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  1. Good Evening girlies... I worked in the black hole yesterday so no internet access and it was super busy so no real ambition to do any reading yesterday. Slept today, but fitfully, so should be an interesting night!
  2. I'm with you Nancy, a little friendly competition is good, but I don't think I can handle and out and out competition!
  3. Nancy, that is always the answer. I've tended to over analyze things, as in the combination of things to eat when. It's almost as if the more you know the more things are made complicated, I just need to get back to basics, and eat within points/calories and not be so concerned what food combinations to eat!
  4. Nancy, my goal is to be at about 180, that's where i was when i started my incline again. I wasn't happy there, but i think i'll be happy there now. I know what you mean by being embarassed about being over 200!! I'm sure i need to lose 30 something to be under the 200 mark!
  5. I'm sitting here at work, my first day back from 14 consecutive days off. Will positive thoughts win me the lottery? LOL
  6. Absolutely Nancy, we are talking about going back to Florida with the kids in the new year (1st week of March) and i would love to be down at least 20 lbs by then, i don't think this is unreasonable!
  7. Morning Christie, It's tough, been doing this crap all my life, i just need to smarten the heck up.
  8. On that note, I was in the lake 4 times in two days and felt really good. Even just walking in the water was good, swimming was a little rough as it was choppy, but it was still good.
  9. I too have made many excuses for myself, some of which are valid and some of which are not. Nevertheless, here I am, I have not weighed myself in a long time, but over the weekend we were at a cottage and i tried going tubing behind the boat, and the boat wasn't able to plain to get me level in the tube (very embarassing). So, I need to smarten the H E double hockey sticks up and get this weight back off. I know for sure I'm at my highest weight ever, and I will post my weight on Wednesday (first nightshift so i'm home in the morning). So here I am...really going to try to be diligent. 1/2 cup of 1% Milk 1 cup of multi grain cheerios
  10. Good Morning Girlies...it's been a very long time. I'll get this started then post!
  11. Good Morning Girlies, HAPPY EARTH DAY! Katy I'm up but barely...
  12. Good Morning Again Girlies..(oops i guess it's afternoon) Didn't sleep very well this morning, only 4 hours, my allergies are starting up, making my asthma act up...ahhh spring is in the air....(more like mold from the melting snow) You Karen, it's very hard for me to be around when i'm depressed and bummed out, because i hate to bring everyone else down, and hate to sound like a chronic complainer(i deal with those at work all the time), so sometimes i just think it's best to stay away...but obviously that doesn't help me any and I will try my best to stay on board as much as i can! Brooke ~ I hope your feeling better. I'm glad she asked that question too, just made me feel so much less alone. Although, i often feel that my falter is one that i can't bounce back from. DH tries to be supportive and keeps insisting that "i'll get there" but it's hard to see the light for the dark sometimes! Sandy ~ Good morning, hope you get phones back soon. I would die without my internet! Tanya ~ Good Day, hope your feeling better soon~ Christie ~ Lexi is beautiful, GOOD JOB MOM AND DAD!!! I used to have to wear my nursing bra to bed with doubled up nursing pads, my babe was a very good sleeper and sleeping through the night by the time he was 3 weeks old (11-7) Julie ~ Hauling wood already..ugh..just reminds me of WINTER! Have a good day! Nan ~ Hope your feeling better hun...xo Amanda ~ Obviously, my name is Lynn, I'm 40, been married to a wonderful guy for 4 years. We have a blended family and have my son (Alex 12) and his two daughters (Jesika 14 and Meghan 12). We are very busy, as you can imagine with teenagers. I'm a 911/emergency services Communications Officer and i work shift work. Glad to meet you, and good luck on your approval! Lisa ~ Small taste of spring here, not huge, although the snow is melting, there will be snow on the ground for DH's Bday May 3rd! Have fun in the yard today, the only thing we can do in our yard is climb on the snow and maybe shovel it to the front yard where it may melt faster!
