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  1. YEAH!!! it is Friday. Today is last day for DD volleyball with the home school group. It is the last day before Spring Break Starts. It is the day we go to the college for a play. So all in all it is a wonderful day and it is FRIDAY!!!!! I will stay Op better today than yesterday that is for sure, starting with breakfast. I wish I could arrange some exercise, but alas work comes first and then I do have to sleep a bit. Ha! Ha! Soda - So sorry for your loss and for DS having to learn of mortality. It is a rough lesson to learn and I am still shying away from it. My parent's are 83 and I know we are all living on borrowed time, but am like the ostrich that sticks it's head in the sand. I will not think about it today.
  2. Soda - UGH!!!! Why can't I recognize things like that. Just knock me in the head a few times.
  3. Yes, I think it does. Because I just copy and paste from E-tools. The Texas Daily.......items are what I get from the farm.
  4. Pinkypi - I could be the odd man out, but here is my deal. You have a wonderful idea and plan. But I do not eat FF. I do not believe it is healthy to do so. I am a label reader. When I see tons of ingredients in FF, most of which I cannot pronounce or even begin to know what they are, compared to the LF version, I know I do not want that in my body. I had a WW leader tell me, that WW is not about what is most healthy it is about what is most convenient to your lifestyle. They do not look at the healthy options, just the quick ones. So, this is why I am not doing SFT at this time. I do love that way of eating, truly I do. But now I am getting produce, dairy, meat from the farm, yes a literal farm, not the conventional grocery store. It does have higher fat in it and so I have to count considerable points for the items but when I can read 4 ingredients that I know what they are on my cheese vs nearly 4 inches of ingredients on store bought cheese. I think my option is worth the added points and much more healthy option. This is truly just my 2 cents, and the way I chose to live my life. I would not expect everyone to do it, but it is working for me at this time. I am eating more whole foods, raw foods and trying to do more clean eating without trans fats, HFCS and sugar and by all means no GMO foods if I can help it.
  5. This was a long cut up day but not a bad day. Went to the organic grocery store and got stocked up again on things. Did not make good eating choices, no real breakfast, then bad lunch and now out of points. So.......UGH!!!! But I say tomorrow will be better and it will be Friday too. That is DD last day to play volleyball for the season and we will be going to a play at the college too. So looking forward to moving past today. Kimberley - Yes, you can get lots of work done with text inserts and things like that. I find typing fast is not always the key thought as so many times you have to stop and re-listen maybe 10 times to the same phrase as they doctor dictates when eating, coughing, belching, etc. plus the addition of shuffling papers, x-rays and taking phone calls when trying to dictate as well. Not to mention new procedures, medications, and made up words that you have to verify is correct before typing them. I try not to type much anymore and let my sub-contractors type and I mainly proof read. Trying to save the hands from carpal tunnel, a side effect of this job. I worked for a hospital for a while then our department was canned and sent our work over seas. So now, I just work for myself and contract with individual doctors and or practices. Well, back to work I go.
  6. You can eat power foods whenever you are truly hungry. That is the beauty of SFT plan, no counting, measuring, weighing foods unless you eat something that is not a power food. I have never heard anything about being limited to 3 meals + 2 snacks. If you are hungry eat, but be sure you are truly hungry and not just thirsty or board or habit eating.
  7. Thursday, March 10, 2011 Morning Sprouts bar thing - Quick-added food 5 Subtotal 5 Midday 2 item(s) beef taco 12 1 packet(s) Salads, Salad Dressing & Croutons Ken's® Ranch Dressing 5 1 serving(s) Fried Green Beans - small order 5 Subtotal 22 Evening 1 serving(s) texas daily harvest drinkable blueberry yogurt - 1c 6 Subtotal 6 Anytime 1 serving(s) Texas Daily Harvest Sharp Colby Cheese - 2/3 oz 2 2 cracker(s) Crackers Club Crackers 1 Subtotal 3 Food PointsPlus values total used 36 Food PointsPlus values remaining 0
  8. Soda - that sounds like a plan on the airline miles. But I will not fly, too scare to do it. So I have never been on a plan, except for a tour with school when I was 10 years old. My daughter has flown twice and loves it, but if I go anywhere it will be by land only. SheriK - I don't think we have met but it is nice to have a new face here. It seems out number are dwindling. I too started at SFT and love it dearly, but right now I am doing points + but just still stay on this forum as it seems home to me. Tomorrow I am going to my organic market and trying to take about half a day off, not really by choice. It is DD day at college that is short. So not long enough to come home and too long to wait on her. So i hit the market on that day. Hope they have goodies, not that I am running low on much of anything. Today was milk day, so got all my dairy and a couple of pounds of ground beef from the farm. Now just waiting on them to start the fruit and veggie delivery the middle of next month and then I really will rarely need to go to the store with all the food being delivered. Well trying to finish up work as it is 10 p.m. here and I don't like working past 10 p.m. if I can help it. Kimberley - That is a great loss and so glad to see it working for you again. You are so right about being self employed. I never really wanted to be, but it kind of landed in my lap and mushroomed and now I have my own Transcription business. I really only wanted enough work for just me, but it didn't work out that way. JG - sounds like retirement and travel suits you. I wish I had something like that to look forward to but unfortunately I fear I will work until the bitter end. That is the life of being self employed I think.
