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  1. I only get 28 points, DH gets 44. We are both having trouble eating enough food to get our points in, and we don't want to get in the calories and fat just to make that difference. Any advice? We plan our meals out to get enough, but don't finish our food. I am surprised since both of us tend to overeat, when we are eating lower calorie/lower fat, we tend to stop eating when we are full.
  2. Well maybe someone who has ran one will respond so we can get this train moving!
  3. It is super easy for me to stay on track in the morning and into the afternoon. However, about 3pm I start getting cravings and actually feel hunger. This is when I often overeat. As the day goes on, it gets worse and by night I often give in. I drink a lot of water and have tried gum and sipping herbal tea...it isn't doing the trick. Please advise, I am very appreciative.
  4. I would also like to know if there will be another round. Maybe there could be two rounds a year? (Coinciding with the show?) Could we start one next week?
  5. So much information, thanks! I need to gather recipies, and I especially need snack foods. I need easy recipes. Isn't there a computer program where you put in all your ingredients and it figures your points? Melissa- I love that info. Since we kill our own meat (excluding chicken), I think we're good on the steroids!!! Our meat is also lean...hog, deer, elk, quail, dove... I will have high speed internet next week, finally! We are getting sattelite (sp?) net, so I am excited. I haven't done so hot with my eating the last couple of days. We are low on groceries and broke, so I have to make do. It stinks. I'm hoping to have a loss, but I'm not banking on it.
  6. I am working on getting high speed internet y'all, then I'll be bale to do personals. As it is, it takes me 15 minutes to post without pulling up a second window to refer back so I can do personals. Anyhow, I was down to 210.5 from 214. 3.5lbs is good, I'll take it. It was lower after my food poisoning, but quickly came back. I went way over points Sat/Sun, but still lost. I had a funny NSV Saturday...well, kinda. I LOVE LOVE cake. Especially specialty cakes. We went in a conveinience store that has a bakery too, and they had cake for sale by the slice. BIG slices. And I wanted one so bad. I walked away, and I CRIED over it. CRIED! Over food! But I was proud of myself afterward. I cannot believe that I am so addicted to food that I cried.
  7. Hi, I am Heather and I am 32 years old. I will turn 33 in just a couple of weeks. I am married to Chris, and we have been together for 9 years off and on, married for 5 years. My children are Wyatt age 13, Tucker age 12, Michaela age 10, and Troy age 3. I also have an angel that was stillborn 3 years ago, and his name is Brody. We were blessed with the adoption of Troy shortly after losing Brody. My weight was never an issue growing up. I was thick always, but not fatty. I was a gymnast until high school. I had my first baby at 19, and second at 20. I lost weight after his birth and was at a point to where I was happy, but not back to high school size. Then I had my 3rd child at 22. It was harder to lose weight after her, but still I wasn't but about 20lbs overweight. As the years have progressed, and through 3 years of infertility treatments, I have just gained and gained. The bulk of my weight is in my middle. I have started WW 3 times and always dropped off before I had signifigant weight loss. So, I am back again determined to stick with this eating change for life. I am a respiratory therapist right now, but only work very part time. I have been diagnosed with MS and working strains me and causes me to be more symptomatic. I start college again Feb. 2nd, getting my bachelor's degree in Entertainment Business. I plan on going straight on to get my Master's in entertainment business also. I eventually want to own my own Artist Management company. I know that appearance has a factor in success too, though I knwo it shouldn't. I know that I need to get this weight off not only for health, but for appearance for my future career. I love being a member of the Fit and Fab Femmes... I have before pics, and when I have something to compare them too I'll post them.
  8. Rebecca- Welcome, way to go just jumping right in. I am a re-admit to this group, and I love it. This week has not gone as planned. Glad I just did the $19 trial membership to the gym, it's hard to get there. (45 minute drive one way) DH asked me to please consider other options, because of gas money and our tight budget. That night my old boss offered me her next to new treadmill. I am gonna put it out in our guesthouse. I am gonna buy some workout videos and do them out there too. DH is VERY thrilled that I decided this. I am just excited that I got a treadmill for free. I have been OP all week...but have a stomach flu today. I just ate a handful of crackers and some diet pomegranate 7-up (most delicious diet drink EVER). So far so good. Please say a prayer for me to get better. I have to work tomorrow. I tried to call in but there is no one to cover my shift.
