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  1. Here is a great recipe I created when I had the urge for a banana split..it sure hit the spot:exercise: ...and I only had to use 2 points...and it was well worth it:exercise2 Also it is a way to make plain yogurt more appealing....Hope you enjoy:jump_jack Banana Split Core Style 2 cups Plain Fat-Free Yogurt 1 small book of sugar-free vanilla instant pudding mix these two together and let chill for 30 minutes Bananas Crushed Pineapple Fresh Strawberries or Sugar Free Strawberry Perserves Sugar Free Smucker Chocolate Fudge Sundae Sauce (2 points for 2 tablespoons) Scoop 1 cup of vanilla yogurt in a bowl and then add your toppings and go to town...you will think you have died and gone to heaven when you taste this.
  2. I love this board...but meeting are just not my thing...that is why I am selling my coupons. They expire December 31, 2005. I have 8 Weight Watchers Weekly Meeting Coupons for Sale. I will take $70 for all 8...which makes them come out to $8.75 for a meeting. If you are interested email Mammamia_54@yahoo.com Thanks:headover: Sheri
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