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  1. the can say's250ml:220 cal1 fat10 fiberI am using the older version of the winning points slider.
  2. Hi all , I am back on WW again.... I am confused with the bean points....1/2 cup works out to be 1pts, & 1 cup works out to be 4 pts??? huh...I don't get it...I have come across with these situations (before) ....but really...I want to know, as I have had several failed attempts to getting back on program...and want to stick this time... Please if someone can clarify this for....I would really appreciate it!
  3. OMG I don't evne know how to use this anymore, I tried to reply to messages....
  4. Thanks Kimberley! Wand'Ring Wizzy: I know, you do feel selfish making time for yourself....always something else to do....I bearly have tome to clean these days. I bearly have time for my family, how do I find my time? I always feel horrible that I am always doing homework when my son wants to play with me. Shopping...oh gosh I hate that now...I fit into my fat clothes, and had to buy even bigger fat clothes...I tried shopping the other day...urgh...it was horrible... didn't buy anything...I don't even know what size I am anymore. I can't even afford to shop for clothes, but I have to. Its just so horrible that when my son was 8 months old, I was 112....now I am 138-ish and I can not blame my pregnancy....I don't even want to see anyone... As you said, 20 pounds, then 40....I have to do something before I let it control me. It always has. Thanks! Good luck to you too! Des2: As for meetings, I won't be going, I don't have the extra money as I am going to school, thanks for the reply....I hope to get some support here....it helped me the first time.
  5. Help! Its been a while since I have been here...and things have changed, I am 30 years old back in college, weigh approx. 138 lbs, 5'2''. I have a 5 year old son and a husband. I am busy these days, and have definitly no time for myself...BUT I know I need to make that time for myself. However, I feel drained these days, 25 lbs deifintly is alot for a small frame to gain.... I am here looking for a few new friends to help me through this tough time...others in similar situation...others that can help one another.... If anyone else is looking for a new friend to help with this stuggle, send me a message! Melissa from Toronto
  6. Hey oreonomore, Sounds like we are in the same position, both have lost 20 lbs and have gained it back. So we know its possible again. Congrats on the 5lbs weight loss. Yes this is a great support system, it helped me the first time back in 2005, allthough I went back to work after(having my son) and it just slowly came back because I thought I could do it without journalling....but then just stopped completley. I kept telling myself "Tommorow I will start; monday I will start..." that never happend. That would be great to help each other out, we both have 20lbs to loose. Well you only have 15lbs to go now:bcb_bravo
  7. Hi all, I am new(again) I did this a few years ago, and was close to my goal weight, now I am back to were I started. I have at least 20 lbs I want to get rid of forever. I am looking for a small group to help me, and help each other keep on track. Others who are dedicated please. If there are others that want to start a group, or if there is a small group please let me know. Thanks Melissa
  8. Thanks, CW, mrss, Medb48, for the advice and support. Its nice to have the support. I don't always feel it at home. I don't have the support at home. My common-law tells me " You won't do it again " He doesn't believe in me. I know its not him that I need the believe from, but it would certainly help. That is why I am here!!! You people are amazing!!! Melissa
  9. Hello everyone, I am back again, I am starting Monday back on OP. Just at home here! Its gonna be real hard, the first time I was doing it, I was nursing my son (2 years ago) so I was able to eat 10 extra points a day. It was so easy then. Now I have almost gained all the weight I lost on WW. I need any help and support possible. I slowly gained the weight back over the 2 years, I feel horrible. I am working full time too, so I don't have the time I had the first time around. Any tips would be great!!! I am currently about 128lbs I went down to 110lbs (5lbs away from my goal) I started at 134lbs (2005) I find I jut can't say NO! to food and eat way to much. I know I did well when I was here everyday. Unfortunatly my small group of friends here stopped posting. I don't have too much time to come on and read too much, but I would like to find small group of ladys to support each other through this. If there are anyone else like me that need the support and encouragement please let me know. Thanks! Melissa I believe in WW, if only I can find the strength to get back on track again.
  10. Thanks ladies. I really better get my butt in gear and start working out my body. Thanks for listening and replying. Melissa
  11. Hi, I too have been searching for a new treadmill, I heard to look for 2.0 or 2.5 continous HP. 2.5 and up for running. Good luck.
  12. fitness Q:HIPS AND LOWER BACK FAT?? Hey everyone, I am very close to my goal weight, abour6-7lbs away, but I have alot of fat on my hips and lower back. I think I am an apple shape. Does anyone know any target exercises for that area. Lately I just only been doing the treadmill, since I dont know what to do, thats really my only problem area that I have concerns for. It really stands out like a sore thumb whenever I try my new bikini that I purchase to wear this summer. Does anyone else have this problem? I bearly have any hips, yet I carry so much fat on that area. Please any trainers out there? Or anyone with and exersices that I could do. Thanks so much for reading, Have a great day!!! Melissa:workout:
  13. WOW!!! YOU LOOK AMAZING! You are a whole new person. Way to go!!! You are an inspiration.
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