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  1. Hi, I've been on PP since March of this year. I have been OP for the past 15 weeks and have lost 8 pounds. I've done WW in the past and it seemed like I lost at least a pound a week, or 4 pounds a month. I get in the healthy fat/water and I don't over do it with fruit and veggies. I could probably eat more fruit, but I'm usually full after I eat. I've been walking 2-3 times a week, 3-4 miles each time. The past couple of weeks I started doing Insanity and running. I have about 25 pregnancy pounds to lose. At this point I'm feeling frustrated and a little disappointed. I thought I would have lost more weight at this point. Are my expectations unrealistic? I feel like I'm working the program, but not seeing results. Maybe I just need to be more patient and really kick up the exercise. I've always lost my WW on Momentum and feeling like switching, but I also feel like I have been able to really adhere to PP better than Momentum. Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Alli
  2. Hi, I was looking through the new PointsPlus book and I can't seem to find any information about maintenance. How many points do you add when you reach your goal weight? At this point, I eat my daily 29 points and all of my 49 WP. I'm assuming it's similar to the Momentum, in that you add points to your daily number. Thanks. Alli SW-175 CW-166 GW-140
  3. AKK

    AP and WPA

    Hi All, I can't seem to find the information in the booklet about what points to use first. Do you use your WPA before your AP? Or is it the other way around? I know you save your activity points, so long as you use them by the end of the week. Thanks. Ally SW: 175 CW: 169 GW:135
  4. Hi Lily, I do remember you! Congratulations on your new baby. I too just had a baby, a little girl about 2 months ago. This is our first baby, so we are learning a lot. I am looking forward to losing the weight. I would like to lose about 35 pounds, which sounds so daunting. Are you breastfeeding? I already have the new PointsPlus materials and need to recalculate my PointsPlus number to include breastfeeding. I wasn't breastfeeding a lot, but now I am doing it more, so I need to include the extra points. How many extra points did you get? I would love help each other out through this process. Take care. Allison
  5. Hi Buddies- I have a question regarding SiFi and frozen meals. There are times when I just can't fix something that is SiFi, so I like to Amy's frozen meals. Do I just count the points for any item that is not SiFi? So if cheese is in the ingredient list, I can estimate the number of points I think it might be? I know there are several vegetarian enchilads type meals that are corn tortillas with black beans corn, tomatoes, etc... Thanks. Allison SW 150 CW 149 GW 130
  6. Hi-- I have a question regarding maintence and SiFi. When you reach your goal weight, do you get an additional 4 points a day, plus the 35? Just curious. Thanks. Allison SW 150 CW 148 GW 132
  7. Hi Buddies, My name is Allison and I have been doing WW for several years. I have lost and gained the same 10-15 pounds on FLEX each time. I learn something new about myself each time I go through the process, but I'm tired of gaining, losing, gaining, etc...I've always lost the weight on FLEX but feel I'm not eating as healthy as I could. On FLEX I tend to gravitate towards processed foods. I do well during the day, but come home famished. I've gotten to the point where counting points feels restrictive and that I'm not really listeing to my body and what it needs. Therefore, I would like to try SiFi. I do have a couple of questions though. It seems like I have always counted points or calories and the idea of "letting" that goes really scares me, but I have learned through FLEX how I feel when I am satisfied. These are my questions: 1. Does SiFi work for people who are looking to lose around 10-15 pounds? 2. Were you able to "let" go of counting and "trust" yourself? 3. I don't always have a lot time to plan out meals and like some of that flexibility with FLEX. Is there some flexibility with SiFi? Thanks! Allison SW 150 CW 146 GW 132
  8. Hi Soya, Thanks for the suggestion. The end of the day is when I feel most vulnerable, as far as feeling really hungry and just wanting to eat all that I can. I have increased the number of points for my snack and that seems to help. I feel like I almost need a meal at the end of day. Middle school kids really require a lot of energy . Allison SW: 151 CW: 145 GW: 135
  9. Thanks CW! I'm going to add the 2 points next week and see how it goes. I think I will add those points to my "after school snack," so that I don't feel so hungry at the end of the day. This is the time when I feel most challenged. Allison SW: 151 CW: 145 GW: 135
  10. I joined WW about a year ago. At the time, the materials I received provided the points formula below. I am a "traveling" teacher that stands most of the day, but I also walk a lot, going from class to class and "roaming" the room while the students work, not to mention the trips to the copier . What is the appropriate addition for me? 2 points for occasionally sitting or 4 points for walking most of the time? I know at the end of the day I feel ravenous and I want to make sure I'm getting the appropriate number of points:bcb_grin. 1. Are you female?- score 2 Male?- score 8 A nursing mom?- score 12 2. How old are you? 17-26- score 4 27-37- score 3 38-47- score 2 48-58- score 1 over 58- score 0 3.What do you weigh? Enter the first two digits of your weight in pounds. (for example, if you weight 199, you will add 19 to your score) 4. How tall are you? Under 5’1- score 0 5’1-5’10- score 1 Over 5’10- score 2 5. How do you spend most of your day? Sitting down? score 0 Occasionally sitting? score 2 Walking most of the time? score 4 Doing physically hard work most of the time? score 6 If your total is less than 18 then 18 is your number. If your total is over 44 then 44 is your number. __________________ Allison SW: 151 CW: 145 CW: 135
  11. Hi All, I wanted to know how many calories are in a point. I understand that a variety of factors determine a point, but is there an average number per point? Thanks! AKK SW: 150 CW: 145 GW: 130
  12. You look amazing! Keep up the hard work. 11.8 will be gone in no time. Ally
  13. You are doing a fab job! Keep it up. I can totally see a difference in your face.
  14. Thanks for the information:bcb_up
  15. Thanks ladies for the information--I went to the winning points website and didn't find anything about maintence. Do you just add 4 points to your range? I'm more curious than anything. Thanks.
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