  13. Good Morning Girlies... Having read yesterdays posts makes me feel a whole lot better, that I'm in the same boat as everyone else. However, add to the list of excuses...deep depression about everything from the weather to "how have i let myself get back to this point again". I'm starting to come around now that the weather seems to be improving for now, but i'm still left wondering the "how". Everytime i have good intentions, i get knocked back, but i have to do something soon. I would like to be 20 lbs lighter by our summer vacation, but I know from the past, putting time constraints on myself just doesn't work! The other reason that I haven't been posting, i'm segregated to the black hole we call "ambulance". We've been training a newbie, and since the trainer is the only other french speaking C/O and we need a frenchie on ambulance, I'm it...so, on the rare occasion i'm allowed out to play! I really need to get my A$$ in gear along with the rest of you, but just can't seem to find the motivation or willpower i had two, going on three years ago when i frist lost the 30 lbs then found it and then some again! On a bright side, today is my DSs 12th Bday. He will be 12 at 6:10 pm, we will be at Boston Pizza, his restaurant of choice for his bday dinner (again with the excuses). Dh's bday in two weeks (May 3rd), then Mother's day....it never ends!!! Anyhow, I need to go bday gift shopping when I wake up , and took the night off to be with DS. I only missed his Bday once 5 years ago, and felt very guilty about it and won't do it again! I hope everyone has a good day, and remember, we're all in it together!!! (something i need to remember myself)
  14. Good Morning Girlies, It's been awhile. I haven't been on the wagon and today is my first day back to being in control. After Vegas I had a really hard time controlling my eating...we had very bad weather for a long time after we came home and I was just really bummed out and out of control. The spring like weather is back and my mood is somewhat improved and gave my head a shake last night and said enough was enough!!
  15. Morning Girlies... I haven't abandoned you...night on Wednesday and Thursday and i've been stuck in the black hole! Rhonda, I'm so sorry, appears that you are getting the snow from here possibly. We got a foot overnight and it doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon!! I'm so sick of winter I wanna go live with Karen~
  16. Happy Birthday Faith Esther, he did fine. Wayne's nephew and his G/F stayed here and they made out really good! I will post pictures soon! Even though we walked that much i still managed to gain 3 lbs while i was away...but oh well...there is no way in vegas that you won't gain weight, the portions are huge there, i don't think i finished one entire meal!
  17. Good Morning Girlies... It's been a little while, however we've had our trip to Vegas and it's taking me some time to get back to normal. We had an extremely busy week and very little sleep, but enjoyed ourselves immensely. In total, of 144hrs that we were there, we only slept for 33 hours, so i've been walking around like a zombie at home and at work! We walked about 10 miles a day, up and down the strip while we were there (thank God I got my orthotics before we left). It was nice to come home again!!
  18. Hey Katie, me too...the next two nights will be in the black hole...hopefully i'll have movies to watch...
  19. Hey guys, I'm not in the black hole tonight woohoo...
  20. Morning Girlies... Esther ~ I hope you feel better. I know from experience that i can't sleep during the and expect to sleep at night too...DH thinks i can, but really i can't!! I'm in the real world today, well tonight, i'm nights. I'll be set to go back to bed in a few hours!
  21. Well catastrophe happened, 2 people called in sick today, so i got shooed to the black hole again....not too busy here today...anyhow, going back to my hole...later gators
  22. Good Morning Girlies... Dayshift #2 today....i'm tired, of course because i've been up since 5:15, and I can't wait til tomorrow when i can nap for nightshift. I SHOULD be around today, barring a catastrophy at work today, so i will talk to you all later!
