. Quinoa is a complete protein grain. I'm gluten intolerant so quinoa is a staple for me. I usually combine with various veggies (duke, tape tomatoes, celery, etc), plus parsley or cilantro, plus some balsamic vinegar and a bit of oil. Toss together to make a cold salad. I use it like rice a lot-- make curries and stir-fry & use quinoa as a base. I've made quinoa pudding too-- like tapioca. The recipe shoud be in the dessert section here.
  12. Welcome! Come join us on the 20s, 30s & 40s forum. One of our ranks is from Montreal as well!!
  13. Peg- Juicers take away the fiber and just keep the water/sugar in fruits/veggies. When you make juice smoothies with the VitaMix, you use it whole. I can make enough smoothie for the entire family with a couple pieces of fruit and some soy milk. Likewise, I can make a litre of vegetable juice with just a handful of veggies and some water!
  14. PS- We've got the 5200. Both wet and dry blades. We use the dry blade to grind brown rice to make cream of rice hot cereal. Jeff's also used it in the past to grind wheat/spelt to make flour.
  15. Super easy. Just put water and one drop of dish washing soap and turn it on. It is its own dishwasher!! Now that summer is arriving we'll make a lot of smoothies. I haven't made PB as I get plain organic from Costco.
  16. Cheapest price is the one they have at Costco when they are there. You can check the "Costco Showcase" schedule. They're usually here 2-3 times a year. We use ours for a variety of things-- making almond milk, taking whole tomatoes to make into pasta sauce, protein shakes, etc. TBH, I have a handheld B&D blender/puree stick that I use much more often. It will blend smoothees and puree soups, etc. That being said, I don't regret buying it. Worth it for the almond milk alone.
  17. Even better it's on YouTube so I can watch on my iPad. Most video is flash and won't work. I read an article criticizing some of the show's conclusions but can't find it now. I'll keep looking.
  18. bubbles! 6lbs in one month is awesome!! Keep it up!
  19. I've learned that I have no normal. I've maintained for years at a time and thought that I'd never go back. I know all the right choices and can make all the right choices. But I can just as easily make bad choices and get stuck in that rut too. Too many times I've thought that I had this thing licked and that I'd created the "new normal", just to realize that my "old default" will always be lurking in the shadows trying to drag me back down. I don't have to let it drag me down. But I do have to be vigilant/aware of the fact that it *is* always there somewhere.
  20. Bob Greene's book was one of the first to tackle the food variety issue. He said that we, as a society, are fat because we have too many choices. The body is not historically or genetically geared for such variety. And, in the end, more choices just means more possibilities of making more bad choices. I don't need one ice cream flavour, let alone 39! That being said, I like to have a few standbys per meal. I can't eat the same thing for breakfast everyday, but I can have a few choices that have already been "tweaked" for safety. Plain yogurt with a variety of different fruit. Hot cereal-- oatmeal, cream of brown rice or millet, etc. Homemade crustless quiche. Bagel with light cream cheese, even sometimes toast (without butter!) It's helpful for me to have a routine around a controlled variety so I know that there are a number of "safe" options that can be made at any given meal.
  21. Super- That's interesting. I didn't know about the search bots. I guess that's even more depressing knowing that it's only 200 robots reading my posts! LOL My DH has the MLB app and listens to baseball all day and into the night while he's working (engineer). I just can't get into baseball, though I did watch the Blue Jays back in their heyday. I don't do football either. Basketball and tennis more my speed.
  22. Good experienced info Super. I think we can all figure out what sport it was though! LOL Jason, after reading Denise's response, I realized maybe I should say something that I personally believe has affected morale the worst. The addition of the "views" feature on the website has been a factor in the decline of posting, I believe. It gets discouraging to write something, see that hundreds have read it but only a handful have responded. Speaking personally, I know that I sometimes feel a little creeped out knowing there are hundreds of people lurking/spying/reading what I write who never interact with me on any kind of personal level. It keeps me from writing some things. I know it keeps others from writing as well. It's a fact of life on a public website that you're going to have a lot more lurkers than you are participants. I think we all know that on some level, but having the "view" feature there brings it front and centre to our attention and makes us less likely to post things and more likely to get our feelings hurt that so many people will look at a call for a help or a birthday wish and can't even be bothered to type in one or two words of support or encouragement. So, I don't know if we can ever get back to the point where someone would have a birthday and there would be at least 2 pages of happy birthday wishes. But it can only help if we get to the point where someone has a birthday and they get 2 responses and don't wind up feeling badly about themselves because they saw 200 people couldn't even type 2 words. That's just my $0.02.
  23. I can't help but notice that there have been over TWO HUNDRED TWENTY views of this post, yet only TWELVE people have responded. Is that the way your mamas raised you? I respect the rights/privacy of lurkers around here but it is JUST PLAIN RUDE for you to open this post, read that we have a new site owner/administrator and not take a few seconds of your time to wish him welcome. Jason, I'm sorry. This is not the BCB your mother spent the past 12 years supporting. This used to be a community that welcomed each other, congratulated each other, supported each other. I couldn't agree more that this site needs ALL OF US. And, right now, they're letting you down. I'm really sorry to see this level of selfishness and ingratitude. So, please let me say to you again. I hope the rudeness of hundreds doesn't diminish the gratitude of the dozen who have responded thus far and hopefully the many more to follow. (hint, hint).
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