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  1. Yes, but only once. I never repeat a mistaken food intake moment. I like acorn squash with a dab of butter in each half, and a tablespoon of the Spenda brown sugar blend--even my kids like it that way! Butternut is very good too, and more versatile. Keep trying! Sweet Potato Fries: Slice sweet potatoes thin into strips drizzle with EVOO sprinkle with rosemary and sea salt bake @450 until crispy There are a bunch of variations on this too on the WW site!
  2. I found the new calorie-free sweetener Truvia (made from stevia leaves) at my Krogers yesterday, and had some in my coffee and boy was it good! No aftertaste at all--it came in individual packets. Not sure if you can cook with it though. Can't wait to try in on my Cheerios or strawberries!!!
  3. THese bars are awesome!!! They had them at Meijer's.
  4. Cell by Stephen King Jonathon Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach Angels & Demons by Dan Brown
  5. Krys--this board is full of people like you who have successfully lost and kept off their excess weight. It took me 69 weeks to lose 35#--that's 0.5#/wk--and it was up-down-down-up etc etc Just don't stop. Never stop. It will come down. Start thinking of your weight per month. That helped me. You can do this!!! I can tell you will be successful--never quit!!!!!
  6. It's worse--check the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_fructose_corn_syrup
  7. High fructose corn syrup.
  8. Bummer! I usually like Kashi and love pizza--thanks for the heads up!
  9. Congrats to both of you for making a committment to YOU!!!! This is a lifelong plan and is very do-able, allows for life, and there is alot of support here for committed soldiers! As far as how to find where you belong, just check out the various threads each day. You will "gel" with a group and know where you fit in after a while. Read and see-- to Boot Camp!
  10. Congrats Gigi for making a commitment to you and your health! There is a learning curve to WW, but I suspect one or two things--not enough fruits and veggies, and maybe not combining "snacks"-with some protein--that helps it have some staying power! Right now, in the USA, the pears and apples are awesome, also the winter squash--acorn, butternut, etc are delish--explore and promise to try one new food and one new recipe a week--this site has great cooks and recipes--check it out! You can do this, and you are the only one who can!
  11. I know what you mean about leaving the house with something hot in it--but I am an RN for over 23 years and have never heard of a crock pot being implicated in a house fire--I think they are built for the slow, long haul. I use mine all the time--had an old one that I got for a wedding present (88) and the crock got broken by the dog who couldn't resist the smell--but no fire even tho the whole thing was turned over on it's side, etc.......
  12. Welcome back Jennie, and congrats on your new baby! I am not aware of a meal replacement WW bar. They have snack and breakfast bars, but I'm sure if you take your points calculator to the store you can find one that is equal to what you would typically spend in Points for a meal. My favorite WW cookbook is one called "Simply Delicious"--it uses ingredients you have and my family loves it too. They have a crock pot one called "In Good Time" that is good, and I like "In One Pot" as well--these are kind of old, but you might get them on Ebay for cheap-- I paid $5 each for them over a year ago! Good luck at Boot Camp!
  13. I don't have access to TJs but I will say that I regularly use Honeysuckle White's Italian Meatballs and they are really good!!!! My kids actually love them! So there is an alternative!
  14. I WI on Wednesdays so I feel your pain! You can do it--just plan your buns off! Make some zero point soup. Bag us little veggie saver bags with tomatoes, baby cukes, carrots (ahhhhh, carrots) radishes, etc in there. Make sure you get protein with your snacks (hardboiled egg, Laughing Cow light cheese wedge) and some fiber all help (Thomas' Light English muffins, anything by South Beach diet). It's all about satiety--staying satisfied longer. Keep up the good work!
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