  9. Here is my day. Didn't use all my points but when you miss meal it is hard to make it up. Wednesday, March 09, 2011 Morning 1 small banana(s) 0 1 serving(s) Texas Daily Harvest Blueberry Greek yogurt - 2/3 c 5 Subtotal 5 Midday 10 nut(s) almonds 2 Subtotal 2 Evening 1 Cheesy chicken pot pie 9 Subtotal 9 Anytime candy - Quick-added food 2 1 serving(s) texas daily harvest Low Moisture Mozzarella cheese - 1/4 c 2 Subtotal 4 Food PointsPlus values total used 20 Food PointsPlus values remaining 9
  10. wow!!! 18 servings of f/v??? That is a lot but good for you I guess. I am still struggling to just get in all my points unless I splurge eating out. I will continue posting my menu and hope others come back. As I work from home I am on the computer 24/7. I rarely even turn the thing off. There isn't too much family stuff at night as it is just DD and myself and she is 18 and plenty old enough to do for herself. She is used to my working like crazy and used to fixing her own dinners on occasion, so pretty self sufficient when need be.
  11. Well nothing new here. Just working and carting DD around to home school group, college, and various girl scout camp volunteering jobs. As far as vacation goes. What is that????? I have not had a real vacation in probably 15 years. Since 2000 I have worked for myself 24/7. I did take my troop on a vacation/trip but had to work nights on the laptop while they were occupied. So that doesn't count too much. Hope everyone that gets a vacation enjoys it very much!!!!
  12. Well - Soda - missed you and everyone else too. where is everyone??? Tuesday, March 08, 2011 Morning 1 bagel(s) Bagel Thins 100% Whole Wheat 3 1 serving(s) Texas Daily Harvest cream cheese - 2/3 oz 2 Subtotal 5 Midday 1 cup(s) cooked broccoli 0 1/2 oz Velveeta Light Reduced-Fat Pasteurized Processed Cheese Product 1 1 meatloaf 6 Subtotal 7 Evening 1 serving(s) texas daily harvest skim milk - 1c 2 1 Cheesy chicken pot pie 9 Subtotal 11 Anytime 1 serving(s) skippy natural peanut butter - 2T 5 1 small apple(s) 0 Subtotal 5 Food PointsPlus values total used 28 Food PointsPlus values remaining 1
  13. I only made a half a recipe, but have a question. There was no mention of any liquid other than the soup and it did look very dry. So I added some broth from the chicken I had boiled to moisten it up. Was that an error? Was there not to be any liquid other than the soup in it?? I have it in the oven now and will come back with comments. DD thought it looked great and I did too. Hope there are leftovers. I forgot to mention, I did add potatoes too and onion and fresh garlic too. Here is the verdict - We loved it. It would have been too dry without the addition of the broth though. It did not get quite done. The top was brown but the veggies not quite cooked. So, maybe for my gas oven I need to decrease the temp and up the cooking time. It will make it to my tabletop again in the very near future.
  14. Hey there Mushy - Glad you are here and found BCB. I work from home for myself, am a single mom of a teenager and do lots of chauffeuring her around places. I need to lose 100 pounds too. Hope to see you around the different groups. I stay mainly on the Simply Filling Technique/Core board but actually am counting point right now instead of doing SFT, but that is kind of home for me. Hope you find the right place for you too.
  15. Monday, March 07, 2011 Morning 1 serving(s) Texas Daily Harvest Blueberry Greek yogurt - 2/3 c 5 Subtotal 5 Midday 15 nut(s) almonds 3 1 serving(s) texas daily harvest skim milk - 1c 2 Subtotal 5 Evening 1 Cheesy chicken pot pie 9 Subtotal 9 Anytime 10 item(s) Snackimals Animal Cookies, Vanilla 3 1 small apple(s) 0 1 serving(s) skippy natural peanut butter - 2T 5 Subtotal 8 Food PointsPlus values total used 27 Food PointsPlus values remaining 2
  16. Soda - Sorry about the gain. Kimberley - That is great loss. Keep after it. I am up 0.6 pound but not too bummed about it as I had over a 6 pound loss last week. So I will just continue on and see what next week brings. That is a total of only 10 pounds since the beginning of the year, but I won't complain.
