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  1. :welcome:I too started today and together, we WILL do it. Good Luck to you and to all living the WW way.
  2. Started Weightwatchers today and I am determined to succeed this time. I had a good day and look forward to many more. I need the support from this board however. Thank You.
  3. :welcome:You can do it!! One question, what amount of weight = 1 stone? Pardon my ignorance, but I have never heard weight expressed that way.
  4. Thanks everyone for the very warm welcome!! I know I will enjoy my time on this board. Again, Thanks!!
  5. I really need to lose weight and stay motivated. I must really try this time to stay on plan and not screw up. I can do it and will do it this time. I hope to become a regular on these boards as they are really supportive.
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