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  1. If you walk or jog or run or do activities that take you to the streets: TAKE YOUR ID WITH YOU. Doesn't have to be your drivers license. Could be your cell phone, or on/in your MP3 player, or just a piece of paper in your pocket. Jogger was hit and injured fatally in Utah this past week. She had no ID on her and the emergency personnel could not identify her. She died from her injuries. PLEASE CARRY YOUR ID
  2. WOW !!! What an amazing tranformation you have made. And the smile tells just how wonderful it is. Keep up the great work. You have a wonderful story to tell, but it will be hard to believe that the "before" and the "after" are the same person.
  3. AND DOUBLE That is a wonderful accomplishment !!! :salut:salut from all of us buddies.
  4. That may be, but notice that "Rita" doesn't say anything about getting back into shape, only about how quickly it is to get "out of the habit". And . . I know that if it takes 6 months to get "into" shape to start with, you certainly are not at that same place after the two weeks to get "out of" shape. Regression simply does not work that way with physical conditioning. And . . . . I totally agree with Blackbeard. He makes some wonderful points there. It is YOUR HEALTH that is your main concern. Overall, BEST WISHES !!!
  5. Ok . . . One more day down. Did 3.6 mile this a.m. Goal: 5 days, 3 done and 2 to go. Goal: 13 miles, 9.5 done and 3.5 to go. :bcb_march:bcb_march Sorry, Aphrael, that you aren't feeling well. Get better soon, and good luck, best wishes on that surgery. OK (as of Sunday, August 30) another EDIT: Goal: 5 days, 4 done (didn't make it to 5, darn). Goal: 13 miles,13.5 done (WOOHOO!!). Ok What's next for this week. I already missed this a.m. since I had an appt with a Dr. about pain in my shoulder, a lump on my forearm, and a lump on my achilles tendon. Got a cortizone shot for the shoulder, scheduled an MRI for the forearm, and need physical therapy for achilles tendenopathy. Well, at least he said I was young and that was one reason to be aggressive with the shoulder. hee-hee
  6. I am so sorry to hear that you are going to be inactive for a time. I know the thoughts and fears that you must be facing. You have worked hard to get where you are. It's not easy to face an obstacle that will keep you from staying on track with your routine. I have not been where you are with this surgery, but I feel strongly that if you keep your mind in tune with the routine, you will not lose too much ground mentally. It should be easier to get back to where you are right now, than when you started out the first time. After all, more than half of the battle is mental and just getting ourselves to the field. Once we are there, it is much easier to work out. Maybe set aside some time each day to just think thru the routine. Maybe flex and contract some of those major muscle groups to keep them from forgetting that they need to be strong. Here's a big for thinking it through ahead of time. I'll bet it won't be long before you're kicking us all in the behind again.
  7. OK.....I had a couple of sleepy mornings, but I got up this a.m. and did 3.5 miles. SO..... Goal: 5 days, 1 done and 4 to go. Goal: 13 miles, 3.5 done and 9.5 to go. Good job, Aphreal, you're on track. Way to go!!! Edit Thursday, August 27 Goal: 5 days, 2 done and 3 to go. Goal: 13 miles, 6.0 done and 7.0 to go. Claudia
  8. My goal : Walk at least 5 days, and a minimum of 13 miles. Claudia
  9. This is the WALKING CHALLENGE thread for the week of August 24-30. Post your goal and then update as often as you wish. Claudia
  10. Sorry, I couldn't post over the weekend. The internet at home went down. Can't get the company to get it fixed yet, so have to post from work. Thanks, for the replies. I would have to say that anything goes. We can each set our own goal, but post the goal and report the progress when you can. I thought that might keep us accountable, at least to ourselves. Any of us can start a new thread when we need to. We could make it a weekly or monthly goal. Maybe to start it could be weekly. Or whatever . . . Just so that we have something to keep us a little motivated. You can make it miles, or minutes, or some other measurable unit. Sound ok?? Great !!!!! Let's start. I'll start another thread for the posting of the goals and the reports. I'll start out reporting my goal and my daily progress. Feel free to join, and just keep on moving, that's the ultimate goal.