  23. Hi Girlies... I was on my 5 days off over the weekend, now back to work. I spent my time off trying to get caught up on my sleep and going out with family friday night and friends on Saturday night. I've been so tired from my 9 on straight last week, that i've been trying to catch up on sleep..and this week TOM just made me that much more exhausted. Monday rolled around, i was up at 745 to make Alex's lunch and I could hardly wait for everyone to leave at 815 so i could go back to bed...slept til almost noon!!! For those of you wondering, we did find someone for Alex, Wayne's nephew and his g/f will be staying here...so that's a big load off my mind! I should be around tomorrow more, I'm on Police with internet!! Just a few notes... Trish ~ In my line of work we see so much crap like that (well not that serious) that we very RARELY watch the news, it's way too depressing to deal with it all day then come home and watch the world fall apart. Our economy isn't horrible just yet, there are still plenty of jobs to be had, however it's not the jobs that anyone wants. Even in this economic time, people seem to be so picky about the way they earn their money, that flipping burgers seems to be below them. Employers are having such a hard time in the service industry! Also, just so you have an idea of where our dollar is at compared to yours...for us to buy 2500 US dollars, it is costing us 3300 Canadian Dollars!! Imagine, our economy is not yet as bad as yours and our dollar is still that much weaker, makes absolutely no sense!!!
  24. Brooke ~ Sorry I missed your PM back, I was posting my long good morning post and didn't want to lose it. Lisa ~ You actually would get used to it, and all i have to say is you do what you have to. I love my job, truly! Tanya ~ How was the dr's? Faith ~ They've actually called off our snow YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY, and it's really melting today, steadily and a nice balmy temp of 32F!!!! Nancy ~ You're absolutely right about being working shifts. Everyone thinks it sounds wonderful, but try it first. Sometimes it is, I like nights because there is no brass around to interfere...but it has it's downsides too! Bras...him, the one i wear most often doesn't have underwire, and i think it's a HANES HER WAY, or FRUIT OF THE LOOM, but i would have to go double check, because of course, i'm commando right now~LOL Karen ~ I was almost passed out on my walk home from work...lol, but it was a beautifully mild morning, I wasn't fighting the wind or the snow! Trish ~ (((HUGS))), i hope things get worked out for Ted~ Rhonda ~ Morning~ I'll probably going back for a nap, i'm still so tired, and 5 hours just doesn't cut it. We're going over to DSIL later and we'll probably be late, and i don't want to be falling asleep!
  25. Good Morning Girlies... It's Midnight 32, and i'm tired of being at work and I'm bored to tears. TOM will be here soon so i'm exhausted as well. I didn't get the chance to check in again yesterday, i slept all day and still i'm tired. I will get caught up now! Sandy ~ That is why I'm getting the orthotics, i couldn't stand the thought of doing all that walking without the support that my feet need! Kkkkaty ~ I've been walking to work and doing stairs, so i'm not a complete slacker!LOL. Luckily my orthotics are covered by my medical here at work, they are 495.00, plus the initial check up of 85.00. Alex has been wearing orthotics for the last 6 years, but at least with kids under 16 their outgrow is free!! Faith ~ We have 30% more snow this year than any other. Going through a bit of a warm spell and thaw right now, however, they are predicting another 6-9" next week! Ms. Esther ~ I felt that way (primary care dr.) about my obgyn that delivered Alex. He was just so caring and compassionate i would have loved for him to be my family physician. Hope you start feeling better soon! Nancy ~ Pansies are my Mom's favourite flower, and seeing them always remind me of her! Tanya ~ How's the neck? I woke up with a kink in mine, Dh thinks it's my pillow, because it is always happening! Jen ~ Hope your feeling better, i just hate this time of the month...i'm always dragging my @$$! Rhonda ~ Your body eventually gets used to it, you tend to train yourself when to sleep and when not too. I usually take a sleeping pill to sleep during the day if I have to. Trish ~ You might think that 5 days off is a minivacation, but it's not really. We have 5 days after working 48-60hrs per week, and remember the first day off we have to sleep after nightshift, and the second day off is usually to get our body readjusted to some kind of normalcy! The only plans I have are a walk in the bush as it's supposed to be about 40F Saturday. Julie ~ PLEASE don't wish the summer away, i'm so SICK of winter... Lisa ~ Howdy Brooke ~ Good morning to you...
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