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  1. I haven't found one with butter and olive oil, would love to though. What is it that you use. I use Land of lakes in a green container that is butter and canola oil. I like it quite well but for any baking I use real butter. It just does not spread well enough for daily use though.
  2. you are very welcome. I don't use butter in this one, as it does not call for it, but I do use real butter when need be. I try to stay away from hydrogenated oil or partially hydrogenated oil, trans fats, that are in most margarine. I am a label reader, as you can see. Hope you enjoy it. The fruits can be varied. I think this was originally posted from Carol and she had tons of variations on the fruit and the points for each version, but it was points not points plus, so you would have to re-figure the points. Found it. Here is the original link. http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?62559-Baked-Pennsylvania-Dutch-Oatmeal&highlight=dutch+baked+oatmeal
  3. Teg: This is the recipe I use and made it as is. If I count points I need all I can get to get to 29, so have been using full fat dairy products from the farm. Baked Pennsylvania Dutch Oatmeal Makes 6 servings 6 points plus per serving 2 C. boiling water 2 C. whole milk 2 C. regular rolled oats 1/2 tsp. salt 3/4 C. chopped pitted prunes, apricots, or raisins 2 med. apples or pears, chopped fine 2 tsp. ground cinammon (or to taste) 3 TBS. brown sugar, maple or dark corn syrup or table molasses (or DV SF pancake syrup or any other syrup) Serve with FF 1/2 and 1/2, vanilla soymilk, skim, or low-fat milk. Combine the water, milk, oats and salt in an ovenproof casserole. Let sit 5 minutes. Stir in the fruit, cinnamon and sugar, cover and place in 350 degree oven for 45 minutes; remove cover for last 5 minutes of baking.
  4. I don't really try, but do use all or nearly all my WPA every week. I try to use a few a day and save enough to go out to eat on Sunday after church and sometimes Friday night too. My W/I day is Monday and right now I have 28 left to use through Sunday. Seeing as we are snowed in, there is no eating out this weekend probably anyway. So I will be fine with 28 and will try to use them too. B-Pennsylvania baked oatmeal, hot tea. (6) S-Banana L-Homemade potato soup and cornbread (8) D-Core sloppy joes, green beans. (9) S-all bran buds with blackberry greek yogurt. (10)
  5. FINALLY...puffed cold cereal is not a power food because it isn't 4g of fiber. Correct It is now 1 point plus per cup.
  6. Theresa: Not everyone over here is really doing SFT right now, me being one of them. I know Michelle counts points, and Kimberely does too. I am personally eating more dairy from the farm so it is not FF or even RF so I decided it was easier to count than to try to do SFT and run out of WPA every week. Please do join us as some count, some do SFT and we all are just doing the best we can and encouraging each other as we go.
  7. Michelle - How are you feeling? Is your issue resolved or are you still thinking of going to the doctor? I am still snow/iced in for another day. So more housework I think as my office is not sending much real work for me to do. DD is still sleeping and loving all these stay at home days, 3 in row which is so unheard of in Texas. B-poached egg and apple cinnamon sausage with sauteed mushrooms (8 ) S-Blackberry greek yogurt (6) L-Potato soup and crackers (5 ) D-TBD ( )
  8. Becky - No movie today. I worked and cleaned then my doctors decided to go to work, unexpectedly so now I am working. DD is saying you promised we would make fudge today and clean some boxes out of her room and make scallops and pasta. So, the pressure is on and no time for fun. Just praying for one more day off or not off but that I don't have to take her to college at least.
  9. Michelle: I hope you don't have to go to the doc. I think I have fixed my issues, maybe. The Phillips colon health I think is helping, along with 3 phillips softeners at bedtime, with all bran buds at bedtime and prunes for breakfast. Yes, I know that is a lot of things, but for me without insurance it is much better than going to the doctor. I can see a definite improvement in the last 2 days. Maybe this or some of this could help you too. I drank prune juice daily for like the first 15 years of my life until I was just sick of it. I think at my age, I may have to go back to doing that again too. I have no desire to go to a proctologist.
  10. Soda: So sorry about that. I hope you can work the situation out satisfactorily. Words can cut hard. I will admit I tease my daughter hard sometimes but she does me too. We jaw back and forth but know neither one means anything by it too. My mom is the one that reprimands me for it sometimes. It is all icy here, but icy in Texas is different. We are supposedly having some rolling black outs during the day, but so far I have not had one and crossing my fingers to that. It is 14° here which is cold for a Texan, but trying hard to stay warm. Maybe some exercising would help.
  11. Well, everything is still all frozen and closed here. So I have another day off. So back to cleaning, sorting and organizing I guess. Kimberely I do hope the testing all goes well and you get the desired results. My day will consist of no working, cleaning house, and maybe sneaking in a movie or two. B-Pennsylvania baked oatmeal and hot tea S-Drinkable yogurt L-Scallops and pasta with garlic and EVOO. S-cottage cheese and peaches D-Potato soup.
  12. Kimberley thank you for the confirmation on the acidophilus. I may add that a bit later. I am trying this Phillips Colon Health that I think is new on the market. It claims to have the 3 probiotics that you need for good colon health. We will see if it works or not. Just really trying to save myself an unnecessary doc visit, as I have no insurance.
  13. Michelle: I am trying Phillips Colon health for regularity. I have had lifelong issues with this and I think with age, it is getting worse. So when I found this product it intrigued me and thought it might help. Also acidophilus I am told will help too but I have not tried that yet. The disk has WW stuff on it for those that are not members of WW, I shared what I purchased on e-bay. It has the getting started guide and 2 other books and lots of charts, cheat sheets, power food list, corrections, etc. So we have had a mailing tree and sending it around to some BCB members that wanted to use it.