  9. Not really any time for personals right now. So sorry. My 3 year old jumped off the back of the couch (where he wasn't supposed to be in the first place) into my ribs yesterday...both knees. Anyhow, it was excritiatingly painful. I was convinced he broke them. But, just bruised. So, I missed Zumba. Next Monday. I have my schedule made out. Will go to gym M-W-F and do yoga at home T-Th. I have been OP, even when going out to eat twice, once for PIZZA! I got called to work Friday, so it will be my first try at doing it RIGHT at work.
  10. Hi Marissa, welcome! You can do this! I just looked at my points and recalculated, and I only get 28 points!!! I'd orginally (somehow?) calculated 32. This is a big deal to me. Okay...modification in effect.
  11. Monday January 12, 2009 ~ 28 DPA Breakfast- 1 serving malt o' meal (1) 1 tbs butter (1) 1 tbs sugar (1) 1 cup ww OJ (1) 1 ww yogurt (1) Points: 5 pts / Balance: 23 pts Snack Points: pts / Balance: pts Lunch- Points: pts / Balance: pts Dinner- Points: pts / Balance: pts Snacks Points: pts Balance: pts Exercise - Total aps earned = aps WAP points used - pts WAP points remaining - 35 pts activity points earned - pts activity points used - pt Healthy Guidelines- Water- X Milk - X Oil-X Veggies/Fruit- MultiVitamin-X __________________
  12. My gym orientation went well. My only "issue" witht he Zumba class is that they are offered late in the evening. I already live 45 minutes from the gym, and evenings are my family time. Plus, the gym is the busiest at that hour and I don't like crowds. I am gonna go tonight if DH will come home and watch the kids while I go. They have childcare, but they are full for that time slot. I worked 26 hours this weekend, so I am wiped out. I'll take a nap today so I will be rested for a workout. I weighed in and I have a 0 loss. Yup, nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada. I have to take accountability for this though. Own up. I was OP ALL week long, doing great. Then, I worked this weekend. I found my downfall is work. They always order out and my healthy soup tasted horrid, so I ordered out. Then, I got the munchies and though I had my chocolate rice cakes with me to curb such a thing, I ate the whole bag. Yup...large bag, whole darn thing. I went so far over it isn't even funny. So, now I know I have to prepare better for work. Source identified. Kim- I'm glad your blizzard fizzled out. We have seen very little of winter here. I kinda wish we'd get a snowstrom. When it snows here, EVERYTHING shuts down and we get to stay home and play together. Adele-2 lbs would be great...can't wait to hear your "official" #! Alicia- Great job resisting those wings. I love lemon pepper wings. Good luck at WI!
  13. I found a Zumba class!! The closest Gym to us is 20+ miles from here, but I am trying to put DS in preschool anyhow there, so joining a gym is no biggie there. Anyhow, they are having a special where you can try it for a month for $19, then it's 35 a month. Not too bad, right? It has so many classes and programs. Really neat. I go in tomorrow at 10 to get my orientation. Also, with the no commitment for a month, then I get to see how I'll do with my MS and see if it's gonna be a smart investment. Quinny- He is 3...we just had another episode. I think his reflux is acting up and he is aspirating in his sleep. I'm gonna explore that with the doc tomorrow. Megan- It's no sweat...I really apreciated the welcome anyhow. Adele- I am so jealous, I need me some baby snuggling time! Melissa- I am shcoked about Stacey, she was so involved
  14. This looks really good. We love mushrooms, so I would probably add them too. Do you know if it keeps in the fridge well? I'm looking for something I can cook and fridge, for fast easy breakfast servings.
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