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  1. I realize this is an old thread. But, well, I'm an old gal! I was on CORE years ago, and was very successful. I'd like to restart, just looking for motivation and a jog to my memory as to how to get going. Anyone out there??
  2. JoyL


    Carol...I just wanted to say "HI CAROLLL!":wave: I've been AWOL for quite a while now! But I have been OP (now vegan....love your website!) for about four months. I've lost 25+ pounds in that time and am only about ten pounds from goal! I think I've seen you on the MacDougall website haven't I? I frequent that one quite a bit for recipes and interesting success stories. I do remember the good ol' days when each thread here had a zillion responses!! (sigh) Things do change though. ) Take Care! Joy
  3. Hello to all of you!! Thank you for the warm welcome. (sigh) I love this place!!
  4. Hello my Core-buddies!! It has been four-eva! I remember sooo many of you and I'm so thrilled you are still here and such an encouragement! It's always like coming home. For those of you I haven't met, my name is Joy and I started Core back in 2005. I achieved goal in 2006, and continued past it to a comfortable weight. Then I got married! Which was, and is, fantastic!! However, after eating out for almost two years I slowly (and not so slowly) put back on most of the weight Core had chased away. But, for all you newbies, and re-starting old-bies, all is NEVER lost on this program!! My body is responding quite nicely to my reclaiming my health and the best way of eating on planet earth. It is soooo good to 'see' you all again! I'll be back to check in the mornin'! Nighty, night.
  5. JoyL

    Best Veggie Burger?

    I like Amy's. Texan style.
  6. I lost all my weight totally CORE, but now I've been maintaining for a while, and things are a bit different. I will always eat as close to CORE as possible, but I count as though I'm FLEX on the days that I know I'll be eating out. Even though I'll probably enjoy a dinner that's as close to CORE as possible, there's now way I can know that it totally is....so that day will be counted as a FLEX day...points and all. So, I guess I'm CORE by choice, FLEX by neccessity. : o ) Joy
  7. Bumping up! Newbies gotta peek at these!
  8. I made this with a cup of pumpkin and two teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice...OH MY GOODNESSSSSS!! Fantastic, but could totally be a huge red light food for me!! Joy
  9. I prefer a tablespoon or two of powdered ff milk or evaporated ff milk and a tablespoon of DaVinci's Hazelnut...YUMMMMM!! Joy
  10. Sarah, I just made this right now. It's really good! Thank you so much for posting this quick, easy and tasty recipe. I have a busy day so this was perfect to make ahead of time for my lunch! I whipped up a core-n-bread and I'm all set!! Joy
  11. I have to say I was exactly the same way! Before starting Core, I would wake up at 1 am and eat an entire box of Wheat Thins (which, by the way, is such an ironic name..lol). My son would find the empty box on the side of the bed (sigh). I'd feel so guilty, but I truly felt like a victim with no control whatsoever! Core has completely changed this and I am totally stunned and so so so very pleased! I've been on Core for over three months. Within the first two weeks, my night cravings were gone. Before bed I'd have a comfortable amount of butternut squash or yogurt with berries and a single serve bag of 94% ff popcorn. I'd go to bed pleasantly full and not wake up! What an enormous conquest!! Thank you Core!! Joy
  12. I attend to a wonderful man who also spends much of his time in his chair. I have to print these out for him! I know it'll give him a big giggle. Joy
  13. Check it out Buddies! Find a store or order online! http://www.drpraegers.com/store/index.aspx
  14. OOOPs, posted in wrong venue! Sorry!!
  15. Hey friends, As you all know this past week and a half has been extremely stressful for me. I realized today that although I've stuck with Core foods, I have been over-snacking. The first week when I lost my Dad, I barely ate..all Core, but not enough. This week, I am reacting to my missing him by wanting to snack 24/7. Bad, bad, bad old habit. I'm not hungry, but I'm eating. I just realized this tonight, but I think I've been doing it for a few days. Still, all Core with very few WAP foods, but still TOO MUCH! Tommorrow starts a new week for me. I need a good night's sleep, and to become aware of my hunger/appetite and the difference between them. And know when I'm reacting to my mood, or really hungry. If it wasn't for the support and awareness this board brings, I don't know what I'd do! Thank you all! Joy
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