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  1. Hey ladies, Not too much to report. My aunt passed away last Monday so it was a stressful week. I spent Friday night drinking my cares away (lots of vodka) and have had a bad cold all weekend, even had to call out of work today because of it. Anyway, I am planning on starting back at the gym sometime this week, although it's looking like wednesday and friday might be the only days I can since I am working Tues/Thurs night... and in the meantime I AM going to T-Tapp and do crunches and all that stuff. My on-and-off again guy, Joe, is planning to visit me in January, which hopefully will HAPPEN, and I need to get into better shape... so I need you girls keeping me on track!
  2. Jessie, I've been thinking of doing Core but I'm a bit intimidated by it for some reason... any suggestions on the best way to get started?
  3. Looking for a few BCBers who follow the T-Tapp workout program- I haven't come across anyone else who does it and I'd really love a little support group to inspire me and keep me motivated...
  4. sounds good, Jessie! I need to be here with you guys too.. I am just so unhappy with myself lately! I think I'm hovering around 165 and I just am TIRED of it!! My aunt passed away today so I can't promise to post every day this week but I WILL start posting here again, I DO promise!! Today I've eaten... cantaloupe diced pears sausage, egg, & cheese on plain bagel from Manhattan Bagel (comfort food that I needed after I found out about my aunt). But that's it so far. I don't really know what to do with myself- I'm at my parents' house.. I think I'll go clean my apartment. I hope everyone has been well aside from weight struggles! I bought a ball python on Friday which is awesome- I've always wanted a snake. :-D Other than that things are much the same... gotta run, catch up with you chicks later!
  5. Jenn! So glad you are doing well with Baby. I am sure you'll do great at keeping the unwanted baby lbs at bay. Have you guys started planning names or anything yet? I'm so curious... I just love babies. Haha. Let us know all the fun details! Anyone know where Crystal has been? I hope everything is going okay for her...she deserves a break from stress!
  6. haha, I didn't think of myself as in love... but I definitely care about him enough to consider it love! I think there's a difference though. He is just so....GOOD. Like the sweetest guy I've ever met. Anyway.. I am trying to take charge of my diet again and had a good long workout session yesterday (well, it was just floor exercises, but a lot of them)... we can DO THIS. We just need to really buckle down. Time to me to get ready for work...yes, at 5:08 am..ugh!
  7. Holy heck, girls, where is everyone?!? Vacation? Or just busy? I miss you all... nothing new to report weight-wise for me, I've totally been sucking at eating well. I neeeeeeed to start being healthier!! I'm going to start today... no more bagels or sweets at work!! there are refridgerators at both jobs, after all... let's see... I got a new cat the other day, her name is Molly...she and my cat Paisley are still getting used to each other. It is fun, though...she's really cute. Ahh, and last night (early this morning actually) Kristopher told me he loved me! It was really cute. I get to see him in August...pretty exciting! Hope everyone's doing great- I'll check in again later today to see if anyone's posted!
  8. Hi everyone!! Sorry I've been MIA but my birthday (22, yay!) was yesterday so the weekend was busy with celebrating and such. I really don't feel like I did nearly as good in June as I could have and I am going to try to make July muuuuch better. Some updates- I am still working crazy hours at two jobs (between 6 am- 2pm for Job #1 (Manhattan Bagel) and between 4pm-12am at Job #2 (Barnes and Noble) so on days when I have to work both jobs I have very little time to work out or do much else other than work. Luckily I am only working about 4 shifts a week at BN, and MB is supposed to be 6 a week but since summer is slow this week I am only scheduled for 4. I am still interviewing for nannying.. I feel like I got close with a few families but still haven't heard anything or gotten any offers- the agency I'm using said I was one family's first choice, but they haven't called me to offer me the position so maybe that changed. I am working enough that I am not that worried about it right now. I stick with it because it is really all I enjoy at the moment- I just like being around kids! My trip to Arkansas for the end of this month fell through, which I am sad about... I just can't afford it though. I will hopefully be able to see my friend John in the fall, at least for a few days... in August it will make a year since we have seen each other! Hopefully before I do go see him again I can lose some weight and surprise him by being skinny. Not that he really cares, haha. Instead of going to Arkansas, I'm going down to Baltimore for about 4 days in the beginning of August- it's only like 2.5 hours from me and a friend of mine that I haven't seen in two years lives there, so I am going to visit her. The most exciting thing is that the boy I've been talking to so much lately, Kristopher, is probably going to come up from where he is living in Virginia and see us both- he is a friend of Jessie's that she introduced me to via instant messenger because she thought we would get along (we do!)... the fact that we haven't met is a little weird since I like him so much, but we talk so often that it feels like I DO know him...so I am pretty excited to meet him in person. He is a really good guy and super super sweet. We will see what happens! At the very least it will hopefully help me get in shape this month, haha. Hmm... I may be adopting a sister for my cat Paisley, because she is seeming to be really lonely these days- whenever I get home from work she won't leave me alone, and I guess 16 hours is a long time to be alone in an apartment, so I might adopt another to keep her company. My sister knows a woman through work (she's the receptionist at a vet's office) who needs to find a good home for their 5 year old female kitty, but as of right now we haven't set up a meeting time for me and Molly (the cat). I will keep ya'll posted though! Man, this was long, but I miss you ladies and wanted to let you know how I was! Hope all is well with you girls!
  9. I'm doing okay... still a little sick but other than that pretty good...went for a 3 mile walk yesterday which was nice...today I WILL go to the gym (my new AM job is RIGHT across the street from my gym so if I don't go I really will hate myself)... calorie counting isn't really happening right now because I'm eating food from work since it's free... trying to be healthy though. GTG get ready for work now but just thought I'd pop in! and yay, my 22nd bday is in four days! can't believe it...
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