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  1. Peggy- Thanks for the offer on helping me with a want (not need) of a scrapbook kit. I looked on the website http://www.chatterboxinc.com and looked at the Sam's locations that have the kits I want and the Richmond Va. store is one of them. The kit is by Chatterbox and it is a limited holiday edition 600 piece scrapbook album kit. If they have them and you are willing let me know and I will send you the funds for them and the cost of shipping. Thanks, Karen

  2. Cathy- I was slow to guess but last night while on my hands and knees sealing a tile floor I remembered Julie mentioning having a sister in Washington and I was delighted to learn the connection was with her! I can hardly wait to meet you. If you are anything like Julie I know without a doubt we will have a lot of fun and I can just see the sister's laughing together. Just another excuse for a Kodak moment. We do love to get together and the talk is the next get together will be close to your area. Start saving the money and buy stock in Depends now!!!! I promise you will need them. Karen
  3. Cathy RV'er: Welcome to our group. You got me guessing! Are you a sister to someone on the board? My sister(WWDonna) and I both are members here and I filled her in on the group. And my husbands cousin (Norma- Jacob's Nana) is a member of this group. I tell everyone she is my cousin because I feel she is. So we must be doing something right for our family members to share and it makes you want to be a part of this board. OK- that is my filling you in on the family connections on my side. Some of the group calls us the Bama Girls! Will be waiting to learn your identity! Can't wait to learn who you are related to. Don't believe a word she has told you about us! Joking! Jump in and let us get to know you. This is the greatest group that is always there to lift you up and give you support! Karen
  4. NikaD- You look marvelous! And yes when the losing weight journey slows down it is always good to have a picture to show the difference. And might I add a congratulations to you on getting a Masters. You have accomplished a lot with you weight loss and schooling. Wear it with pride!!! Karen
  5. You look fabulous and I know you must feel better inside and out! Karen
  6. Wow! You look so different from the prior year. And I know you feel proud of the weight loss and have earned the feeling. This is motivation for the rest of us when we see pictures that show changes like yours. I am happy for you. Karen
  7. Wow. Job well done. That is great motivation to me to see the before and after pictures. You are a beautiful person and I know you must feel better inside and out. Karen
  8. Roni: You have worked long and hard and it shows. I enjoyed your website and kudos to you! Karen
  9. Way to go Tracy. You have worked hard and it shows! Karen
  10. Really enjoyed this post and totally agree to all of them. Karen from Sweet Home Alabama
  11. In real life I work as a City Clerk. I am custodian of the city records, give financial reports, make investment decisions, attend and record city council meetings, make sure the bills are paid and the monies deposited. In fantasy I would be paid to travel to resorts across the country and give ratings of the locations!! Sounds like my kind of job! Karen
  12. I tend to think the older cartoons are the best. The ones made for todays generation is not worth watching with a few exceptions such as Spongebob! Karen
  13. Sabrina: Great job on the scrapbook and the weight loss. I can tell a difference in the before and after shots. I also am a fan of the Two Peas in a Bucket website. I would recommend using more embellishments. Maybe the small tags showing the number of pounds loss connected to the picture by a matching color brad and don't limit yourself to the color of pink or tie in more pink paper with some of the SEI papers. Isn't the scrapbooking world wonderful? Have someone take pictures of you working out or walking and to journal how many reps you are doing in the picture or how far you are walking and how often a week you are exercising. One more suggestion. Take a picture of yourself when you feel you have reached goal wearing a long white gown similiar to the first pics taken and boy wouldn't that make a great finishing before and after touch to your album? And a great excuse to go out to celebrate your hard work! Love your work.....keep it up. :) :) Karen
  14. You really can tell the difference. You have worked hard and it shows. You seem to be happier as the last picture shows a new attitude to match the weight loss! WTG! Karen
  15. Toot your horn? I think you have earned the right to blow your horn. WTG!!!!! Karen
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