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  1. The Jif reduced fat PB is awsome. The crunchy one is the best!
  2. I don't believe it is less calories you would have to compare calories if you can get the info. BUT Whole wheat is better for you. If it really is whole wheat which is usually not the case. Most things are enriched wheat flour, not stone ground whole wheat. If it has been enriched it’s been processed which means it is no longer “whole” and not the best for you health wise.
  3. Walk Away the pounds! I have 1, 2 and 3 mile and have used them for about 2 years on and off. You can do a quick one in 20 minutes or 50 minutes for the 3 mile. I'm going to pick up some more soon.
  4. I let my WW online site membership run out after the 3 months because of those stupid replies to questions. They ask for too much money for a site with a lot of mistakes. The point tracker kept giving me points for vegetables because I ate too many??
  5. I had weigh in today. I've been on program since August totally OP. I had a 4 pound gain today! I did eat more then I usually did. I did not count points Christmas day or the next. But I didn't eat a lot of bad food, just too much of it! I ate a lot of salted mixed nuts and cookies. I am not thrilled about this by any means. I have 2 choices, keep eating poorly or get back on program. I went back on program. I'm not going to mess up all the work I've done in the past 19 weeks. I will now focus on repairing what I’ve done by exercising and staying OP. I feel bloated and yucky. I will focus on this when New Years is here so I don’t do it again!!
  6. I was using the WW site with the point’s tracker. But I realized in the long run that was not the best thing for a few reasons. #1 the cost, $12 bucks a month is a lot after paying the weekly $11.60 meeting fee also. #2 I was not really learning the point values of foods because I was relying on the points tracker to do it for me. So I purchased the point’s calculator from WW for $25 I also purchased the 3 month diary which was like $4. I had strokes so math is not that easy all the time, the calculator is a great help. The 3 month diary is great for looking back at what the points were on something and to see what worked on the good weeks that sort of thing. I use http://www.calorie-count.com/ to find the calories, fat & fiber on foods and my calculator to get the points. I also use http://www.dwlz.com/ to find food points. Been doing this for a week. So far so good!
  7. cherylco


    The WW point tracker on the WW site says: Carvel® Ice Cream Bakery Carvel Small Round Cake (1/15 cake) 5 points a slice So if the small round cake was cut into 15 slices, 5 points a slice?
  8. The little 6 pack of blueberry bran TJ muffins are 1 point each
  9. I made this and it was a HUGE hit with the family. My husband is very leery of the WW recipes loves it also! Cheryl
  10. I highly recommend the Good Seaons no fat dressing!
  11. Tiffany love your site! I find it’s such a HUGE motivator to read about the successes and ongoing WW journeys! Paullet if I listened to my body I’d be sitting on the couch eating LOL Good on you getting out and moving despite being all stuffed up! Did the 2 mile again today. I can’t believe my arms hurt! Cheryl
  12. I’m on week 8 of WW and loving it! I’ve been walking a few miles every other day and I think I’ll be adding in the WATP for as more intense workout. Well it’s intense for me. Cheryl
  13. Ok got it, I guess LOL They've been counted, I'm losing and not hungry so I'll leave well enough alone! I am eating a LOT of tomatoes, one or two a meal. My garden has been doing so great! I don't know how I'll survive without fresh tomatoes one the garden is done!
  14. Well then how come the WW points tracker is counting points for my tomatoes then?
  15. Got this on the board here: I buy boneless chicken tenderloins (99% FF). I coat foil with cooking spray and place the tenders on the foil and grill until golden brown on each side. I use Frank's brand Buffalo Sauce. It's yummy and low in points. I sautee the grilled chicken in the Buffalo Sauce in a pan on the stove until well coated. I buy Marie's brand Light Blue Cheese. It's very tasty and only 1pt. per TBL. I like to serve mine with baked french fries and carrots and celery. I'm sure the above recipe could be done in a crockpot by simmering the chicken tenders and buffalo sauce all day. I just prefer the added taste of grilling when it comes to mine. Good luck! I am making them this week. Cheryl
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