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  1. a TSP of vegtable oil is 1point and I assume its the same for olive oil. I am not sure on the special K bar, post the calories/fat/fibre
  2. This soup is amazing, I loved it. The DH didn't though, oh well more for me! The sage taste made it remind me of stuffing which I love. I recomend this soup if you like sage, it doesnt even taste like sqaush. This makes for a great low point lunch when you want to have a yummy dinner. Thanks for posting it. This is probably the best soup I have ever had.
  3. I guess it also depends on what mix they use, last year the guy that did our deer sausages used about 60%pork in the mixture. My guess would have to be similar to any pork sausage or regular sausage. beef or pork, cooked, 1 link or patty (1 oz)..........................................3pt By the way, if you have any good venison recipes that you could post would be great. We have 1/2 of an 8point buck cumming from the butcher. I don't like it though, but will try the recipes for my boyfriend, and will taste it, who knows maybe a different recipe I may like. He just cooks his steaks on the bbq medium rare. He likes the back strap best since its the most tender. I really wish I liked venison:( . I hope you figure out the points. Not too many people eat it.
  4. Hi, I have a suggestion, maybe if you call the resturant and ask, they could ask the cook. I had a friend that that was a cook at East Side Mario's and she gave me the recipe for Brocolli and cheese calazone, allthough I forgot it, it was like a few ounces each of motzerella, chicken and broccoli, folden in a 1/4 inch pizza dough, and brushed with egg wash. First u spread a layer of alfredo sauce, then lay the chicken and broccoli, then the motzerella.(I made this before I was on weight watchers) but ball park, maybe they only use a few ounces of each. Just a suggestion. I love that calazone. When I have time I will figure out the points.(I have a 6month---no time) Also eat only half the calazone, and a huge portion of salad(bring your own dressing) and save the other half. I dunno, its an idea. I know its not the same, and East sides did not make that kind of calazone, but its a calazone and they prob only use a few ounces of cheese. But hey call the resturant. Maybe after enough calls they will make a food guide. East Sides doesn't have one:( Good luck!
  5. Tonight I made a whole 3lbs roast chicken, and made some gravy from the juices. But I did not have the gravy, I made it for the boyfriend cuz I am not sure of the points. The complete food guide just has stoe bought gravys. Please anyone know how much points for homeade gravy from the Chicken juice/drippings:help: is?
  6. According to your info and my calculater it is 1 point. I hear ya, I need my hot chocolate too, unfortunatly the one I love is White hot choc. and is 3points. Good luck
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