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  1. I looked at myself in the mirror after a shower and said that I had "more rolls than a bakery!!!!" It was a great thing that happened. I am so glad that it happened.
  2. I wanted to post on here my achievement. After doing WW since May 15, 2005, I made Lifetime this past Saturday. I was very worried about going to WI because I hadn't had the best weeks. I got on that scale and the lady weighing me said this is your 6th week of maintenance and you just made Lifetime. I never felt so proud of myself in my entire life. I knew that I could life through this journey and I would succeed because I really wanted it this time. I have done the yo-yo diets and never succeeded and kept it off. This time it will be kept off forever. I have found many inspirational people on this site and I have lots of motivators at my meeting. I'm going to take a few pictures of myself and get them update on my picture thread cause I want everyone who is struggling and working on this journey to know that you can and WILL do it. I said this one Saturday morning and I keep on repeating it. DO NOT GIVE UP!!! IF YOU HAVE A BAD WEEK, JUST BRUSH YOURSELF OFF AND COME BACK TO WW!!! WE'VE ALL MADE MISTAKES.
  3. Welcome to our Board. Post often so we can get to know you. You can eat Canadian Bacon. It's like ham and I really enjoy it.
  4. As of Saturday, I lost 101.2 lbs. I lost 2.8 lbs. this past week. I had a gain the week before and was kind of disappointed, but really wanted this. I was so excited when I looked at the scale at WW. I almost could have screamed. All I could say is: "I DID IT!!!, I DID IT!!!!" It was the most awesome thing that I've done in my life. I know that probably sounds crazy, but I never thought I would really lose that much weight when I started WW. When I started I knew I had well over 100 lbs. to lose and it was an enormous amount to comprehend, but now I look back and I've done it. I know that I've had a lot of help with my WW support system, which continues to grow. I just want to say "THANKS" to everyone here who has helped me. I'm getting closer to my goal and it feels like I'm going to make it. Actually, I KNOW I'M GOING TO MAKE IT!!!!! Thanks for letting me share!!
  5. jenv


    Erin, It's 1 point for the fruit cup.
  6. Linda, You are looking HOT!!!! Way to go on your accomplishment. Keep on going and before you know it, you'll be at your goal!!!! Way to go!!!!
  7. Roni, You are looking fantastic. I am the same way you were before you had your TT. I have a lot of extra skin and I haven't had a child. It's really disgusting. DH and I have discussed this and he told me that after I get to goal and maintain for 2 years (yes, that's a long time, but it will be worth the wait), then we'll do it if it still bothers me. Was your surgery outpatient or inpatient? I know that insurance won't pay for it so I have to try to figure an approximate cost. Thanks.
  8. Roni, You look absolute awesome. I've lost 86 lbs. and I know that I have a lot of stomach skin that is not going to go away. I have been thinking about the tummy tuck, but wasn't sure about it. Your pictures are amazing. You look totally awesome. Keep up the great work. You are truly an inspiration to me.
  9. I'll do this and send to you tomorrow. Is that okay?
  10. Sheri, You look great. Keep up the awesome work!!! I would be proud to show off my progress pictures if I were you.
  11. Mary, I did receive a TON of compliments. So many so that the Groomsman that I walked down the aisle with asked me if I had lost some weight. I happily explained to him that I'd lost 82 lbs. He was just amazed. I also told my DH that I'm not sure what I'm going to do when the compliments stop, but I think I have a plan. I'm going to remember all of the compliments and just cherish them. I actually do that now. Thanks.
  12. I have finally gotton the courage to post a couple of pictures. The first picture is in December, 2004 prior to starting WW. I'm sure I weight at least 267 lbs. This second picture is from this past weekend. My SIL was married and I was a Bridesmaid. My current weight is 184.4 lbs. I'm about 25 lbs. or so from goal.
  13. jenv

    My First 10%!

    Way to go, Amy!!! It is an amazing accomplishment, but you feel so good that you've done it. Now you know that it's possible to keep on going!!!! Keep up the great work!!!
  14. Emily, That is totally awesome!!!! You look great. I can't wait to get to Lifetime. I know that has to be the best feeling in the world!!!!!
  15. jenv

    Hello - 180s

    I hit 189.8 on Saturday after my weight in. I was so excited I could have died. I don't remember the last time that I weight 180 something. I've got some more to go, but I can definitely see the light getting brighter at the end of the tunnel. I'm very excited and wanted to share my news.
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