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  1. I am making turkey legs tonight when I check points it gives me the points for the leg and the thigh I am just eating the leg . the thigh and the leg is 27 so I was thinking 20 for just the leg any ideas thanks
  2. thanks a bunch roberta:)
  3. hello it says maki, nigril, or nori maki but I have ca rolls . so they are different thanks roberta:)
  4. hello again ok now I need sushi ca rolls anybody know this ..I am having this for lunch it annoys me that there are no nutritional listings on them thanks ahead of time roberta:)
  5. hey wow this is a wonderful dialoge all great answers I too am a compulsive eater. I remember even as a child hidding food and eating alone in secret. My answer is doing habbies such as crocheting and knitting . which has already been mentioned but also I make myself some popcorn at night (legal). So I have it all prepared and watch tv and nibble . All within my point level. Hope this helps roberta:)
  6. thanks a bunch katie roberta
  7. help I need to figure out their point value no information on the package thanks
  8. thats so funny I just found salmon burgers in my supermaket fresh thought I'd come here and tell you all about it you guys already knew they are 2 pts each thats dinner tonight roberta
  9. I wonder how it wold taste withut the sour cream my husband hates stuff with dairy I swear all his bones will cave... roberta ------------------ slow and steady won the race I WILL NOT GIVE UP THIS TIME.......
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