  14. We had a snow day today, actually ice, inclement weather and have another one tomorrow too!!!! I better go and edit my food as well.
  15. Donna - I do hope and pray you get some answers with the MRI and soon. It is terrible you are still waiting on results of the bone scan. UGH!!!! Just not right.
  16. snow day here in Texas, if you want to call it snow. Of course it Texas it is really fine sleet and we call it snow, but good enough to close the schools and some businesses. I am not moving from my warm heater all day, I hope. I am sitting here sipping hot tea while dd sleeps as the college was closed and I didn't have to take her there either. YEAH!!!! Maybe I won't have any work to do either. Praying my office is closed, as they never let me know if they are or not, I just won't receive any work to do if they are closed. That means lots of house cleaning will get done today, I hope. Maybe wrack up some AP's. I really, really do hate the cold. B-Pennsylvania baked dutch oatmeal (6). L-Clam chowder (3) and club crackers (3) glass of milk (4). D-scallops (2), pasta with garlic and oil (5) and french bread(3) as you see I am having an issue with getting in veggies when I count points.
  17. Soda - Hope the transition is smooth. It is hard to make changes, but hopefully this will be a good one. Michelle - That is very creepy. I have only lived in apartments twice and very briefly and they just make me nervous. Kendra - Welcome Kimberely - Did you ever receive the WW disk? It was sent some time ago I thought. Well, I have to get moving fast. We have an ice storm coming tomorrow and have a plumber coming to hook up dd heater for her room. So need to get going fast. Busy day planned. Need to finish work before taking dd to school, after the plumber. Then on to do laundry and some errands before the ice hits. Fun! Fun! Fun! Last week I gained 4.4 and this week I lost 4.6 so basically I lost 0.2 more, which is fine with me. It is a loss. I counted points, which I hated but I guess it works better for me as I am eating more fats in my items from the farm. B-cottage cheese and blueberries L-greek yogurt and banana D-TBD
  18. I did the old core program and am happy that points plus does have the option for SFT (simply filling technique) still in place with modifications, of course. I lost 10 pounds the first month. Then moved over to try to count points for a week and didn't like it at all. Next week I will be going back to SFT. It is a mind game I think, but I tend to choose cleaner foods when I only have 49 points for the week to spend, versus having 29 every day plus the 49 for the week. So I do like the new plan, the new way of calculating points, but still love to not count and eat off the power food list. The calculator needs much improvement. The buttons will not always push correctly and they are way, way too small.
  19. Soda - Sounds like a fun day indeed. I have never had over 1 extra child in my house at a time and that was only twice that I can remember, so 10 sounds like a large group to me. Hope you are able to get out there with them and have some fun. I keep fresh blueberries almost all the time and think I will have them with cottage cheese this morning. Fresh spinach I am out of, but do buy it by the tub as well. We use it on sandwiches instead of lettuce and dd loves to eat it raw, but won't touch it cooked. It is a texture thing for her. Not sure what i will fix today. I was thinking of a brisket as I got one from the farm that was grass fed. After watching that documentary Food, Inc. not sure I want to eat anything at all ever again. It is just terrible what they do to our food and how long it takes to get to us. B-poached egg and toast L-inside outside egg rolls D-Brisket, potatoes, carrots and now peas.
  20. I will agree, I wonder about this too. That is why I left for about 2 years. Was the particular treatment from a particular member and the way she treated everyone not just me. I later found out she had left the site but last time I was able to be in a chat, she was there again and up to her old tricks. That has been about a year ago, so maybe that behavior is gone. I do hope so.
  21. I just finished watching Food, Inc. I think that documentary was discussed here before, but just now got around to watching it. It is an eye opener to what we are purchasing at the grocery store, how it is grown, how long it takes to get to us. I could go on but I won't. It is on youtube parts 1-8 or netflix either. I recommend that everyone watch it and make a stand for better nutrition and try to change the way our food is prepared. My w/i is coming up Monday and just hoping I lost what I gained last week if possible or any loss would be nice. I have overdone it this week and trying to get back on track will nice. B-toasted sandwich with new flatout fold it bread, turkey, shredded cheese, carrot shreds, and mushrooms (5). L-inside outside egg rolls (4). D-Spaghetti OMG - I can't say how good that flatout sandwich fold bread is. It is rosemary olive oil and it is out of this world. Just 3 points plus, I would definitely recommend it if you like sandwiches of any kind.
  22. to go to and trying hard to get enough done so we can attend church on Sunday. That is the jest of my life everyday not just the weekKimberely there is an online free calculator if you want to use it instead of joining WW. Michelle sorry about your nausea, hope you feel better really soon. Soda - sounds like good food for the weekend Teg - sorry that you have to limit computer time. I am on nearly 24/7. I work from home for myself so am on here constantly. As far as my weekend......Same as always, work, work and did I say work and driving dd to whatever event she needs to go too. B-steel cut oats with pumpkin pie spice and herbal tea L-taco bell D-inside outside egg roll left overs.
  23. Yep I agree that is a lot of yogurt. I try to eat 8 oz a day, but not 22 oz in one day. Oh my!!!!
  24. My question is.......How much is 650 g???? That didn't tell me much, but guessing from the $4 price, quite a large container.
  25. Becky: My daughter taught our dachshund to do that trick, but he will only do it for her. I try and he looks at me like you idiot. So hope your dog learns to do it well. It is quite amusing to watch. I have no plan for the day at all. B-4 prunes and a glass of water. L-Benihann's for b-day celebration for dd. D-TBD
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