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  1. Thank’s Jason. We appreciate you and what you do for us. Judee
  2. Jason and to all involved. Thank you so much for getting the picture problem taken care of. You are appreciated. Judee
  3. Jason, thanks for brightening things up a little. I like the purple more than I like the orange but truthfully, in a few days, we'll all be used to what ever you choose to do. Believe me, you are appreciated. Judee
  4. If I'm on my computer, I never have to sign in. If I'm on my iPad, I have to sign in each time. I always check "remember me" and it let's me in with no problem. Recently, I sign in, it allows me start a new post and then when I hit "submit new thread", it tells me that I'm a guest and need to log in. When I do that, I've lost my post. I'm so not a techie but I have had no problem with my laptop. Thanks for any help you can give me. Judee
  5. Welcome Cathy and another sister team. This group of buddies is just the very best and I know you will find friendship and support here. Home Depot is my husband's very favorite store and he visits almost daily. We love Julie and know we will love you too. Keep on posting! Judee
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