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  1. yoj6179

    "Cravings 911"

    This is GREAT! Thanks!
  2. True that it really does not matter. I do notice however that If I weigh after working out I seem to "weigh" more. Weird, but that's just me.
  3. I have solid fat ones! My arms were the last thing to gain weight on me. They were always super skinny so maybe that's why I have "solid" ones. Ha!
  4. This is my first week and I can't believe I had 30 WPA left! I'm not saying that's a good thing but I just couldn't get them in!
  5. I'm not new to weight watchers but I have been on/off diets and eating plans all my life. I have never been on a "diet" of any sort longer than 2 weeks. WW has been wonderful and I do not feel like I am missing anything. My first 7 day WI will be tomorrow. It so so weird acutally thinking about what goes into my body. The first week was kind of weird because out of habit I wanted to eat a lot of junk food but now I'm realzing I don't actually need it. (Although I feel I still want it!) Do the sweet binge cravings get better with time?
  6. Do you know the points right off hand for this? Sounds great!
  7. Looks like a 1/2 cup is the serving. Aboutt how many pancakes do you think you could get out of that? 2 small/ med?
  8. This may seem like a weird question but It's racking my nerves! I feel like I am consumed with thinking about food all the time since on WW. I feel it may be triggering me to become more hungry thinking aobut food so much. Am I nuts, or does anyone else feel this way? I am open to any suggestions offered. Joy:crazy:
  9. yoj6179

    Pet rescue?

    I guess I should have given more info. I work with an organization that has foster parents for animals, (the ones I keep don't stay foster for long!) and also adopt the animals out. In my case, we work at Petsmart and work on Saturdays adopting out our little friends. It's just an amazing hobby, it really gives you the best feeling of actually making a difference in the animals lives. Most of our animals are rescued when on "death row" at the local shelter. Its so amazing to rehabilitate them and then be able to adopt them to great families. Hope this helps! J
  10. Does anyone else adopt out rescued animals? Joy
  11. Hello! I have searched over the site and I saw plenty of nice recipes but not anything like what I was looking for exactly. Could we have anyone who has super easy, and few ingriedient recipes post them here? I love all the reipes but I just need some basics like the baked ziti which I believe was 3 or 4 ingredients. Thanks everyone! Yoj
  12. I just posted about this in the Christian forum but I do not excercise at all and I love these videos! I have been doing the 1, 2, and 3 mile. (Not the 3 very often!) and I have already boosted my weight lost by an extra .5 to 1lb a week! I am starting to actually miss the days I don't use the videos. I bought mine at Walmart but if you just want to try them you should try out NetFlix. You can order them over the internet and for a small fee a month send movies back and forth. JP
  13. I was orginally looking fo snack ideas, but If I would have continued to search I may have seen the ideas on the home page! JC:)
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