  11. Does anyone have any interest in a thread dedicated to a "Walking Challenge"? If so, we could create a monthly, weekly, or daily thread to update. I walk several days a week on my treadmill at home. I try to get in about 2-1/2 miles each time I do, and have been keeping track of my miles or a few years now. I just recently passed 1000 miles and am starting on my second 1000. Might take a couple of years to get there, but you have to start somewhere, right??!!??!! So far, in two weeks, i have just over 25 miles more under my belt. What do you buddies think???
  12. Here is a really good site that not only give you the numbers, but some information on what benefits can be gained at what levels. http://www.fitzones.com/members/Fitness/heartrate_zones.asp There are a couple of tests to determine your maximum heart rate, but a lot of people take 220 minus your age as the maximum heart rate (MHR). But I think that the bottom of this page will give you a good general guideline for where you get the most benefit from what heart rate. Good Luck!!
  13. This is a hard one. I think you will get three different answers from three different leaders, although once I post this reply, you'll get differing opinions. This one is my opinion. I would say be conservative in your points usage. You know how they say, if it is close to the line, count the higher points value. Be consistent in how you count your points. If you are counting them item-by-item, keep it that way. If you are counting totals of dishes, rather than ingredients, keep it that way. One point in a day is not going to make a great difference in your total. Remember that you have a weekly points allowance and you have activity points to use, also. I use a whole wheat bread that is 2 points per slice, but if I combine the calories, fat, and fiber for 2 slices and calculate it, it comes out to 3 points. So, when I make my sandwich, do I calculate it all together??? I don't know for sure, and have not been able to get a good answer from my leader. But, somewhere else, I read, that you should just be consistent. Hope this helps.
  14. If you are using a PDA, I am guessing that you are computer savvy to start with. I have created myself an Excel Spreadsheet that I use on my PDA to calculate points. I don't know how I can attach it here for you to download, but I can tell you how to set it up. I have cell A1 set up as the number of calories. I have cell A2 set up as the number of fat grams. I have cell A3 set up as the number of fiber grams. I have cell A4 set up with the formula to do the calculation. The formula is =((A1/50)+(A2/12)-(MIN(A3,4)/5)) Then you just have to key in the calories, key in the fat grams, and key in the fiber grams. It will calculate the points for you. You just have to be careful not to erase out the formula. For safety, I copy it to another file for a backup in case I mess it up.
  15. I don't run, but I walk on my treadmill. It really gets boring sometimes and that's a drag and makes it hard to keep the feet moving, even if not moving means you might just fall off the back of the machine. First, I was kind of curious about how many steps I took on the treadmill at certain speeds. So, I counted to see how fast I was walking. Found out that at about 3.2 mph I was stepping about 114 or so, and at 3.5 it was about 120, and at 3.8 it was about 130, etc. Then, I sat down with a metronome that I have (electronic one) and got on my computer. Started playing some of my favorite music and checking the beat against the metronome, to find out if it was fast or slow, etc. Finally settled on some of my favorites and got a good mix for a 2 mile walk, and a 3 mile walk, and one for a little longer walk. So now I can start at 3.2 mph for the first song, then increase to 3.4 for the next song, and then to 3.5 for the next song, etc., till I get to the top speed for my walking and then I have 2-3 songs at the end that slow me down again. Originally, I burned them to a CD and put them on the stereo in the bedroom, but hubby started getting tired of hearing the same old songs, so I now have them on an MP3 player and use my headphones. For some reason, I don't get tired of those songs while walking, but probably wouldn't want to listen to them a lot when I'm not. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor Along Comes a Woman - Chicago Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac Let's Hear It For the Boy - Denise Williams (Footloose Soundtrack) Lead Me On - Teena Marie (Top Gun Soundtrack) Joy to the World - Three Dog Night Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) - Journey Both Sides of the Story - Phil Collins Some Guys Have All the Luck - Rod Stewart Take Me Home - Phil Collins
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