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  1. Me to I love all these fruits now especially clementines.
  2. I also think it depends on the leader. When I worked for WW a few years ago. We had a couple members we had notes on not to terminate and they were good reasons like your friend has. The leader even called after the time was up to see if they were coming back and they were and did. If not I'm sure they will let her take her folder. Or at least I hope they will.
  3. I searched Snapper and Tilapia and they both came up.
  4. Get a Ad remover. IE get IE pro Firefox search add on for a ad remover. The ad come down at top as well as in the thread. Really slows it down. Remove them with above and its not so bad. Both are free
  5. WendyG

    Tracking Ideas

    I just use Etools. When I didn't have etools I used a journal book. You can get in any book store. Wasnt fancy and latest forever.
  6. Thanks! This is great!
  7. You know something goes on every month. There is a holiday or there is a birthday or what ever. You need to decide what you want more. Make a plan around the activities and stick to it. I do not agree its so easy to give in this time of year as these things happen all year long. Why is it different between Halloween and Christmas? It should not be. But that's always the time people fail, or make excuses. Its not different than any other month. Make a plan and stick to it.
  8. No. If I don't like it I don't eat it. Do not care what nutrients its packs. I want to enjoy what I am eating.
  9. http://www.biggestloserthegame.com/videos.html They can not be skipped. But if you choose to do it with out the wii board it doesn't have a clue. You could do something else in between. I dont have a clue as to your limits. There is lunges. But there is also Planks which you use your knees for. So it might not be a good choice for you. Im wondering have you tried EA Active? It does a lot of lunges but you can set up a work out routine and leave those out and any thing you can't do. Set up your own personal work out. I love EA for this alone.
  10. I also agree with the last two posts. Its do able. Just plan ahead and enjoy. It is NOT a food fest but time to enjoy family and friends. Its not about food at all. Enjoy the chit chat and have a good time! Enjoy what you choose and also have some pie
  11. I would say a whole piece. Also I bagged them up in serving sizes so I don't grab more. Works for me.
  12. I love the wii exercises and have all of them. Like to chnage off so Im not doing the same. My fav are EA Active and The Biggest Loser.
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