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  1. I was pleased to see that Costco in Richmond, VA now carries Vitatops!!!!
  2. These are 0 points and delish ! calories = 50, Fiber = 5, (but you can only count 4);Fat= 0; therefore, these come out to ZERO points.
  3. I love peanut butter and this is a wonderful substitute. It has a creamy,smooth texture,with a slight sweet taste. Absolutely worth giving it a try .....if you miss peanut butter !!! This is a winner !!!
  4. ......and here's www.hungry-girl.com alternate substitutions to get them down to 1 Point making 18 muffins: (from hungrygirl.com website) YES... YES... YES! When I first picked up the box of Fiber One Premium Muffin Mix (in yummy Apple Cinnamon!), I was super-excited to see how much fiber was in each serving (5 grams!). But I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't a tiny bit disappointed when I saw the other ingredients called for and the nutritional info for the prepared muffins. Each one ends up having 190 calories and 9 grams of fat (POINTS® value 4*)! That's pretty high for a small muffin made from a boxed mix. Not sure why the box says to add milk, whole eggs and oil to the mix when there are better options for baking these things. I tried a few different ways and then figured out the PERFECT recipe. Just take the mix (IGNORE the box directions) and add 1 cup canned pumpkin, 1 cup water, and 1/2 cup Egg Beaters (or egg whites or some other fat-free liquid egg substitute). Then mix until just blended. Spray a few muffin pans with nonstick spray, and pour the mixture into 18 of the muffin cups. Then bake as directed (for that, you can refer to the box!). The best part is, this recipe makes 18 muffins instead of 12. And each one has just 95 calories & 2g fat and still has close to 4g fiber! These simple switches turn a muffin with 4 Points into a ONE-POINT treat. Craziness!!! Try it! And feel free to use the same recipe to turn other boxed cake and muffin mixes into guilt-free stuff -- exact nutritionals will vary, of course, but I can pretty much guarantee they'll be WAY better than if you added all the stuff called for on the box. Happy baking! www.hungry-girl.com
  5. I made these Sunday and my family loved them. I used applesauce also instead of oil and I used egg whites. With a batch of 12 muffins, they still came out to 3 points each. They are rather good !
  6. I found these at Walmart this past weekend also and purchased the Garlic & Herb. They are very good !! I also love that you get 18 crackers for 2 pts.
  7. How much applesauce did you use ? and did it reduce the points value per muffin?
  8. Belle, The name brand is : Blue Bird I don't have the box in front of me at this moment, so I'm not sure about the oils.
  9. I found these muffins today at Kroger. They are 100 Calorie per pack for three mini (very moist) mini blueberry muffins. They have 7 grams of fiber ( cap at 4 fiber), 100 calories, and 3 fat = 1 Point.
  10. I found them yesterday at Walmart for .89; they were on the shelf with the Crystal Lite mixes. They are actually pretty good...I was impressed !!
  11. I've found these at Walmart. They taste pretty good, but definitely not worth the 2 points for so little.
  12. I was so excited when I found WW 1 Point cream cheese. I saw them advertised in the WW Magazine and have been scouring the supermarkets. Well, today I found them at Kroger and they are Delish!!! I really need the prepacked, single serve, as it was just too tempting for me to scoop out a little Xtra from the normal containers. I just do not like fat free cream cheese and WW has managed whip out a great product at 60 calories, 5 fat grams and 3 fiber for 1 Point !!!! WAY TO GO WW!!!
  13. I also wait for Hungry-girl.com to offer the "free shipping", this is when I usually stock up. I love all of their products, my favorites are the VitaBrownies and Vita Corn Muffins and Tops!!
  14. I had this for lunch and was tempted to throw it in the trash; it had a terrible taste. I certainly won't purchase this one again. CAUTION !!!
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