  17. Where is everyone???? I am posting my day just to say I did. I haven't felt well today, worked from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and just could not eat any more than I did. I know I am still a bit short on points but....... Sunday, March 06, 2011 Morning 6 oz blackberries 0 1 serving(s) Texas Daily Harvest Greek Yogurt Plain - 2/3 c 5 Subtotal 5 Midday 1 cup(s) cooked broccoli 0 1/8 cup(s) feta cheese 1 1 meatloaf 6 Subtotal 7 Evening No entries for this meal time. Subtotal 0 Anytime 7 nut(s) almonds 1 1 serving(s) texas daily harvest skim milk - 1c 2 Subtotal 3 Food PointsPlus values total used 15 Food PointsPlus values remaining 14
  18. Here is my Saturday. Not proud of it, but it is honest. Saturday, March 05, 2011 Morning 1 pattie(s) pork sausage 2 1 large fried egg(s) 2 1 tsp olive oil 1 1 serving(s) Orowheat Dutch Country soft Multigrain bread - 1 slice 2 1/8 serving(s) skippy natural peanut butter - 2T 1 Subtotal 8 Midday 1 serving(s) texas daily harvest drinkable blueberry yogurt - 1c 6 Subtotal 6 Evening 2 piece(s) Extras & Desserts Brownies 8 1 serving(s) Salad Dressings Ranch Dressing 4 4 slice(s) Pizza Alfredo Pizza 13 2 slice(s) Pizza Beef Pizza 8 2 long breadstick(s) 2 2 slice(s) Pizza Mac & Cheese Pizza 9 1 serving(s) Bowls & Salads Small Garden Salad (no dressing, no tortilla strips) 1 Subtotal 45 Anytime 1/2 serving(s) M&M fun size - peanut - 2 packets 3 1/8 package(s) Natural Pistachios 0 Subtotal 3 Food PointsPlus values total used 62
  19. Here I sit at the computer yet another Sunday. I am sick of doing this but can't find a way around it either. My weight has been down all week until today and now up 2 pounds. I am not going to fret over it though. Whatever happens happens. I am going to keep on eating like I think I should and be happy. Nothing on the agenda today but work, work and work. I guess I will have the skinniest fingers in town with all the typing I do. But the rest of me suffers for it. Oh well. Maybe will make a breakfast burrito if I can find a tortilla.
  20. Kimberley sounds like a lot of exercise which I know is a good thing. I still need to get going on that myself. The scale will probably not move for me this week as I had a big week last week, but that is o.k. I have stayed within my points and I am pleased with my eating this week. Keep up what you are doing. it is amazing for me to read how much you do in a day. I don't think I could ever do that much.
  21. I am here but exhausted. I still have not exercised but running DD here and yonder wears me out. It is amazing how driving will exhaust me. Been in the car about 5 hours today and get to do it all over again going back to camp to pick her up. Do kids ever pay for their raising???? Anyway. I have done well and stayed on track this week. I think the effects of the collagen are slowly getting out of my system. I still have a few issues I think are related and still debating about going to the doctor or not. I am trying to wait through another weekend before deciding as each day seems to get better and better. Hate to spend money unnecessarily as I don't have insurance and it all comes out of my pocket. I have work, work, work and picking up DD for the weekend and trying my hardest to get to church on Sunday. It has been a while since we have been as I am so bogged down with work and think I need a ME day to just say I am going regardless of if/when work gets done. Hope everyone has a glorious weekend and even better W/I on Monday.
  22. Another busy day. Taking DD to volleyball and then to camp and back home and back to get her tomorrow. UGH!!! Haven't eaten out as much this week so haven't used many WPA. Maybe that means a good W/I come Monday. Friday, March 04, 2011 Morning 1 serving(s) texas daily harvest drinkable blueberry yogurt - 1c 6 Subtotal 6 Midday 1/8 cup(s) spinach 0 1 serving(s) Flatout Artisan Fold it flatbread - Rosemary and olive oil - 1 piece 3 1 large tangelo 0 1 Tuna Salad - Jana's 4 Subtotal 7 Evening 1 serving(s) Side Items Waffle Potato Fries 8 1 wrap(s) Cool Wrap® Chargrilled Chicken Cool Wrap 11 Subtotal 19 Anytime 1 small banana(s) 0 Subtotal 0 Food PointsPlus values total used 32 Food PointsPlus values remaining 0
  23. Here is mine for the day. I skipped breakfast, not enough time to take meds, wait to eat and then eat to get out to door and get dd to 8 a.m. class. I hate early classes. I told her never to take an 8 a.m. class again, if I have to drive you there. Thursday, March 03, 2011 Morning No entries for this meal time. Subtotal 0 Midday 1 serving(s) Texas Daily Harvest Greek Yogurt Plain - 2/3 c 5 1/2 cup(s) fresh blueberries 0 Subtotal 5 Evening 4 oz cooked turkey breast 5 1 serving(s) Green Beans 0 1 item(s) cooked new potatoes 2 Subtotal 7 Anytime 8 nut(s) shelled hazelnuts 2 1 cup(s) fat-free skim milk 2 1 small banana(s) 0 8 fl oz Prune Juice 5 Subtotal 9 Food PointsPlus values total used 21 Food PointsPlus values remaining 8 Activity No entries for activity. Activity PointsPlus values earned 0
  24. I can't say why it is not included in SFT but ground turkey breast is included if it is 99% fat free. That is what I always used anyway, so was not aware of that change. Sorry.
  25. Soda - That is great!!!! It is 9:15 here and my meatloaf is just coming out of the oven.
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