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  1. I just tried this recipe this morning. It was wonderful. I didn't have any of the 2slices for 1pt bread because I forgot to get any at the store yesterday so I used an arnold thin. It still turned out good and saved me that extra point. I will def try this again. Yummy!! I liked the idea of the loaf pan so that it wouldn't be so thin. I will try that next time.
  2. I'm having one of these now after my lunch as a little something sweet. Tastes just like a regular poptart to me. It is hard to put the other one back in the box though so I don't know if I would be getting them alot they may turn into a trigger food.
  3. I got these at Food Lion. I'm in Virginia. They are very good with an egg sandwich and also with a turkey and cheese sandwich.
  4. Reporting in a 2lb loss this week. Not back to where I was when we started the challenge but I'm slowly getting there. GO BLUE TEAM!!!!
  5. Today is WI for me so I hope I can pull a good number for my BLUE team. We'll see!!! Wish me luck!
  6. For the 4th I'm trying to talk my husband into going to a waterpark and taking the kids which will keep food out of the equation because usually when we're busy doing something fun I don't think about food as much and I can pack a few healthy snacks to go with. I'm going to use July 4th as a kickoff to better eating and planning since I've been really struggling with this in the past few weeks. I'll go back to work on Saturday after July 4th and that will help because I will pack only what I plan on eating for the day and won't be tempted. Great question Christie Accomplishment for the day is that I took the boys swimming and got in a few laps of my own. Plus some sun.
  7. Congrats Christie on a great WI this week and also on your accomplishment. Before WW I was a Dr Pepper addict. Now I allow myself a diet dr pepper after I drink all my water. Great job BLUE TEAM!!! What a great start to the competition.
  8. Great job Mimi!!!! Wow Mel I always thought the elliptical was harder than the treadmill. Great job My accomplishment for the day is that we went out to eat lunch today (buffet's are the worse for me). I ate what I wanted but kept in mind my points too. Came home and wrote it down so that I could add it all up. Any other time I would have just said oh well and ate what I wanted and just not worried about it. Go BLUE!!!
  9. Cmon blue team where are ya'll?!?! Today I kicked some WW butt. My accomplishment for the day is that I tried a new WW recipe for supper. Italian Sausage and Peppers. Very Yummy and filling. 2 OP days under my belt.
  10. I am struggling with motivation so I thought that I'd ask if anyone would like to join me in listing an accomplishment that we achieved each day that helped with our weight loss. Seeing this may help keep me motivated and others as well through this biggest loser edition. Anyone care to join me? My accomplishment for the day is that I journalled everything I ate. Kept that in my head at our bible school picnic and stuck to 2 hot dogs and 1 piece of my WW pie that I made. :goal:It might not seem like a lot but to me it is!!! GO BLUE TEAM!!!!
  11. Hi everyone, I didn't have a great start this week with a nasty old gain but I'm trying to get myself back in the driver seat here and will do my very best to turn this around this week. Ya'll hold me to it!! My goal for today is to drink all my water and stay within my points. My challenge for today is a picnic style dinner tonight at church after the bible school program. I know the food that will be there and I will fix my own WW pie so that way I will have a healthy choice at a dessert. K, BLUE TEAM.........LET'S DO THIS!
  12. I'm excited about this challenge. I've really had a bad last week and I know this week is gonna be a gain. Sorry blue team! BUT getting into this challenge will turn it around so next week's WI is gonna rock.
  13. BLUE TEAM SW = 215.6 GW = 205 for this challenge Weigh in day = Tues/Thur Week 1 (6/23 โ€“ 6/29) = 220 (+4.4lbs) Not a very good start I know Week 2 ( 6/30 - 7/6) = Free Pass! Week 3 ( 7/7 โ€“ 7/13 ) = 218 (-2lbs) Week 4 ( 7/14 โ€“ 7/20 ) = 219 (+1lb) Week 5 ( 7/21 โ€“ 7/27 ) = Free Pass! Week 6 ( 7/28 โ€“ 8/3 ) = 222.5 (+3.5lbs) Week 7 ( 8/4 โ€“ 8/10 ) = Week 8 ( 8/11 โ€“ 8/17 ) = Week 9 ( 8/18 โ€“ 8/24 ) = Week 10 ( 8/25 - 8/31 ) =
  14. I'd like in again. My WI is on either Tues or Thur. My starting weight will be 215.6
  15. Yesterday was my WI day but we were also closing on some land that we had bought. So that interfered with my time to WI so I got on my scales here at home and I had a 3.8lb gain by those scales I will use that and hopefully next weeks official WI will be much better. I'm OP day 4 underway and I will not let that scale inch back up. Sorry Blue team but I WILL have a great loss next week.
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