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  1. I think I need new glasses. I read the title to this thread as being "Favorite Gifts" I open it up and think aww, how cute... little packets of grits for stocking stuffers... Wheres the glass cleaner for my glasses?
  2. I think it has to click for you. You mind set changes. How you keep it clicked to that channel for the long haul is the million dollar question.. I think if we all work on it and figure out a formula we can divvy up the profits when we bottle it and sell it....... Donna will be a good one to respond. She reduced a significant amount and is continuing to keep it off.. It'll be interesting to see what she has to say..
  3. Soda Cracker, I think your best bet is like you said before.. Pick up store bought eggs for hard boiling. Experiment with these egg tips and see if they at all help.. But I think your best bet for the farm fresh ones is to let them stay way in the back of the fridge for what seems like forever.. They're good for several several weeks. And then even a few days out on the counter will age em up too.. They should peel just fine then. I find this a comical thread.. All these women puttin in their two cents on how to peel a simple egg.. You'd think it was rocket science or somethin....
  4. Its hot..(earthquake weather?) got up to go potty and here I am. Another note for not savvy egg people.. your store bought eggs most of the time are old enough to boil and peel fairly successfully with out leaving them out for a day or two.. They're usually several weeks old by the time store purchasers get them.. (Here in my nook of the world anyway). My laying hens are doing their best but are getting old and tired. Did you know a back yard hen has the potential to live for over 20 years? Its very rare do to mother nature and her predators. I would of paid money to see Lynn try and blow the hard boiled egg. I think the "trick" is ya gotta give a little squeeze.. The peel essentially squeezes off the egg and it pops out of your hand.
  5. Theres also the method of store bought eggs left on the counter a few days. They peal beautiful..no need to add sodium to them. Farm Fresh eggs are a different story.
  6. O, cause I've seen three. I wanted to swap stories.
  7. I gotta ask... How many have YOU seen??????
  8. I'm curious, when people switch between plans to they honestly think they can no longer communicate with their buddies in that particular plans forum? Melody, you'll still come and chime in the message board right?
  9. I think in the getting started book theres a blurb about how half your water intake is able to be decaffeinated things. Someone will probably come along and confirm and or correct my assumptions. When all else fails get that most important book out and open it up.
  10. Lynn, I know what Miss Carol meant. I'm aware of the term FOOD PORN... I simply said I enjoyed reading the writers words and description~ Its a shame we ALL cant live in a perfect world aye?
  11. oh I love it..A One night stand.... How perfect can it get???? When certain written words **** that trigger remember that polar bear heaving his guts out... ha Off to the gym... yes I said the G word.. Never in million years did I think I would be at a gym several days a week... Blows me away when I hear myself say it... And ya know,, I'm loving it too...
  12. I'm ignorant about posting pictures but have some from India and then Spain and Portugal I'd slap up here.... Do you just drag the photo out of your file on your own computer or do you need to put them somewhere first and then drag them over?????
  13. I actually enjoyed the description because it brought it to light for me..It made it real instead of me filling in the blanks.. Which my description might of been different.. This was how it got her... how it drew her in.. I think it was a good thing she wrote it out like she did.. I know when it starts to happen for me the next time I will remember this post and gain strength from it... And the word "Seduction".. was a great word to use... Its perfect... Excellent... Lets hope we all remember when some little seductive tartlet tries to con us into their clutches...
  14. I think when I was a kid I use to eat the stuff dry by the spoonfuls. As an adult I dont use it. I like my coffee like my men.. Strong and dark. 0ooo la la.. And Out of TIME... Great site... This is whats so cool about message boards how everyone can network and well, ya just never know what great information your going to come across...
  15. Steel cut Oats, Berries, half banana, tbls bran, tbls ground flax one whole egg and two whites, onions 16 oz of water mug of green tea Sweet potato/almonds Large green salad with bell peppers and red onion and such olive oil chicken breast broccoli Cottage cheese asparagus Finally Dinner Large and I mean LARGE green salad with pretty much everything but the kitchen sink/chicken breast/broccoli
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