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  1. Hello Everyone!! Hope everyone is doing well! Its been a crazy few days and I havent had much time to be online, but I just wanted to say that Ive been POP all week so far and I cant wait to wi thursday morning! Last week TOM arrived about an hour after wi, so I was up .6. Hoping for a good loss this week! I made an interesting discovery today and found that an egg mcmuffin is 7 pts, wouldve thought it was wayyyy more than that, right? Not too bad a choice if you have to eat something out for breakfast. PS am i the only one afraid of this swine flu???
  2. Hey Girls, Had a great day today. I went to the Yankee game with my Dad. We had a great time and the new stadium ROCKS!!! The weather was absolutely perfect. 70 degrees and sunny. The best part is, I did AWESOME staying OP!!! I used 10 WPAs, which since I wi yesterday I still had all of them. Megan- Congrats on the loss girl! Rebecca- Sometimes you just have to take a risk and jump in with both feet!! Whatever you decide, things always turn out ok!
  3. Ok here goes... SW: 258.8 Goal: 248.8 April 9- 258.8 April 16- 255.2 Lost 3.6 April 23- 255.8 UP .6 April 30- 251.2 Lost 4.6 CONGRATS Megan and Angel on your LOSSES!!!!
  4. Well I had my first wi today and I was down 3.6 lbs!! With the holiday and everything I am totally happy with that number! Anyway had a great day today, perfectly OP, still have 10 pts left so im gonna go make a snack. Not much going on here. Went to my ww meeting in the morning, then worked at lane bryant for 4 hours. Played outside with DS when he came home and before you know it, another day is over. Megan- The wine tasting sounds like fun. Ive only been wine tasting once, but had a really great time! I would love to go again. Is the limo taking you to different wineries throughout the day? Quinny- I think you only wi once a month if your lifetime, so you have to do it on a good day! lol
  5. hey all, well im havin a tough time staying motivated with the leftovers in the house. all the candy has been calling me!!! anyway I wi tomorrow morning. really not sure how it will go. If i lost anything , i'll be happy! Quinny-funny you should ask about the man in my life. We broke up for about a month and now we're testing out the waters again to kinda see if we should get back together. Some days im on the fence, lol
  6. Melissa- I have to try that cake recipe, ive heard that one floating around and also one with a can of diet coke and chocolate cake??? But I like the pineapple, sounds much healthier!
  7. Just a quick hello! How was everyone's holiday? We had a happy easter, very quiet just me and my folks. DS went with his dad and then came home about 3. I ate what i wanted , but I kept it under control. I didnt go beserk.. I actually had a lil tougher time today with the leftovers in the house and all that darn easter candy floatin around. Anyway, I indulged for the holiday and now its over and tomorrow is back OP!
  8. Count me in! Better late than never! SW:258.8 GW:248.8
  9. Hello Everyone!! It feels so good to FINALLY be back! Hello again to all of you who knew me from before!! For those who don't, my name is Theresa, Im 34 years old, live on Long Island NY, Have a beautiful 4 year old son who was just diagnosed with PDD. I'm currently working 2 part time jobs, but hope to have a full time job again when DS starts kindergarten in sept. Ive been on again off again with weight watchers for years. I just rejoined on thursday. I know its a crazy week with the holiday, but I knew I had to get started again! Took DS to get his pic with the easter bunny today. Only took 2 and 1/2 hours!!! UGHHHH!!! He was so good though! Made friends with all the kids on line! We're having ham for easter. Im going to try to come up with a low point side dish. Im not going to go crazy, but im saving my WPAs for that day. Hope everyone has a beautiful holiday weekend!
  10. Hello Everyone! Melissa sent me an email and told me everyone was back on here. Well I havent stepped on a scale since october, so im guessing its not good. But i just popped on to say hello to everyone and as soon as I get a starting weight I'll be back here! Hope everyone had a nice holiday season and we're off to a great new year!
  11. Hey all! Sorry Ive just been scattered all over the place. Im having such a tough time staying OP!! I have a few good days and then im sabbotaging them by eating everything insight today!! UGH. I just cant keep my MOJO. Anywayyyy, I have an interview tomorrow for a part time job at Target. We'll see how that goes. The problem is that nobody wants to work around my schedule. I can only work mon-fri 9-2, and if school is closed I cant work. So wish me luck and I'll talk to you all tomorrow! Melissa- Why cant my friends take up massage therapy??? lol
  12. Hey all!! Ive had a tough week! DS was home sick since last thursday, and now Im sick and on antibiotics for a wicked sore throat. Anywayyy, I wi in yesterday and I gained 3 lbs and then TOM arrived last night, so I guess it couldve have been worse! Its just such a rooler coaster lately. Im happy to report 2 perfectly OP days and Im looking forward to another OP day tomorrow. Im back to cooking and planning my meals and it feels great! Hope everyone is well!
  13. Where is everybody??? Just wanted to say good night! I just finished watching TBL. Show was pretty good but seemed reallyyyyy drawwwnnnnn out! ID like to see more of what theyre eating and less of them dragging out the weigh ins. And showing their biological ages???? How long did that drag on??? Seemed like forever! Anyway. I always like seeing who was voted off at the end and seeing how they look today. I wont give it away in case some of you havent watched it yet!! I had another OP day today. Im looking forward to wi on Friday! Have a great night all!
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