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  1. Hey!!!!!!! How are you????

  2. Hey !!!!!!!!!! How are you??????

  3. OK just finished dinner, made the Zoodles and they were yummy but the chicken was so good that I had some with the egg noodles I made for the family. KEEPER!!! O yeah I added frozen peas to mine too.
  4. Its in the crockpot now with some mushrooms. Think I will eat mine with Zoodles to save some points. Will check in with the results later.
  5. I made this and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. O man this would be great for on the go breakfast!! It will be mine!!! muhahaha
  7. Awesome!!!! They it takes time of doing the same thing b4 it becomes a habit or just a new way of doing things.
  8. Ok Corebies, list a fast food chain or restuarant and the core items you found or ordered. Although I dont eat out much there are some times I find myself in a drive thru and not sure what to order or a restuarant. I am new to core so I have nothing to add here yet. I am hoping to learn some new stuff from this thread.
  9. How do we know the difference when ordering WW pasta ?? If you ask them they will probley tell you its WW.
  10. I dont eat it alone, I did make some recipes with it and it tastes the same.
  11. and it was the same price, so I think I found a good find. I just made core granola and Core-n-bread and it taste great! yay for great nutrition!!!
  12. NI Dry Cal 100 Fat .5 Fiber 4 Protien 4 Sugar 0
  13. I made this last night and it was awesome! http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=141057
  14. I was hunting for Cream of Wheat at Walmart and they were sold out, all they had was this new Whole Grain Cream of Wheat, is this still core? http://www.shopfoodex.com/nabisco-cream-wheat-whole-grain-p-36843.html
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