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  1. WOW! I made this tonight, but I ROASTED my veggies(even the onions!) with cooking spray and garlic first. When nice and browned I added them to the already warming broth. I then zapped it with my stick blender and added a bit of salt and pepper. WOW was this ever good, and it made enough for many more servings during the week. In fact I am bringing it to work tomorrow! This is a must try!!
  2. Just a bump to make this AWESOME recipe easier to find.....if you haven't tried this....do it!! YUM!
  3. Ha ha!! That was too cute....thanks for the laugh!
  4. Good afternoon! I have been OP for 10 days and lost a total of 4 pound so far. I feel pretty good and not deprived. I get in about 20 minutes of moderate exercise every other day. My question is this...some days I am not getting in my 24 target points. Is this OK? I am not depriving myself from having them. I was just not that hungry those days. A couple times I used all 24 easily, a few days I had to think of things to eat to get them in, and still a few other days I only ate about 15 or so. Will this hurt me later on? Any input appreciated!! Thanks!! LIZ
  5. I think that's 3 points per serving with nothing on it.....but i am someone more experienced will come along and let you know for sure...Let us know if it's good! Maybe I'll get some!! LIZ
  6. Well...my bread has only 1 gram of fat for 2 slices...not the 2 grams I think you calculated it with. So is that still 1 point for the 2 slices or is that 0 like my calculator states? Just wondering, because that may help me figure out if this calculator has the fiber cap thingy.....if it does not then is there a way to get one of these for my computer.....i really want the correct calculations...THANX! LIZ
  7. Thanks! I just started on WW and I am going it alone. Meetings are not in the budget right now, and neither is joining an online system. I am getting my information in a variety of places, but I really love this forum. Everyone is very helpful and supportive!! It's so great to find something like this for motivation and help. I never eat a double portion of these foods in a sitting...well at least I haven't yet! I never realized they were "0" points until a friend sent me an EXCEL points calculator for my computer, then, I began calculating everything in site. The bread I use is Lighter 35 and it has 5 grams of fiber and only 1 gm fat and 70 calories for 2 slices. That is 0 right? I plugged the info in the calculator and that is what came up. Anyway, I just figured that even if I do not double up on any of these ONE foods...I do end up eating a couple different no point items a day. I just want to do calculations as accurately as possible so I get all the benefits, and am not fooling myself! Thanks again for the replies...it helps!!! LIZ
  8. OK..I have been wondering about this....I ate a whole wheat tortilla wrap that came out to = 0 points. Then later that day, i ate a sandwich on lite bread and 2 pieces is actually 0 points. Finally I had a tablespoon of ff cool whip on my coffee and THAT was 0 points.....It all sounds nice, but don't these "0 point" add up somewhere or somehow, because of the calories?? I am thinking so, or I would just eat whole wheat tortillas and cool whip all day!! LOL. If someone would explain this to me, i would really appreciate it!! Thanks!! LIZ
  9. Thanks so much! I must get one of those sliders! ...and find out how you "gain access" to mastercook....Glad to know I was not too far off with points..We really like this recipe at my house:) . LIZ
  10. WOW..this is a great idea! I made one using a 0 point whole wheat wrap and loved it. So of course the next day I tried a different variation! I have a thing for blueberries right now...so I defrosted about 3/4 cup of frozen wild Main blueberries and drained the juice. I stuffed the wrap..rolled buritto style and sprayed a bit of 0 points butter flavored spray on top and sprinkles with a sprinkle of splenda. I put it under the broiler and watched until it browned and crisped up a bit. I topped it with a bit of plain vanilla ff sf yougurt and the reserved blueberry juice. Boy was it good:D ....Thanks for the excellent recipe! I plan to try it with other fruit! LIZ
  11. Jeez..sorry so confusing...i must have reported on the wrong box of cream cheese. i used 1/4 of the package wich would be 2 oz because the entire box is 8oz. The serving size for the recipe is 1/4 of it...it serves about four. Thanks!! LIZ
  12. OK thanks so much!! What is Master Cook?? If you figure this one out for me..that's great, but if you tell me how to do it for next time that would be even better! Nutrition and Calories in Fat Free Cream Cheese Water content (grams per 100g) 75.53 Calorie content of Food (kcals per 100g/3.5oz) 90 Protein content (grams per 100g) 14.41 Fat content (lipids) (grams per 100g) 1.36 Ash content (grams per 100g) 2.57 Carbohydrate content (grams per 100g) 5.8 Dietary Fiber content (grams per 100g) 0 Sugar content (grams per 100g) 0.4 Pudding 35 calories 0 fat/0 sat fat no cholesterol 500mg sodium 8g carbos 0 fiber 0 sugars 0 protien Ricotta cheese 60 calories 1/4 cup 0 fats 60 mg sodium 4 g carbos 0 fiber 3 g sugars 8 g protien
  13. Good morning!!! I created this really great chocolate dip for strawberries or other fruit! I know it is ABOUT 2 points for the dip per serving....and then add on the point or so for the fruit...I am pretty new to this, so can any veterans tell me EXACTLY how many points it actually works out to per serving for the Flex plan. Thanks so much, and if you try this out...you won't be sorry! ******************** LIZ's CHOCOLATE FRUIT DIP 1 box (1.4 oz) of ff/sf instant choc. pudding 1/4 of a box(bar) of ff cream cheese 1 cup ff ricotta cheese 1/2 cup skim milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract and a packet of splenda( or sweeten a bit with vanilla sf syrup) Dump it all in a bowl and mix with the handheld mixer until smooth and thick. I chill it for a bit and dip strawberries in it, but I am sure bananas would be good as well! THIS SERVES about 4-people for a good snack. I usually eat 1/4 of the bowl!! My kids eat the rest! ************************** Note:MY pudding mix is 35 calories/0 fat and fiber per serving(just mix, no milk)...serves 4. The cream cheese well I thew out the box so dont know the calories but it's ff and no fiber. The ricotta is 60 calories per 1/4 cup, no fat or fiber. The milk is 45 calories for the 1/2 cup that I add for the whole recipe. I know I gave a ton of info...but I just am not sure how to go about figuring it out, and I'd like to know for sure, since I like it so much!! Thanks again! LIZ:headover:
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