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  1. Looking thru the posts I've seen so many of us that were gone and are back. So am I. I started this years ago, I was unhappily married, it wasn't healthy at all and I finally left. I didn't have internet access all of the time, so I disappeared. I also ended up off program, and I did have a bit of a weight gain, but not to my original starting weight. I just got remarried April 1, 2011 and gave birth to our daughter December 27, 2011. After giving birth I was over my original starting weight I'm now doing weight watchers online and trying to get the hang of points plus lol, i have found the phone apps and scanner to be super helpful to me.
  2. Thanks Didn't know how few points my mistake would be
  3. I WAS trying to make GLOP, but instead of 1lb ground turkey I used 1.5lbs (I've no idea where I got that from), so now I have 1.5lbs turkey mixed with the rice & salsa, but not the cottage cheese (that's where I realized my mistake) I don't have enough cottage cheese to just double it (and what would I do with so much?) Any ideas what I can do with it now?
  4. These are so good, and the company is SO great. I filled out a store request (BTW they have a store locator http://www.phillyswirl.com/aboutus/dist.cfm ) and the owner emailed me & said he was trying to get the two I asked about (Walmart & Giant) to carry the sugar free but is meeting some resistance with that. :broken: So anyway I traveled off to another store JUST for these Got to try the (1pt) cream ones next..I love orange & cream
  5. Got to agree that it doesn't taste like cheesecake, I'd had the regular version (pre-WW) and that one didn't either, I just look at it as a different taste, but certainly not cheesecake. As for seperating, I haven't had that problem, but I've been putting mine into 1/2 cup disposable/reusable containers (the name escapes me..) to set and as a quick grab it snack
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