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  1. If additional fiber is added or mixed with a dish do you count it when calculating the points? For instance, I make a chili and add powdered fiber to it while cooking. Thank you.
  2. I refuse to eat at the Applebees in the city where I live. It is just a bad place and not very clean. I have eaten in other cities and it is wonderful. So I think your Applebee's is probably run by a lousy manager like the one in Norfolk, VA.
  3. I had lunch today at the Cheesecake Factory. I had the Bistro shrimp and pasta. Has anyone had it and know what all it contains and what the points might be. I do not know the ingredients other than pasta and shrimp.
  4. I have had two of those days in a roll-first real mess up since beginning WWs. I show a gain but I know if I will get back on plan that the gain is temporary and will go back down in a few days. Plus when I get back to my normal routine of work I tend to do better.
  5. Where can I get sugar free syrup? Brand Name? Flavors? Thanks.
  6. Where can I get sugar free syrup?
  7. Just thought I would share a wonderful new ice cream that is 1 pt! It is very good. The name is "Absolutely Free"-Double Fudge Swirl. I just purchased a box and tried one. Well worth a try if you crave chocolate. I purchased it at Harris Teeters. They just started carrying this brand within the last month.
  8. I just had Birds Eye Steam & Serve Asian Vegetables with Roasted Cashews. If I use the NI on the package it is 6 pts. However, the main ingredient is green beans. Should I count all those points or try to figure it out another way? Thanks for any info:) (By the way they are delicious and worth all 6 pts if that is what I need to count).
  9. This was so educational! I probably learned more from these posting than any I have ever read prior. You people are so supportive and informative.
  10. I wrote recently about the 1 point hamburger buns. Today I tried a Boca Burger-flame grilled. I cooked it in the microwave. I added all my favorite condiments and it was very good. I could not believe it when I looked up the points for the Boca burger and it was just 1 point. What surprised me most was the good flavor. The total burger and bun was only 2 points. A live saver when you are really hungry and trying not to over eat your points. Boca also has a breakfast wrap that I want to try-it looks delicious. Anybody try these? I know they are vegetarian burgers-but they are very tasty. (I love meat and am not a vegetarian-but these are worth trying).
  11. I thought I would share this with everyone. I just got back from the grocery store. I purchased some Merita Lite Hamburger buns (8 in a pack) for burgers tonight. I double checked the calories, fat, fiber and they are only one point! I often buy bread (lite) that is one point for 2 slices-but this is the first for a hamburger buns and they just 2.19 for the pack. Has anyone tried these yet. They are wheat.
  12. Yes, I do the Wendies Plan. In my opinion it is wonderful! I succeed on this plan and it is not a struggle at all. I have lost 18 lbs so far and plan to lose the rest on the Wendies Plan. I have my high point days on Saturday because it allows me to go out to dinner or have something extra special in my menu. My weekends have always been my weakness and when I usually messed up. I follow the orginal plan and I feel it is very flexible for my lifestyle. I am just now beginning to exercise this weekend. I will be walking as my exercise and then add the stationary bike. I like Wendies because I am not looking for a easy fix or tricks-I am thinking ahead to my life after my weight loss and how I will eat and this Wendies Plan blends in nicely. Just my humble opinion:)
  13. Thanks for your input. After all this-I dropped two lbs afterward.
  14. I just had lunch at the local Norstrom's Cafe. I had there chicken barbeque salad. Pretty good size. I was curious if anyone knows the points for that particular salad. It had small leaf lettuce, cilantro, some shredded cheddar cheese, black beans, a little corn, a sprinkling of egg, and the barbeque dressing , oh and some cubes of chicken (not a lot). The only site I could find this salad mentioned was at Chicago Uno's and a point listed as 23!!!??? I have lots of points today-so decided to enjoy this salad.=-now I am not so sure:bcb_cry:
  15. At Costco I purchased some of this soup and boy is it good! I had it as my midday meal for the entire 6 points. This is the guy that Seinfield made popular. I think they called him the soup nazi. On the show he wouldn't let them buy soup if they irritated him in any way! His soup is wonderful! Anyone else try it?
  16. Thank you. I did some calculation after what you stated and I think you were pretty much on the money! I was on my high piont day-so I did actually manage to stay within my points! Shew!!!
  17. I went to dinner and for the first time in about 2 months I really screwed up. I went to a seafood place and had the fried seafood. About 8 sea scallops and four large shrimp! They were very good-but now I have to figure out the damage. Anybody give me guesstamation of the points used? I am at a loss, I know that both scallops and shrimp are both 1 point for 1/2 cup/2 oz when they are not fried. They were not dripping in oil-but still with breading....
  18. It is 2 points for entire can.
  19. I purchased some of the Cafe Steamers from Healthy Choice and they are quite good. Most are 4 0r 5 points. I am not usually fan of Healthy Choice meals-but these are good, in my opinion. I take them to work for lunches. I had the Beef Merlot today and it was good. Anyone else try them yet? I am always trying th newest offers-to keep from getting bored with my meals. This is a good one.
  20. I looked up the cost and found that Costco sold a case (8 cans) for 10.85 and Harris Teeter sold each can for 2.24. I saved over $7.00 at Costco! A much better buy!
  21. I just purchased some of the new Progresso Soups. They are 0 points per serving. 2 pts for entire can. Italian-style Vegetable. They have more types. They have a pull top. These will be my saving grace at school this winter. I got a case of these (different soups included) at Costco today. However, I saw them at Harris -Teeter also (more expensive there).
  22. Thank you. The info you mentioned is correct. Sometimes things are so good that it makes you doubt that you can actually enjoy it!
  23. I have always avoided breakfast. However, I have found a cereal that I really enjoy. It is Quakers Instant Oatmeal with dates, raisins and walnuts. I eat two packs together which comes to 5 points and worth everyone! Has anyone tried this and it is ok to eat from what I have figured-right? I also have a fruit and coffee. Is this oatmeal too good to be true?
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