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  1. oh my Sarah thanks so much for the cool tool--YES!!! I love reading your notes you have the best info! kris
  2. Thanks another new website to surf-- I am new at this. 100 cal for 45 is not to shabby!!!
  3. Thanks a million Marie for taking the time to find it for me, you're a sweetie, I will write you with the results. Lacks
  4. I need point value for jujubes? Thanks
  5. Hello, Does anyone have a good low fat or pared down (perhaps difficult) recipe for somosas? Most grateful
  6. I just found this web site, coooool! I am on a 20 daily point schedule. I am lacking energy, what am I doing wrong. I exercise, I eat 20-21 points per day. And by the end of the day I am so tired I am out by 7-8 pm... It takes my walking buddy everything to get me to do my daily walk. Any advice?
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