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  1. there are ff flour tortillas that would lower the points on this even more so! Im going to try it with them and see how it turns out!
  2. congratulations! You look awsome! Just think how many more years you will have with your little boy
  3. you are beautiful in both pics but there is for sure a bid difference and I bet your self esteem is through the roof. good for you!
  4. Ive used oscar meyer ff hotdogs there extra long and 1 pt each! I love hebrew national though and didn't know they made ff ones. Ill have to find them
  5. wow- what a big difference! You even look younger~
  6. hey, im italian and we make these every year, i never knew anyone else made them! wierd huh? my grandma is from italy, and they made them there so they are truly italian! these are very good although ours are not hard like biscotti , more like bread but sweet. we also put raisins in ours and top it with powdered suqar.
  7. there is a one point hearty chilli at the top of the poultry page
  8. ingredients 1 box of spice cake 1 can of pure pumpkin mix ingredients together, add nothing else. the mixture is a bit sticky , just spread it out on a pan thats coated with a bit of flour like you would do brownies, cook for has long has the cake box says, take out let cool top with ff cool whip, 1 12th of this cake is 3 pts w/ whip cream and it is soo good!, if you love pumpkin pie has much has i do, this is what you need. youll be in heaven! woohoo! try it, you wont be sorry!
  9. this sounds really good! i love chilli and anything spicey, i think i might use 1 can of tomatoe sauce instead of chicken broth, and use morning star crumbles instead of meat...does anyone know if the points would still be 1 point a cup?? a bag of crumbles is 8 pts and im not sure how much a lb of turkey meat but i would think it would be more.
  10. well then im in trouble becasue i used the packets actually
  11. Well I Tohught It Was Interesting
  12. dotties zome website has points for all the restuarants including panera bread
  13. calimodel1

    Not Hungry?

    i have this same problem too, and i was told that if you dont eat all of your points your body will go into starvation mode and not lose any weight. sometimes i use it to my advantage , if im just not that hungry but need to get my points in i eat a can of raviollis for 8 pts its something i dont usually let myself have because of the high points.
  14. oh my goodness, i thought i was thr ONLY one that got that crazy after taste! my husband eats anything and everything so he said it tasted so good but i definatly tasted the splenda after taste. it does smell so good though and i love pumpkin pie. can someone post there actual recipe that they use to make it better and the points please? id like to try it again~
  15. in another post a lady had mentioned that just has veggies are 0 calories a serving, we need to count them has 1 pt. for 2 servings...so then should you be counting those candies has 1 point for every 2? if so it would be 26 points a can.!.although, they also mentioned that it depends if you eat them in the same setting? hmmmmm it gives you something to think about. i eat those too, i also noticed though, it says "not a low calorie food" is that because if you consume more then 1 it has a calorie count? im sure it does, it is not a whole natural food. its just candie! i guess we better be careful lol another thing, is have you had no weight loss lately? if your still losing but still eating them , then it must not hurt your progress. you can always use that has your guide.
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