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  1. I made this again this morning! It is awesome! I make a double batch in a stoneware loaf pan so DH and I can have a hot breakfast together. I use bananas, cinnamon, and DVSF toffee. I also toast my double fiber bread before slicing it. It doesn't seem as gooey when I do it that way. This is a definate keeper recipe. Try it if you are thinking about it! It is awesome!
  2. Thanks Diane! I thought so, but wanted to be sure!
  3. I just checked kraft's website and velveeta light is no longer listed as a product. Velveeta 2% is the new light. I am not sure if it is the same product or not or if the nutritionals are the same. If anyone has a box of the light could you check and compare the nutritionals to the 2% ones? 2% nutritionals- Serving Size 28g Servings per Container about 32 Amount Per Serving Calories 60 Calories Total Fat 3g Dietary Fiber 0g 0 %
  4. jthom

    Key Lime Pie

    I make this type of pie regularly and it is yummy. I wasn't on WW last year, but I've been making this pie for a while. My family last year ate ALL of my pie and left the full fat stuff and they are NOT the lowfat type. You can vary the flavors to make whatever kind you want. Black cherry, raspberry, orange creamsicle is one of our favs (orange yogurt is hard to find but you could use peach yogurt and orange jello) the variations are limitless.
  5. I still use the Krusteaz brand mixes (actually bought some yesterday) I would try the Krusteaz website for locations near you. Good Luck.
  6. Cutie patootie! Great work!!
  7. I LOVE PHILLY SWIRLS!!! I found these at Sam's a while back (before WW) and loved them. I had a problem with the number of broken pops in the box (poor handling at my Sam's Club and/ or product flaw?) and sent an email to the company. The OWNER of the company emailed me back for my phone number to call me to solve the problem. He called and sent me a refund check for the full amount paid and then sent me a Thank you email for letting him know of the problem (along with a cute picture of his new baby girl). I have since been to Sam's club to purchase these again and have had no problems with breakage. BTW you can eat up to 7 of these things and still have ZERO points!! I haven't ever eaten that many, one is generally plenty, but I was curious one day and figured it out. Any company with that kind of customer service will win my business every time!
  8. I decided after hearing all y'all rave about The Firm to look for the tapes, system etc. I was at Ross today and found the Body Sculpting System tapes- cardio, ab, and body. Are these the right ones? Should I try something different? I only paid 9 bucks for all three tapes, but I want to make sure these are the right ones. Thanks gals (and guys:) )
  9. tried this today, yummy. My 8 year old asked for it again as well!!
  10. They sell their salad dressing at the restaurant and the nutrition info is on the bottle. I would call and ask. Other than the dressing and olives there is no other point items (unless you add the parm cheese!)
  11. jthom


    I buy my tvp online at www.emergencyessentials.com and have a ton of tvp uses. They also have a TON of tvp recipes on their site. Go to the search feature andtype tvp and you will be good to go! We especially like the taco and plain beef flavors. EE has beef, sausage, ham, chicken, bacon,etc. They come in tons of flavors. Happy hunting. A word of caution... if using tvp for the first time and not used to lots of soy, your system will appreciate you using it 3/4 to 1/2 "real meat" to 1/4 to1/2 tvp and then work yourself up to using all tvp.
  12. I would use Tostito's Light Corn Chips ( made with olean) They are 2 pts an ounce. Good Luck and let us know how it turns out!
  13. I posted congrats in another forum, but this desereves double congrats...and a change in your signature line of 110 pouds gone:)
  14. Laughing cow is really good cheese that is 1pt per wedge. It is awesome on melba rounds:) . I had a hard time finding them at my local grocer and actually ofund the original light version at Sam's Club. I would check calorieking.com for the crepe info you are looking for.
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