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  1. I used to post quite often....but got our of the habit. I am here and looking for motivation to help me on my weight loss journey.
  2. I used to come here several years ago....not sure why I did stop coming here...it is an awesome site. Great movitation.... but, man, alot has changed.....i guess i need to come back and visit more often....
  3. yes, i have made it and it is great...i didn't add vanilla tho, but bananas are free, so zero points!!
  4. I am looking for recipes using the sugar free coffee syrups.....will you help me out and post your favorite recipes and ways that you use the syrups please? thanks
  5. This looks wonderful...I am going to print it and try it very soon.
  6. Not sure if this is what you are looking for but this is a GREAT recipe. You would have to figure out points based on what kind of milk you use. KoolAid Sherbet 1 cup sugar 1 envelope unsweetened koolaid 3 cups milk In a bowl, stir sugar, koolaid mix, and milk until sugar is dissolved. Pour into a shallow freezer container. Cover and Freeze for 1 hour or until thickened. Transfer to a mixing bowl, beat until smooth. Return to freezer container and freeze until firm. Remove from the freezer 20 minutes before serving. I have also had this using a milk substitute instead of milk(for those who can't have milk)....and it was wonderful.
  7. Has anyone ever substituted oatmeal, cream of wheat or some other core food to make this a core recipe??
  8. WW made a few changes to the progam in Dec 2006-the target points depend on your lifestyle....there are a few questions that you need to answer to determaine your target point....can you get to a meeting to get the new material? The 35 flex points are still the same..... by the old program-if you are 220 pounds, your target points would be 26.....But I do encourage you to go to a meeting if at all possible, to get all the current information......the changes are for the better.
  9. 18 points can be done with some careful planning but have you considered Core?
  10. I hope this helps....this is what was discussed at our meeting last week. HOLIDAY MENU CORE FOODS POINTS value Turkey breast, 1 slice (2 oz.) core 2 Stuffing, 1/2 cup 4 Giblet gravy, 1/4 cup 2 Winter squash, 1 cup core 1 Cranberry sauce, 1/4 cup 2 Mashed potatoes, 1/2 cup 2 Green beans, steamed, 1 cup core 0 Green bean casserole, 1 cup 5 Baked sweet potato, 1 large core 3 Tossed salad*, 1 cup , with vinegar core 0 & 2 tsp. olive oil core 2 Dinner roll, 1 3 Wine, 1 small glass (4 oz.) 2 Pie (pumpkin or apple), 1 slice 9 Fruit cocktail, 1 cup core 2 Coffee or tea core 0
  11. I have a ww scale...model number ww60x (it is a digital scale)...it is absolutely wonderful. I find it to be very accurate. I can weigh myself, step back on and try again, and it shows the same weight. I weighs about 1 pound higher than the scale at my ww meeting. There is a leveling device in it... you have to make sure to stand on it evenly. I ordered it off amazon.com...I searched it tonite to see if it was still available...they have 2 listed...one for 60 bucks and the other one is 73 for a new one. I hope that helps ~Lisa
  12. Hello I have seen several recipes using the sugar free syrup. I can't get it here, but want to try a few recipes...so I am going to order some syrup online....can anyone suggest a few flavors and maybe a few of your "favorite" recipes using the syrup....thanks Lisa
  13. I had never heard of it either, so I did a search on it and this is what I found: "If you've ever tasted stevia, you know it's extremely sweet. In fact, this remarkable noncaloric herb, native to Paraguay, has been used as a sweetener and flavor enhancer for centuries. But this innocuous-looking plant has also been a focal point of intrigue in the United States in recent years because of actions by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. " Looks like a sweetener......I wonder if Splenda could be substituted in this recipe?? I am sure that Stevia would be hard to find.....I know I wouldn't be able to find it in the very small town that I live in.
  14. I didn't even try to figure it out, but that is very interesting info there. WOW!
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