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  1. I know how you feel. I was scared to get on the scale recently but I've found that until I get on the scale, I'll keep eating & eating. Weighing myself regularly gives me that "control". YOU CAN DO IT! Remember, just hop on the scale, look at the number & move forward. That's all you can do!
  2. Congrats on getting back on track! I just did as well & I feel so much more in control when I'm focusing on what I'm eating/drinking & the way that I'm exercising. It feels good!
  3. Hi! I am starting again as well. I am taking it one day at the time. I'm doing one good day...and then another....and another. If I look at the BIG picture, it overwhelms me & makes it seem a bit too much. So I'm trying to break up my weight loss journey into smaller pieces. You can do this! BCB is a great place to be both for support & new ideas to keep you motivated! GOOD LUCK!
  4. Congrats! What an inspiring achievement!
  5. Where did you purchase your Ped-Egg? I have been looking for it at local stores & haven't had any luck. I would rather purchase it locally rather than order it online....
  6. I just ate the apple cinnamon & it was DELISH. It was nice & crisp....and it really tasted like a Pop-Tart.
  7. I found them in Wal-Mart in the produce section. They were in the refrigerated produce section near the herbs & organic foods.
  8. My favorite Lean Cuisines are: Roasted Turkey Breast with Mashed Potatoes Balsamic Glazed Chicken w/ Orzo pasta Baked Chicken w/ Cornbread Stuffing & Mashed Potatoes (This is one of my favorites. I eat it when I need a bit of "comfort" food.) Vegetable Eggroll
  9. You look wonderful! All of your hard work is paying off! :) :)
  10. You look SO amazing! You should be really proud for all that you have achieved so far!!!
  11. That sounds so tasty. Thanks for the great snack idea!
  12. ~Brooke~


    YAHOOO! Congrats! All of your hard work has paid off! Enjoy!
  13. It's an amazing accomplishment! Congrats! :)
  14. Yay! I love free things & I love all of the Kashi granola bars! Thanks for the link!
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