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  1. I had a hard time keeping up with Ultimate Calorie Blaster...I was messing up my arms and feet!!! Can't do two things at once! LOL I know one thing for sure, if I hadn't done step classes before, I would really be LOST!!! They move FAST...but boy it sure is fun and after doing it a few times I know I'll do better!
  2. ohhhhh I just love it! Started using it this week (2X so far) and started with Supercharged Sculpting. All I can say is I can NOW FEEL my abs...because they are KILLING ME!!!! LOL I plan on doing Aerobic Body Shaping Friday then I'm going on vacation a few days next week and can't take my step with me ....but I WILL return!!! Two thumbs up for the FIRM!!!
  3. I just ordered my Firm System today from the offical site. I read on here somewhere that they are back ordered....guess I'll have to wait. (I don't have a target store near by) I'm looking forward to joining the firmie's here...I've been mostly a lurker but will be changing that soon! Keep it up girls....I'll try and catch up!!
  4. Made these today for my family ..... my ten year old said he liked them better then Oreo's!!! Thanks for the great recipe!
  5. Am I reading this correct.... two 21 1/2 oz cans of soup? I'm putting this in my crockpot right now and I saw that and don't know what to do.....any FAST HELP? NEVER MIND.....I GOT IT....had a BLOND moment!!!! Two 10.5 oz!!!!!
  6. You are right and thank you. I was thinking high in fiber not core foods. Thanks again.
  7. Does anyone know where I could find core bread machine recipes for bread? (that of course are good) I hate paying high prices for bread and my children usually take sandwiches each day to school and I would like them to eat healty bread. Thanks for any help!
  8. These are so great when in a hurry....just pop in the micro and run! My kind of lunch! Just wish I could get the kids to like soup! (strange kids!)
  9. I just found this on todays topics...From Cathy 50 board. My leader says that WW is introducing a new, optional program that's designed for quick weight loss. It is not intended to replace FlexPoints, but you can do it instead if you want to. She said there isn't a whole lot of flexibility, but you can choose from a high-protein version or a high-carb version (but she thought you couldn't mix them -- you'd either be doing the high-protein or the high-carb). She thought maybe it was intended to compete with some of the other, faster diet plans that are so popular now. She didn't think it would work well on a week you need to eat out a lot, for example, so she hasn't tried it yet. She also thought you could switch back and forth between this fast program and FlexPoints -- maybe on a week-by-week basis. (She admitted she hadn't read the materials very well yet.) (didn't copy all of her post)
  10. Good idea I will ask for it in advance! (by the way I got the same handouts pie chart...etc) This 2 week handout is different.
  11. In my W.W meeting this week my leader told us we should come to the meeting right before Christmas because she was going to be talking about a new handout. This handout was going to be a “jump start” to our program. It sounded like a two week food plan but I’m not sure. Does anyone know about this? I’m not going to make it to that class because we’re leaving for vacation and I'll be gone for two weeks and I hate the idea of missing something GOOD! I know it had to do with the time frame of two weeks and it looked like a booklet . Thanks for any input!
  12. Thanks for the info, I'm looking forward to having some this turkey day!
  13. This Thanksgiving I’m going to my SIL house and she is planning on deep-frying the turkey. Can anyone tell me about the points on this process? Deep frying doesn’t sound healthy! Thanks
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